How to Clean and Sanitize Your Microphone or Yeti Microphone

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Microphone more so yeti microphone are delicate to handle and maintain as they require a lot of high hygiene. The finest method on how to clean and sanitize your Yeti microphone is to take way the grille. Majority of these microphones unscrew and thus the

Microphones are subject to excessive amount of abuse especially in live music. Grilles and foam can be sodden with saliva, clogged with lipstick etc. Regular cleaning will improve its performance and it will be good hygiene. The best way on how to clean and sanitize your yeti microphone is to remove the grille. Most microphones unscrew and hence they slide off easily. Do not pull sharply or with much force since that can spoil the cartridge. Once the grill is removed, it can easily be washed without damaging the mic. Most offensive materials come from the human body and plain water should be enough. Adding mild detergent e.g {washing liquid } will act as a mild disinfectant.

To remove lipstick and other materials that are stuck in the grille , use a toothbrush with soft bristles. The most crucial thing to remember is to make the grill dry before reattaching it to the microphone. Be careful not to get too close to the grille because much heat can melt some windscreen material. Cleaning must be done done carefully especially when using a damp toothbrush. When using a damp toothbrush, hold the mic upside down and scrub the grill gently. This technique will make the yeti microphone smell more pleasant.

A variety of rental yeti microphones have very dirty grilles. It is disgusting to use a dirty mix that has a foul smell. The best method on how to clean and sanitize your yeti microphone is to remove the grille and put it in a washing machine. If you really want your mails to get really clean, you need to take it apart and clean it entirely. Make sure that every part of the microphone is thoroughly cleaned. Anything that is made of material and foam should be replaced, unless you are able to clean it with soapy water.

Keeping your yet microphone in a good condition means using proper techniques of caring it and cleaning it thoroughly. If you will never get the best performance if your microphone is allowed to get dirty, Yeti microphones can harbor bacteria and and cause airborne articles to clog and accumulate your equipment. Yeti microphones can catch smoke cigarettes and  saliva this is a proper and a sure way of destroying your equipment. Repeated exposure of saliva can cause your yeti microphone to rust. If the grille and the screen cannot be separated from the screen, then they can be cleaned together. Never attempt to clean the grille and the foam screen without detaching them from the microphone itself.

After filling your bowl with a warm water and adding a mild detergent , submerge grille and foam screen. Gently swish the pieces in the soapy water. Gently massage the foam screen letting the fresh water to be rinsed through it several times. After cleaning the components, rinse them them gently with clean warm water. You can use a wet towel to dry the components. Let the components dry completely before placing them on the microphone base. Moisture can destroy the internal workings of a yeti microphone. Microphones should be kept clean in between the performances.

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