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Helping Tools for Self Acupressure Therapy

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The best part of acupressure therapy is that it can be safely done by oneself at home for the purpose of maintaining good health and relieving some common discomforts. It does not require professional training as long as you understand some basic techniqu

The best part of acupressure therapy is that it can be safely done by oneself at home for the purpose of maintaining good health and relieving some common discomforts. It does not require professional training as long as you understand some basic techniques and where to find the specific acupressure points.

Acupressure requires no more than a chart and a hand to administer treatments, though treatments can be administered with wooden tools or electronic stimulation devices and may be coupled with massage and essential oils(if needed)

What is the best tool for self acupressure therapy?

The most common way of acupressure therapy is to use hands and fingers. There is no doubt that your hands, thumb or fingers are the best tools to start acupressure therapy. Still you may use some tools for additional help for acupressure therapy.


The tools can be made of wood, cattle horn, stone, plastic etc. The forms of the massage tools can be in different shapes for different usages. These various tools are used to increase the pressure or for the purpose of easy-to-reach during the therapy process.    

Acupressure therapy and acupressure tools:  

Tennis ball: A commontennis ball serves as an inexpensive and effective body massager tool. It mimics effleurage, a basic massage technique performed with the fingertips. Do a self massage for aching feet. Place the tennis ball on the floor and your bare foot on top of it while seated or standing. Move the sole of your foot in all directions and in a circular motion while maintaining contact with the tennis ball. Apply the amount of pressure comfortable for you.

Relieve sore and tired forearms too with the tennis ball as a body massager tool. Sit at a table. Place the ball on top of the table and any fleshy part of your forearm on the ball. Move your arm back and forth, along with circular motions. This method of self massage offers just the right thing to increase circulation for those who work on the computer all day.

Acupressure tools for the back: The best type of tool for back acupressure points is anything with a knob ending on a curved or S-shaped rod. You can position the curve around your body or over your shoulder to place the knob exactly where you need it. A little leverage is all you need for just the right amount of pressure to feel the ahh of relief.


Massage Stones: Massage stones are an effective and exotic seeming massage tool option. Formed from a variety of types of stone they can be applied as a knobber type tool or simply heated and placed on the body for a weight and penetrating heat thearapy. Stone massage techniques are an entire sub genre of massage overall.

Vibrators: Vibrating massage tools use small electric motors to oscillate or spin an internal weight to create a vibration. Transmitted to firm or padded knobs on the with tool varying speeds attains a penetrating sensation that a masseur cannot achieved with only their hands.

You may want to try any of the hand-held acupressure tools with knobby ends. They allow you to apply pressure but still give your thumbs a break. General stimulation on your feet is also good, and you can buy lots of rollers and massage mats for pressure point stimulation of the feet.You can easily find acupressure tools on the Internet — simply perform a search, using Massage Tools or Acupressure Tools as your keywords.

I have recently bought head massager tool which is a relaxing and stress relieving product. It removes the muscle tension and tiredness and improves the blood circulation by massaging head or points on body. You may find various kind of massager tools online or offline at nearby mall.

How the healing process takes process after applying pressure on specific acupoints?

The goal with Acupressure is to learn the points that will produce the Healing Response for the conditions we want to fix. Through repetitive Acupressure treatments, the body learns an effective way to activate the Healing Response on its own and increases the power to heal itself without any outside intervention.

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