How to Let Your Child Understand Between Birthday Parties and Being Important

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Is celebrating kid's birthday with a grand party prove the parent's love?

Kids often think that celebrating their birthday with a grand party is what proves their parent’s love for them. Kids have a little understanding about what being important means and they measure their parent’s love for them with the material things that their parents provide. This is not good for the kids so parents must know how to let their kids understand what being important means even without a birthday party.

One of the very important celebrations and events in a child’s life is a birthday celebration but does it mean that children need birthday parties in order for them to feel important. Children must understand that birthdays aren’t as important as life. Parents must explain to their children that if they cannot afford a birthday celebration, there are always other things to show that they are important. Some children feel that they are not important to their parents if they are not given a birthday party. This should be explained to the children so that they will know the difference between being important and celebrating a birthday with parties and material things.

To a child especially to the young child, a birthday celebration is very important. Yes, it is very important because parties are part of a child’s life and growing up years but it is also important for the child to understand that even without a birthday celebration the child must always feel his importance to the family.

Some children misunderstand the concept of celebrating a birthday. Most children feel sad and unwanted if they learn that their birthday is not celebrated with a party. This is a normal feeling for the child especially if the child is used to celebrating his birthday. This is the reason why the child needs to know that a birthday celebration is not what being important is all about.

In the early years of the child’s life the child should understand what feeling important is all about. This is because most children think that the material things provided to them by their parents is what proves their parent’s love and care for them.

If you are the parent of the child, how could you explain that you can't afford a birthday celebration? A child will not accept that because for young children it is part of their life to celebrate the birthday. A child will always think that love is shown with the things we buy and give them. If you buy the most beautiful doll for your baby girl, she will feel important and loved. If you don't buy anything for her she will feel sad and think you are not giving her much importance.

There are always simple ways to explain to the child what being important means. Spending quality time with your child is one way of teaching your child to feel important. Create a lot of activities with your child at home especially activities that involve a family bonding so that your child will understand more what feeling important is all about.