How to Improve Google Adsense Earnings

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Many writers and bloggers on the internet will know the potential of Google Adsense. It provides a free way of earning money online from your website or blog. Nevertheless, how much money are we talking about? This depends on impressions and ad clicks. Th

Many writers and bloggers on the internet will know the potential of Google Adsense. It provides a free way of earning money online from your website or blog. Nevertheless, how much money are we talking about? This depends on impressions and ad clicks but it's important that you learn how to improve Google Adsense earnings. The more clicks you receive from visitors, the higher your income can become. However, this also depends on the advertiser’s budget on a particular topic. An ad click received from a health article page might not generate as much as a click from a business related article. Most ad clicks pay around $0.01 - $0.70 but some may be lucky enough to earn a few dollars for just a single click on an ad. For those writers and bloggers who know what they can expect from Google Adsense, they do realize that earning from Google Adsense will not be a living income source. Though some can argue and might want to prove that the potential of earning a couple thousand dollars on Google Adsense is certainly possible. A few writers and bloggers do earn over a thousand dollars a month while many writers are earning a few hundred dollars.

You may be a beginner at Google Adsense with very little money trickling into your account. You might be earning may be a few pennies a month forcing you to quit the programme. However, one has to understand that building an income takes considerable amount of time particularly if you’re wishing to hit the three or four digits. With some control over your ads, your chances of earning more money will significantly increase. Below are a few tips to improve your Google Adsense earnings.

1) Write content-niche articles!

Every Google Adsense user has to think of what to write to increase their income. It is very important to provide detailed content on a particular topic. The reason why is because Google Adsense matches your articles content to its ads, increasing your chance of a click. Visitors who need to know about a subject will read the content and will find Google ads embed within your article. If a visitor likes an ad, it might get clicked on, leading you to some cash. Google Adsense picks up relative keywords in your article to match an ad. This is why it is necessary for you to provide tags that will help Google match an ad for you. For example, if you wrote an article about ‘losing weight’ and had provided a few tags about the topic, a visitor who is interested in knowing about this subject will read through it. Once they land on the page, Google may show the visitor a few ads related to weight problems and might persuade the visitor to click on the ad, thus earning you some cash. But if you wrote the same article with keywords about business, a visitor will not see any weight related ads on the page and will not click anything because the visitor is looking for weight related content and is not interested in business ads. These common keyword mistakes do happen and will threaten to keep your Adsense income down.

2) Increase SEO rank!

A better SEO rank on search engines will attract more traffic to your articles and websites. Link related articles together with keywords, search engines love traffic that arrive on pages through keywords. Once you reach a high SEO rank, visitors who search on Google will find your link on the first page, attracting a visit to your page. Thus, a continuous flow of traffic should eventually bring in a steady number of clicks which will boost your Adsense revenue.

3) Ad placements!

Placing ads in correct positions can really improve your earnings. Ads located at the front and embedded within the content do much better. Ads at the bottom of pages do very poor, this may be due to lack of attention by visitors. Readers are not really interested in eyeing every single pixel on the page, they are focused on content. Placing ads near content will attract their attention and can give you more ad clicks.

4) Use high CPC ads!

It is possible to find keywords that pay an amount for each click. Some keywords do pay an average of a few dollars and would help you build your income much quickly. Check Google Adwords: Keyword Tool to find them and use these tags for producing more content on the keywords.

5) Choose a similar colour!

Ad palettes and colours can do a lot for you. The best advice for colour palettes is to use ad colours that blend with your articles. Having distracting colours will turn away the visitors eye and would ruin your Adsense income potential.

When these tips are used, you will certainly find a big difference to your earnings. Do not ignore them or you will ruin your lucky chances.

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