How Often Does the Sun Shine in Chicago?

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The average annual sunshine level in Chicago, plus comparisons to other Illinois cities, and other cities in the United States.

The average annual sunshine level in Chicago, Illinois is 54%. That means the sun is shinning 54% of the time it could possibly be shining in Chicago. The rest of the time clouds cover the city and block the sun.

The sunniest month in Chicago is June at 67%, followed closely by July at 66%. August receives 62% sunshine, September is at 59%, May is 58% and October is 55%.

The least sunniest month is November at 38%, followed by December at 43% and January at 44%. February receives 49% sunshine, while April is 50% and March is 51%.

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How Does the Sunshine Level in Chicago Compare to Other Illinois Cities?

Chicago is the northernmost of these Illinois cities, and it is also the least sunniest of the Illinois cities. But not by that much in most cases, as you can see below.

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Moline - 56%

Peoria - 56%

Springfield - 58%

Cairo - 61%

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Other Cities in the United States With 54% Annual Sunshine Levels

All the following cities in the United States have the same 54% annual average sunshine level that Chicago does. That does not mean they have the same climates, just that they receive the same amount of annual sunshine, on average.

Concorde, New Hampshire

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Spokane, Washington

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