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How To Create A Yellow Country Kitchen

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One of the traditional style is kitchens takes us back to our visits with our grandmother in her country kitchen. Today, with the styles, including shabby chic decor, you can have a great, yellow country kitchen that is modern, traditional, shabby chic, f

French Country Kitchen

Although the family may not spend a lot of time in the kitchen in comparison to other living areas, it should be a room that is nice to look at, to cook in, as well as provide a pleasant environment for family meals. It is often difficult to decide on décor as well as colors. One of the best ways to get started in redecorating your kitchen is to do a bit of research and find looks that you like. While looking at various kitchen designs, make note of the style or kitchen theme.

Country Kitchen Theme

One of the popular kitchen themes is that of the country look. For many of us the country kitchen may remind us of the days, when we walked into Grandma's kitchen, of the various aromas of bread baking, fresh vegetables being cooked, and having a cozy atmosphere. When Grandma was cooking, you wanted to stay in the kitchen with her, maybe coloring, or just having a snack while the two of you chatted away.

Beginning The Country Kitchen Look

One of the easiest things to change, without busting your budget, is to change the color of your walls, and possibly trim. Some of the popular colors that work well for a country style kitchen are red, white, yellow, blue, sand, cream, and chocolate ( very dark brown), peach and orange. Many people have a tendency to choose one color when they begin painting. The only location that may be a different color is that of the ceiling, which is almost always white. Rather than paint the ceiling white, you many want to use a warm color, or a light cream shade instead.

Tones: Cool or Warm

Cool Colors: Cool colors move away from you. It is the cool colors that are often used to create the illusion of a larger room. Cool colors are also energy savers. The natural light reflects off of these colors which decreases the necessity for the use of artificial light. When you do need to use artificial lighting, again you can save energy due to the fact that you will be able to use lower wattage bulbs.

  • White
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Green

Warm colors: Warm colors are bold, overwhelming at times. Warm colors are not distant, they draw in close to you. Overall, your warm colors will make your room look smaller.

  • Red
  • Orange


When choosing wall colors for your kitchen, you also want to consider the colors of your cabinets, backsplash, and trim.

Warm wood such as lighter shades of maple,cherry, birch oak, or pine, work well with blues and greens

Black, brown, dark mahogany, and white cabinets: Any color

If you feel that you have too much color, you can add a vinyl boarder above the sink and cabinets according to the space that you may have. Of course, you can go around the kitchen walls. Sometimes there is a small wall space which you could paint with a contrasting color.

The more walls that you have, it is going to seem that you have a lot of yellow just popping out at you. One way to break this up is to not paint the entire walls yellow. You can use various tiles, or laminate material for the bottom half giving the appearance of a wood or even a brick wall.

Backsplash Mural


The backsplash is usually a small areas which can be used to add a contrasting color or design to the kitchen. You can create your own design by incorporating mosaic tiles with the larger tiles. Another unique look is through the use of glass tiles, or glass tiles in combination with stone tiles. The ideas for a backsplash are endless. However, you will want to use materials that are easy to clean, and resistant to moisture therefore eliminating issues with mold and mildew in your kitchen.


Flooring should be the last thing to be replaced in the kitchen. There are various types of flooring and tiles are becoming more popular, yet they are not ideal for high traffic areas or where dampness and moisture will occur found with spillages. Another issue with ceramic or porcelain tiles is they will chip if a pot, for instance, is dropped. Stone tiles offer an old world type of look, but because they are porous, a sealant will need to be applied. The best choices for kitchen flooring would be bamboo or vinyl. The various styles can give you a great look. If you should decide on bamboo flooring, be sure that the factory finish is formaldehyde-free.


Today, the primary choice for new appliances is that of stainless steel which are becoming comparable in price to the traditional vinyl coated appliances. Stainless steel does not stain, chip, or turn yellow, and adds life to your appliances. The brushed stainless has a great look, without that smooth, shiny stainless steel which picks up every hand print or fingerprint when touched. The brushed stainless is similar to a matte finish and cleans easily with window cleaner, then polished with a soft, dry cloth.


  • Wall mirrors can add a great finishing touch to any kitchen. Mirrors are great light reflectors, and also create the illusion of having a larger space than you actually do.
  • Window treatments: Bamboo shades are great insulators but may not add the décor that you will be looking for in a kitchen. Cafe curtains are perfect. The colors and designs whether it be flowers, farm animals or landscapes, there is something that will fit very well with your country style kitchen. You can use contrasting colors as well, especially if you feel that there is just too much yellow.


You can always find use for a canister set. One of the cutest designs is that of roosters. However, there are others that will fit a country kitchen, and add colors that work well with yellow. Every kitchen needs a clock. The vintage, shabby chic or even retro clocks will add a to your decor.

A traditional country kitchen was a busy kitchen with home cooking and baking. In the old days, many families were able to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Herbs can be grown easily today by the typical homeowner. Your herb pots can be place in your windows, or on small shelves. A bakers rack, if you do not have shelving, will work perfectly for holding cookbooks, notepads, as well as small pots holding herbs and/or other small plants. They also can add a finishing touch to the kitchen as well. Canning jars, such as Mason jars are made today so that they can hold item such as pasta and rice, while keeping your ingredients fresh.


If you have the space, you may want to consider using an overhead pot rack where you can hang your pots and pans making them readily available to you. Often these overhead pot racks are hung above an island which sits in the middle of the kitchen floor while adding more work room and storage space. If you kitchen is too small for this, you can purchase movable islands that can be sat in the corner or along the wall when not in use.

It does take money to completely redo a kitchen. With a little bit of investigating, and imagination, you can make decorative changes to your kitchen at minimal cost, while giving it an entire new look, as you are able to do your remodeling projects, when they fit your budget.

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Retro Style Kitchen



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Posted on Feb 20, 2012
Posted on Dec 19, 2011

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