How To Enable Skyrim Cheat Console Commands

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Are you looking for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hints and tactic tips on how to increase leveling fast and easy? Searching for strategy tricks to get best gears and win battles by defeating dragons in Skyrim? If yes, then you should stop and keep on readi

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Due to it difficulty to complete certain levels and missions, many players are searching for short cut or so-called cheat code to get leveling easier and faster. Here will share with you how to turn on Skyrim cheat console commands to allow leveling faster and get the best gears to win the battle.

Before explain further, firstly don't fool by the word "cheat" showed in the title. There are no so-called cheat codes available in Skyrim now, it all above strategy tips, mini walk-through, combat hints and general tricks on how you can complete leveling with less time and effortless.

Caution: While using Skyrim cheat console, you should always make a backup of save files includes profiles and plotted missions as you don't know what if the impact after enable the cheat codes. For instance, you enable a command that killed all local enemies but in the same time you kill an NPC who was very important for your quests.

Follow below instructions to enable Skyrim cheat console, do that note that below steps only work for PC version:

  1. Edit the file 'Skyrim.ini' and set the value to 1 on 'bAllowConsole'. The Skyrim.ini file in My Games folder -> My Documents -> General section.
  2. In order to open the console, you need to use the 'tilde' or ~ key. You can find it by seeing a flashing prompt at the bottom of the screen.

List of Skyrim Cheat Console Commands:

  1. TMG - God Mode
  2. Player.additem item_code x - adds x of item_code
  3. Player.modav carryweight x - increase weight by x
  4. tmm1 - marked all map
  5. resurrect - resurrect NPC or enemies
  6. kill - kill enemies or NPC
  7. unlock - unlock door
  8. advlevel - advance level

Stat_type command that be used in Player.setav

You need to set the following left side command to the value of 'x'

  1. Speechcraft - speech
  2. sneak - sneak
  3. health - health
  4. Magicka - Magic
  5. Marksman - Archery

List of item_code used in player.additem

  1. 0000000f - gold
  2. Lockpicks
  3. 3esde100x - Health Potions
  4. 000BEED2 - Glass Bow of Fire
  5. 000BEF64 - Glass Sword of Fire
  6. 0000000b - Skeleton Keys
  7. 0001393B - Glass Helmet
  8. 000139BE - Glass Arrow

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