How to Recognize Positive Signs and Intuition

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Learning how to recognize positive signs and intuition can help you make use of your inner guide. When you ignore, or fail to recognize your gut feelings you are liable to make bad choices.

We’ve all had undeniable gut feelings now and then. Although we may try to push them away because they don’t seem to make sense, they remain. At such a time we may let our logical brain or fear overwhelm us and ignore our hunches in favour of what makes more sense to us.

The result of taking no notice of intuitive gut feelings is that we make unfavourable decisions, as such intuition always arises when we are about to embark upon a choice. They warn us or encourage us, depending on circumstances in order to help us do what’s best for us.

Along with intuition there may be signs we can notice which add weight to out intuition. Some people consider such signs as psychic abilities at work, while others see them as a natural process as our subconscious attempts to break through and give us information.

Signs may comes in the form of dreams at night or in daydreams you have when relaxed. They can also appear by grabbing your attention and focus, although you don’t know why. For example if you keep noticing references to weeding, and yet you haven’t got a garden, it could be that your subconscious is telling you to ‘weed’ out that which isn’t useful in your life anymore. This will be particularly relevant if you’ve been considering letting go of negative relationships.

What does intuition feel like?

Intuition felt physically may arrive like a small jolt to the system which momentarily takes your breath away. Your heartbeat may increase as you experience stress upon having to make a decision imminently. You may also feel a sensation of butterflies in your stomach, or get a feeling of constriction, as your stomach tightens.

The physical responses above can be associated with intuition which is aimed at guiding you ‘not’ to do something. You are likely to feel this way when you intuitively know not to go somewhere, enter a particular relationship or take a job which would be bad for you.

Intuition aimed at guiding you towards something positive, rather than steering you away from something negative, may not be felt as a stress response. When your inner being is trying to tell you about something good you may feel a sense of clarity. Your thoughts and senses may be clear and feel ‘fresh.’ You are likely to feel happy and comfortable.

The type of intuition described here may occur when you meet someone who could become a great friend if you made an effort, or when an opportunity arises which would be great for you that you haven’t really noticed consciously.

What do signs look like?

Signs, unfortunately, don’t usually come as actual signposts explaining exactly what to do. Recognizing them takes practice and openness.

If a word continually seems to jump out at you from a piece of text, or you keep seeing it repeated everywhere you go your intuition wants you to focus on that word and see how it relates to you.

You may also come across many different people all making reference to a similar subject in a short space of time. The psychoanalyst Jung would have said this was the collective unconscious. However intuition of this kind may stem from your subconscious helping you recognize and focus on a particular subject. The subject matter may have been all around you at other times too, but it’s only when you need to see it that it draws your attention.

Signs may come to you as pictures, events or stories in your waking or sleeping dreams.

How to make more contact with your intuition

One way to recognize and access your intuition more regularly is to keep a diary of coincidences. If the same thing keeps happening to you, a word keeps coming up for you or a scenario the chances are it comes from your intuition. By keeping a note of such ‘coincidences’ you will be better able to spot how they relate to each other and work out what they may mean.

You can also get into the practice of relaxing mindfully. To do this make sure you are somewhere you enjoy being that makes you feel good and calm. Stay away from distractions and meditate, letting pictures and sounds flow into your consciousness without attempting to direct them. When you’ve finished jot done all that you heard and saw.

Listening to your inner voice which guides you will help you make positive decisions in your favour, and help you stay clear of danger and unhappiness.


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