How to Take Stock of Your House for Insurance with These 9 Free Home Inventory Apps

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If you're moving or opening up a new insurance policy, you'll need to take stock of everything you have — and these free home inventory apps can help.

Are you moving soon? Did you recently relocate and are currently looking into renters insurance or homeowners insurance? There's a lot to get organized, and you'll not only need to keep a list of all your belongings, but also detailed information like your laptop's serial number, just in case of any emergency where it needs to be replaced. But who has that type of stuff stashed away? 

Breathe easy. Turns out there are many home inventory apps out there now that can simplify this process for you and even categorize each section of your home for easy search-ability to help you sort and track what you have should the need arise. Here's our list of 9 top apps to upload an inventory and keep track of your stuff, easy — and they're all free!


home inventory apps

Free on iOS and Android, Sortly is a free home inventory app offering a simple way to document your belongings. You can look up items by their location or product information, precisely track the contents of each box you've packed or stored, and scan your items' barcodes using the inventory app with barcode scanner. 

Is it really free? The basic version is free and there's a free 2-week trial on all the other options — beyond that, the pricing varies according to your preferences here. Business plans start at $25.00/monthly for the yearly option; individual plans are either free or $3.99/month for the Plus version. You can find Sortly promo codes here.

How does it work? This is a super easy way to inventory and visually track your belongings. Photograph and tag your items, list location of each, and create folders for easy tracking. Label and group items you wish. Customize your labels with unique QR codes. Export and sync your data across as many as 3 devices for optimal organization.


  • Maintains a 4.5 star rating on Capterra after 25+ reviews
  • Scan photos into any folder; create as many folders as you need
  • Easy to use
  • Photos, tags, and descriptions help locate items quickly when needed


  • Some reported wishing they could message other users in the app about inventory arriving, etc.
  • The free version limits the number of items that could be tracked

Bottom line:

Sortly allows you to easily share your inventory with insurance agents and/or movers as needed. Tracks inventory easily across multiple devices, while securely backed up, even when on the go. Lets you know exactly what's in each box you've packed/stored. 

Home Contents

home inventory apps

Another free home inventory app for iPhone is Home Contents. Home Contents lets users scan belongings efficiently into their device or private iCloud storage quickly, adding details now or later, including date of purchase, warranty info, receipts, location, 

Is it really free? It is. 

How does it work? Photograph your items and add details to them (i.e. notes, receipts) as you wish. Group into any categories you like, add password protection, and create PDF reports of your belongings.


  • Easy to use, even for those unaccustomed to apps
  • Neatly track belongings in an entire room within minutes
  • Maintains a 4.7 star rating after 115 ratings on the App Store
  • Can support more than one property and more than one currency
  • Can create PDF reports by price, category, etc.
  • Add a password for greater security


  • The free download is limited to 25 items and some features are locked (Site explains that a one-time in-app purchase unlocks everything)
  • Does not have barcode scanning

Bottom line:  Home Contents ticks all the boxes and provides a quality option for easy tracking. Has been recently updated to sync information more efficiently. Requires iOS 8.1 or later.


home inventory apps

You'll be able to document your home's inventory by photo and video in minutes with the Encircle home inventory app. Update your inventory on your phone whenever needed by adding additional photos or multiple photo sets, exporting your current inventory to others in PDF or Excel form (or others) designated email addresses, and search using simple navigation through as many categories as necessary — all at your fingertips.

Get a free demo here.

Is it really free? Yes, the apps are free for iOS, Android and even Blackberry for the first 30 days. You can search for Encircle promo codes here.

How does it work? Download the free app and start snapping pics of your home and belongings. The app will help you navigate each section and categorize your property promptly and intuitively.


  • Add unlimited photos and notes for each room/item 
  • Did you build an addition onto your home? Add a room, office, or any additional item instantly whenever you like
  • Insuramatch has called Encircle the 'Cadillac of free home inventory apps'
  • Share and manage info easily across devices


  • Some reported having trouble with app crashing during video recording

Bottom line:

Encircle helps you get things documented with all the pertinent details quickly, and share with anyone you like, including restoration contractors and insurance companies, easily.  Interested in other deals or offerings from Encircle? 

Magic Home Inventory

home inventory apps

When app developer Robert Papp moved temporarily to Hungary, the idea for the Magic Home Inventory app for Android was born. The app allows users to create, organize, and edit catalogs of their belongings easily while sharing and exporting to and from other apps as needed. 

The app is centered around 3 main categories organized into a hierarchical style: 

  • Properties
  • Rooms
  • Items within the rooms. 

Boxes in rooms can also contain other items, and you can create lists of those items as well.

Is it really free? Yes, from the Google Play store for Android.

How does it work? Download the free app and start using the custom camera to photograph your belongings, then organize them into their proper categories. 


  • Sunburst chart allows for attractive at-a-glance view of user inventory
  • Customized camera settings 
  • Can photograph and upload multiple photos per item
  • Easy navigation
  • Maintains a 4.2 rating on the Google Play store after 233 ratings


  • Not available for iOS just yet

Bottom line:

Magic Home Inventory is one of the best home inventory apps available in 2018, especially for free. With the apps infinite hierarchy, diverse categories, custom camera capabilities, and categorization aid based on 2500 keywords, you'll be sorted and stress-free in no time!

Dream Vault

home inventory apps

The Dream Vault is a home inventory app created by American Family Insurance which allows users to upload photos and supporting information (serial numbers, model numbers, original pricing, receipts, etc.) into categories using their handy speech-to-text function.

Is it really free? Yes, for both Android or iOS.

How does it work? Download the free app and start an inventory by tapping 'Add Item' - or to add to an already existing inventory, tap on 'Add New Item.' Delete items as you wish as well. Generate reports to be sent by email or as PDF. 


  • Inventories are always available by smartphone or computer
  • Easy to use
  • Keep easy track of each items name, location, room, original price, and more
  • Monitor the value of each item and all belongings together in case of emergency


  • Will be retiring in December of 2018, but they'll likely be replacing with an improved app. Watch their site for updates here

Bottom line: Dream Vault is a handy app by and for busy people who want to ensure their home is covered optimally by insurance in case of emergency. Categorize and store items with descriptions via speech-to-text, and create and send reports of any room/s or item/s anytime.

Inventory List

home inventory apps

Inventory List, developed by Versus Dynamics, is a multipurpose inventory tracking tool compatible with iOS devices. Stay on top of home or business inventory using the Inventory List.

Is it really free? Yep, for iOS only.

How does it work? Download the app to your iOS device and start uploading photos, tagging locations, customizing folders to categorize as you wish. Share among several devices, this app is ideal for both business or home use.


  • Maintains 4.2 out of 5-star ratings after 103 reviews on the App Store
  • Easy to use
  • Frequent updates show developer is interested in top quality features 
  • Great if you have several locations and possibly sub-locations to track numerous items
  • Another of the only home inventory apps with barcode scanner


  • Only compatible with iOS

Bottom line:

A favorite among homeowners and businesses alike, Inventory List is swift and intuitive, ready to help you get sorted! Highly recommended by most previous users.

Neon Sandbox

home inventory apps

Create lists of household inventory using Neon Sandbox in categories of location, room, status, or otherwise for easy monitoring. Add or remove items or information as you wish, such as receipts, warranty info, or additional photos. 

The app lets users upload and retrieve any information stored, including item description, brand, model number, serial number, category, condition,  status, location, purchase date, merchant, manufactured date, purchase  price, quantity and owner.

Is it really free? Yes, their version 1.3.1, 100% FREE, is now available for download. A full paid version will also be available soon. 

How does it work? Download the Neon Sandbox to your computer and begin entering info for your inventory. Here are a few blank templates so you can see how each section looks and what is asked for on each entry.


  • Thorough sections of info for storing each item and category of your home successfully 
  • Set the app to search for updates regularly when online, or search by yourself manually
  •  Updates will be made occasional available for both free and paid versions
  • 100% Softpedia certified clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses


  • Not available for mobile

Bottom line: Once you've uploaded all your necessary information, attach unlimited documents and extra photos. You may also add comments on any component of Neon Sandbox that has a comment entry section. 

Allstate Digital Locker

home inventory apps

This app is free from Allstate, providing a space to store your home's inventory in a secure and easily searchable visual catalog.

Is it really free? Yep, just download the app and get started.

How does it work? Once you've downloaded the app, begin creating your inventories with snapshots, categorizing them by room or otherwise. Add or remove items as you wish, and email or export folders as PDF or CSV if ever necessary.


  • Easy to use
  • Free for everyone, whether you're an Allstate customer or not
  • Free for iOS and Android - also accessible from desktop
  • Take a picture of a room, then tap on items to add to your inventory to save time (add more details and pics later if you wish)
  • One of the fastest home inventory tools


For iOS compatibility, requires iOS 9.0 or later 

Bottom line:

Grab this inventory tool whether you have Allstate insurance or not — it's free for everyone. Once you sign up, choose the menu options to get to the Fast Inventory feature. This feature will coach you through the initial tasks to get you started entering your important items to the rooms in your home. Return to Digital Locker daily until you've finished adding and sorting your inventory. And, If you're an Allstate customer - or think you might become one - check these promo codes.


home inventory apps

Created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, MyHOME is equipped with a camera, barcode scanner, and organizational features by room and other categories, as well as the capability to create back-up files for email sharing.

Is it really free? Yep, 100% free of charge. The iOS app works with iPhone, iPad, and you can also get it on Android.

How does it work? Download the app, start taking pics of your belongings and organizing by room.


  • Quickly allows users to collect images, serial numbers, and other info off prized possessions
  • Store images and info for free for an unlimited amount of time
  • Helps determine how much insurance you really need as well as creating your inventory


Some found the camera would not line up correctly when using on iPad

Bottom line:

MyHOME is encouraged by the NAIC and works well on most devices (you may want to skip using it on the iPad, though). Give it a shot - it's free, and it could save you a lot of trouble in an unfortunate time of loss.

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