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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For You!

Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands mentioned in our guides. Learn more.

No need to wait for Santa--buy yourself something nice this holiday season. Check out our favorite picks in our latest guide!

The holiday season can be overwhelming--so many gifts to buy, and for so many people! (How does Santa do it every year?) Sometimes, we get so busy during the holidays that we forget to treat ourselves. So take a breather this holiday season, and check out our picks for different gifts that’ll leave you feeling jolly!


Looking for something on the smaller side? We’ve got you covered. These goodies have small price tags, but they’re mighty fun.

holiday gift guide 10 gifts for you

  • Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $24.99
    • Never settle for bad fast-food coffee again! Bring this high-tech cold brew maker on the go wherever you may need a caffeine boost.

  • Anker PowerWave Base Pad Phone Charger, $15.99
    • This high-tech charger says "no thank you" to plugging your phone in! Simply set your phone on top of the charging pad for an efficient and long-lasting charge.


Hoping to add to your gadget and gizmo collection? You’re in luck. Check out our favorite tech picks below!

holiday gift guide 10 gifts for you

  • Mujjo Knitted Touchscreen Gloves, $32.35
    • Keep your hands warm as the months get colder! These gloves will keep you toasty even while using your touchscreen.

  • Apple AirPods Pro, $249
    • Corded earphones are a thing of the past. Apple's latest music innovation delivers all your favorite tunes, podcasts, and more in a small but powerful package.


Whether your goal is to bulk up, slim down, or just feel better in general, these gifts will leave you feeling your best as the year comes to a close.

holiday gift guide 10 gifts for you

  • Whoop Membership, $30/month
    • A monthly membership and corresponding fitness tracker will keep you in the best shape of your life. Keep an eye on your progress with their easy-to-use app!

  • AWAIR 2nd Edition , $199
    • When it comes to feeling healthy, the little things can make a big difference. Awair is a high-tech air quality controller, designed to improve your breathing and overall well-being via a sleek design and easy-to-understand color-coded indicators.


This holiday season, your goal is to sparkle and shine. Take a look at our picks below for all the best on the beauty market!

holiday gift guide 10 gifts for you

  • GlossyBox Subscription, $21 for 1 month
    • Try new beauty items every month with a subscription that brings both designer and indie labels right to your door.

  • Tatcha Silk Treasures Skincare Gift Box, $140
    • Treat yourself to a luxurious gift set from popular Japanese skincare brand, Tatcha. A new skincare routine will keep your face feeling silky and smooth!


If you’re a fan of the more gourmet gifts, you’re in luck--we’ve got tasty treats to satisfy any craving.

holiday gift guide 10 gifts for you

  • ChefSteps Joule, $249.95
    • Upgrade your kitchen tech with this sleek sous vide. Cook steaks, eggs, vegetables, and even desserts to mouth-watering perfection, every time!

  • Le Creuset Signature 9” Cast Iron Skillet, $150
    • Nothing cooks better than a classic. Use one of Le Creuset's signature cast iron cookware pieces to upgrade your meals and satisfy even the pickiest eaters.


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