How to Make Prank Calls with PrankDial

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Prank calls are practical jokes that are done over the telephone or a mobile phone. They are very hilarious if done successfully. If you want to make prank calls without being traced, PrankDial is the best service available today. Read on to find out how

Prank calls became famous in the mid-1970s. A lot of people were fooled back in the day. However, making a prank call is a little bit more difficult in this era because calls are now easy to trace. With PrankDial though, you could make a prank call to anybody around the world without being caught and get some very hilarious results.

Excited to make a prank call? Here are the steps on how to make a prank call with PrankDial:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the language - choose your preferred language by clicking on the upper-right corner of the web page (English, Spanish or French)
  3. Select the prank - Select the type of prank call that you want upon landing on the main page (You could also click on "browse" to see all the pranks available)
  4. Preview - Once you choose a prank, you could either preview the prank or listen to actual people fooled by that prank.
  5. Choose who to call - If you are satisfied with the prank call you chose, enter the phone number of the person that you want to prank.
  6. Choose the call origin - you could also enter the number that you would like to appear on your victim's caller ID.
  7. Live or record - Determine if you want to listen live on your phone or if you would want to record the prank call.
  8. Click "Send Prank"
  9. Laugh to your heart's content.

You get 3 free prank calls per day at These free pranks are only available in the United States. If you would want to make a prank call to international countries, you should purchase tokens from the website. Here are the price packages if you wish to buy PrankDial tokens:

  • 25 tokens - $5.95 ($0.24 per token)
  • 55 tokens - $11.95 ($0.22 per token)
  • 100 tokens - $16.95 ($0.17 per token)
  • 170 tokens - $25.95 ($0.15 per token)
  • 300 tokens - $31.95 ($0.11 per token)

You could also get free PrankDial tokens by doing certain actions like answering surveys given by, following them on Twitter, or liking them on Facebook.

You may also download the free PrankDial Android app or the Windows phone app so that you could send prank calls directly from your mobile device. The PrankDial app is no longer in the Android market but you could download the app in their website.

With over 100 million pranks made, is definitely the largest provider of prank calls on the internet. Send prank calls to your friends and listen to the hilarious results.