25 Stunning Holiday Table Setting Ideas & Where to Get Them

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Planning on having guests for holiday dinner? We gathered some of the prettiest table settings we could find for your festive table. Enjoy the 25 most stunning holiday table setting ideas, and tips on where to buy them.

What's even more fun than decorating your home for the holidays? Decorating your table for holiday meals! Whether you're having a small, informal gathering or something bigger or a little fancier, it's always a great idea to make that holiday table setting extra inviting and pretty for your guests. 

But what if we're not as talented at beautifying the table as we'd like to be? Fear not, folks! 

We've gone in for the most impressive holiday dinner table setting ideas for the season, how to create them in your home, and where to get your tableware to boot. No matter which meal you're planning right now, come on in and join the party!

Southern-inspired holiday table setting

Having grown up with two sets of Southern grandparents, my first inkling is to head to the South for inspiration. So, for our holiday table setting, let's start with the basics.

holiday table settings

Image Credit: Jennifer Davick, Southern Living

In Southern Living, Elizabeth Demos starts her stunning table setting with a plain white plate. From there, she follows no rules. 

Pair the old with the new and the formal with the casual, the bold with the subtle, the bright with the subdued. She does visit nature for the best of her holiday table setting ideas, however. Says Demos, "I wanted it to be rustic and woodsy­—sans gnomes. A fabulous table setting can  be as close as the local tree service, the farmers’ market, or your own backyard.”

Here are a few places to look if you'd like to emulate Elizabeth's table:


For a sparkling, super easy centerpiece, fill cylinders with ornaments:

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Laurey W. Glenn, Southern Living

Another of our favorite looks from Southern Living for setting the holiday table, this can be done with harvest produce in the fall as well, and you needn't limit yourself to the table. Place them anywhere they catch the eye, from dining room centerpiece to fireplace mantel or end table.

You can find the Glass Cylinder Vases ($39.95) and the Metallic Ornaments ($20 for set of 6) at Crate & Barrel, and you can get an extra 15% off your purchase if you use a Crate & Barrel card with one of our Crate & Barrel promo codes

As another option, you could toss some colorful, aromatic clementines in a compote dish:

holiday table settings

Image Credit to CountryLiving

Another simple way to spruce up your table is to fill a clear glass compote dish with delicious, bright clementines and a few pine bough snippings and pine cones to accentuate. It should smell pretty good as well! To get a compote dish, if you don't already have one, try the:

Another easy centerpiece are these layered Mason jars in a row.

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Yellow Bliss Road

When Kristin Bergthold of the blog Yellow Bliss Road sets up her holiday table, she starts off with cranberries, juniper, and a layer of Epsom salt. Describing her holiday decorating as, "a little bit glam, a little bit rustic, and a little bit classic," Bergthold alternates the colorfully layered jars with single Epsom-salt-layered jars with candles as shown above. Where to get the supplies for these gorgeous jars? We found some at the following spots:

Menu cards

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Jennifer Davick, Southern Living           

Dallas Event Planner Todd Fiscus likes to give his dinner guests a gander at the tastiness yet to be served with his elegant letterpress menu cards. Serve your holiday dinner in courses to make use of this classy finishing touch.

These can be found as a set of 10 on Etsy for $20.00. Plus, check out our Etsy promo codes here.

Frozen holiday table setting

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Michael Wurm, Jr., Inspired by Charm

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Michael Wurm, Jr., Inspired by Charm

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Michael Wurm, Jr., Inspired by Charm

HomeGoods blogger Michael Wurm, Jr. set up one of the prettiest holiday tablescapes we found using a few items from HomeGoods mixed in with some of his own favorite things at Inspired by Charm. Here's how he did it:

For the tapered candles, icy blue ornaments and metal houses, meticulously carved reindeer, and other items Michael showcased, you'll need to check HomeGoods out.

holiday table settings

I called my local HomeGoods store to check prices. At this time, there's no option to buy online; shoppers must physically visit the stores), and was informed that each item from the tablescape I described can range from about $5.99 to $19.99, so my price would really depend upon how many I purchased. 

But overall, prices are quite reasonable. Head over to your nearest HomeGoods (use this locator to find it), and see what you can find! Also, peek at our HomeGoods promo codes before you go.

Set out some fragrant bayberry (Northern bayberry aka Myrica pensylvanica) to complete your look like Michael did (some have even used theirs to make an herb rub for meats or under-the-skin poultry stuffing recipes — get creative with yours!). If you don't grow your own bayberry bushes like Michael does, you can also:

Get a bayberry bush delivered as soon as December 21st from Amazon for $22.08. Don't forget to check out our Amazon promo codes before you order.

Evergreen holiday table setting

Simple elegance adorns this holiday table, starting with the un-ironed linen tablecloth:

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Fresh Exchange

Add some fir tree snippings if you've got the right tree outside; otherwise, get some like this.

Add some nice dishware, basic silverware, tastefully subdued candle holders.

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Fresh Exchange

Ornate fall table setting

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Far Above Rubies

Anita from Far Above Rubies uses a long box with florist foam in it to create this centerpiece. Aside from those items, you'll need the usual harvest veggies, pine cones, pillar candles, berry stems, and your favorite forest greenery. She advises, "Play with dimension by  using larger elements toward the middle of the  table, scaling down  toward the ends."

Use a different color scheme if you prefer the white pumpkins and squash, etc., as shown here:

holiday table settings

For a Christmas Centerpiece from Anita at Far Above Rubies, swap out squash for ornaments:

holiday table settings

For Christmas, Anita swapped out some of the items in her long box but kept it arranged similarly. For the living greenery, she added small vases of water to keep it fresh.

Basic fall table setting

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple with the most basic of holiday tables:

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Real Housemoms

We really liked this humble table setting as well, and it uses some of our favorite little mini-pumpkins, Mason jars for glasses, and a single splash of wheat across the center.

To find these supplies, check out:

For a simple yet warm glowing centerpiece, try a candle holder assortment like this:

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Home Depot

This candle holder assortment is 19 inches long x 5.25 inches wide x 5 inches high, made for use with pillar candles, tea-lights, and votives.

Harvest fall table setting

One of my first stops for all-things-pretty is always a long-time favorite site of mine, Half-Baked Harvest. For this season's holidays, they've started out with two cocktails served up in lovely glassware. If you're planning to serve your own cocktails (or 'mocktails') for your holiday dinner, take a look at their Friendsgiving 2018 recommendations, on which they partnered with Anthropologie:

holiday table settingsImage Credit to Half-Baked Harvest

And if you're serving up cocktails with this setting, here are a few great cup options:

holiday table settings

You can get this Soho Home Barwell Cut Crystal Champagne Coupe at Anthropologie for $45, or 4 interest-free payments of $11.25 with AfterPay for those qualified. You can also get up to 25% off select items with these Anthropologie promo codes.

holiday table settings

Another drink option would be these Agate Moscow Mule mugs, also from Anthropologie. Enjoy a Moscow Mule? Get these bonafide Moscow Mule mugs for $30.00 each, plus up to 25% off select items with these Anthropologie promo codes.

When you serve your family's favorite fall cake or bread to go along with those cocktails, make it ornate with this impressive loaf pan.

holiday table settings

Also recommended in the shopping section of Half-Baked Harvest is this beautiful Williams-Sonoma Nordic Ware Pumpkin Wheat loaf pan. Got a special pumpkin bread to share with guests this holiday? Why not bake it in this pan, and serve it as shown? 

This one's $25.60 at Williams Sonoma, marked down by 20% right now. Check our Williams Sonoma promo codes here before you hit the checkout — you could save up to 30%!

Individual holiday place setting elements


The Prudent Penny Pincher came up with this easy 5-minute fall centerpiece, part of their 120 Best Thanksgiving Table Decorations

holiday table settings

This one is super easy. Make a simple natural centerpiece with a few easily-found items.  Mini-pumpkins (in orange and/or white), mini-Indian corn, pine cones,  acorns, and a large, preferably plain wooden bowl should do the trick. 

Having trouble finding mini-pumpkins and pine cones at the grocery store? They may be dwindling pretty low by now. You may need to give the craft stores a try instead, like Michael's, Joann, and Hobby Lobby. Here's some financial help:

Holiday table accents

A few snips of fragrant, fresh rosemary is enough for a beautiful little mini-wreath for your table settings. Place it centered alone on the napkin in the middle of the plates.

holiday table settings

Try a few of these promo codes if you need to shop for supplies:

Holiday placeholders & place cards

Rosemary Wreath Place Card

holiday table settings

You can pair your rosemary wreaths with these burlap napkins (or faux burlap napkins - there's a wide selection on Etsy).

DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

holiday table settings

Image Credit to Say Yes, by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers and Sarah Iveson

If you'd like to make these beauties for your placeholders, you'll need the following items:

  • Wire
  • Cranberries
  • Scissors
  • Tree trimmings
  • Pen
  • Kraft paper
  • Stamps (or, if you have nice penmanship, just use your best handwriting or little calligraphy)

Here's the tutorial on how to make them, and here's where to get your supplies:

White Card Placeholders with Fresh Rosemary

holiday table settings

Image credit to Frugal Foodie Mama via Real Housemoms

If you like the rosemary sprigs but not-so-much the burlap, try these white cards for placeholders, from the Real Housemoms site.

Holiday napkin ideas

Natural Napkin Bundles

holiday table settings

If you've got cinnamon sticks, tuck them into your twine beside your rosemary sprigs (or other favorite greenery) for these napkin bundles,  perfect for either Thanksgiving or Christmas table settings.

Plaid Napkins and Gold Napkin Rings

For the adult (or family) table, plaid napkins and/or festive napkin rings from Pottery Barn can help tie a basic table together.

holiday table settings

holiday table settings

So what do you think? Did you find your perfect table, or get some ideas for setting up your own unique decor? We'd love to see pictures of what you create. Please share in the comments below or email us your final product. Happy holiday table-scaping!


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