Golf 18 Network Vs GolfNow Vs Tee-Links: Tee Time Reservation Sites Compared

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Golf is one of the most popular sports in America and around the world. If a golfer is not out golfing, he or she is likely watching a golf tournament on television. Because of golf's popularity, it can be difficult to get a tee-time reservation at your p

Golf 18 Network

Golf 18 Network has been in the business of offering the best prices for tee times since 2005. Their website has golf news and information including the following sections.

  • Recommended Golf Courses
  • A map of the United States you can click on for golf courses.
  • A Canadian map that allows you to click on each province.
  • A search engine that lets you search by golf course name, city, state or zip code.
  • A mobile app section where you can download their tee-time apps.
  • A list of states and cities so you can click on you’re the city and golf course you want to book a tee time.
  • Golf News

How Golf 18 Network Works

Golf 18 Network’s main page has the map of the United States. When you scroll your mouse over a state, their website will give you the following information:

  • Number of golf courses
  • The amount of how much you can save

For example, placing your mouse over the state of California, you will see that they serve 76 golf courses with a savings of up to 74%.

When you click on a state, you will be presented with a list of cities in the state. When you click on a city, you will then get a list of the golf courses in that city, the cost of booking a tee time reservation and the savings and an option to book a tee time for that golf course. Included is also information about each golf course.

Once you click on book a tee time, you will be presented with available dates and times. For example, if you want to book a tee time reservation at Welk Resorts – Oaks in San Diego, you will be presented with numerous available tee times and the price.

Golf 18 Network Prices

The prices for booking a tee time reservation at Golf 18 Network varies with each golf course and in some cases varies with the tee time reservation at the same golf course.

Looking at several San Diego golf courses, the price ranges from $12 per player to $90 per player. The cost for booking a tee time reservation depends mainly on the golf course you want to play.

Booking a Tee Time Reservation

Once you book your tee time reservation on Golf 18 Network, the golf course you chose is immediately informed and you will be sent an email confirmation.

Golf 18 Network Customer Comments

Golf 18 Network has very good customer ratings. They are rated 4.9 out of 5 by Google. A few customer comments including:

  • Have been using Golf18 for over a year now and it has always been easy to use, a good savings compared to other sites or course green fees, and has us playing some courses we might never have tried as it makes them more affordable. Would recommend it to anyone.”
  • They usually have solid tee times at all the local courses and almost ALWAYS have better prices. This is the first place I go to look up tee times.”

Golf 18 Network Coupons

Golf 18 Network Refunds

Golf 18 Network will offer refunds for the following conditions:

  • A refund can be given if there is a tee time reservation booking error. You must call them at 1-800-994-0661 at least 72 hours ahead of the reserved tee time booking.
  • If the course is unplayable due to weather conditions, you can receive a credit towards a future purchase. You must contact Golf 18 Network before the scheduled tee time reservation.


GolfNow was founded in 2001 and is partnered with more than 5,000 courses in the United States and numerous other countries. You can search for tee times by:

  • Country
  • State or Province
  • Market
  • Area
  • Golf Courses
  • Dates
  • Number of players
  • Number of holes

You can also use one of their country maps and click on the state, province or area you want to look for a golf course. GolfNow has golf courses and tee time reservations in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Bermuda
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Wales
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia

How GolfNow Works

At GolfNow, when you click on a state or location to find a golf course, you will be presented with a list of cities. After you select the city or location, you will be shown a list of available golf courses.

You will be able to view all of the available tee time reservations and prices and then you can choose your tee time. When you book your tee time reservation, you will be asked how many players will be playing in your group. You can normally choose between 1 and 4 players.

GolfNow Prices

Looking at the Welk Resorts – Oaks golf course in San Diego, the tee time reservation prices vary with the tee time and usually range from $12 to $14 per player.

GolfNow Customer Comments

GolfNow has very good customer ratings and comments including:

  • I’m a heavy user of GolfNow due to the incredible deals I get, especially through its daily Hot Deals system. It allows me to play more without blow up the budget. Besides it’s very convenient, letting me book tee times from a huge menu that covers most of the public courses in Bay Area.”
  • My husband and I both golf usually twice per week at least. This could be expensive if not for We have had no problems and have used it elsewhere on vacations. Savings are less in "golf vacation" areas during the normal busy seasons, which I guess should be expected.”

GolfNow Refunds

GolfNow does not mention any refund or exchange policy except in their Terms of Service, where they state that when you pay for a tee time reservation, you agree all charges are non-refundable and no exchanges.


Tee-Links is slightly different than the previous two companies. They are more of a stay and play company than a tee time reservation company. Tee-Links offers discounts on golf rounds and travel packages. Tee-Links has partnered with over 800 golf courses across the United States. You will never be charged a booking fee with Tee-Links.

Tee-Links Golf Course Locations

You can search for golf courses in the following locations:

How Tee-Links Works

At Tee-Links, if you are interested in a tee time, you will start by looking at the area of the country you are interested in from their drop down menu. You will then select the golf course where you can then choose the date and time for your tee times.

Tee-Links Prices

Looking at golf courses in Las Vegas, they will show you a price range with prices ranging from $40 to $60. At Wicked Stick golf course in Myrtle Beach, the tee time price is $35 for Monday through Wednesday and all weekend PM rounds.

Tee-Links Travel Plans

Tee-Links does not show travel plan on their website. If you want to inquire about one of their travel packages, you can call them at 1-866-531-6611.

Tee-Links Refunds

Tee-Links does realize that the weather doesn’t always cooperate with golfing. If you are unable to play because of the weather, your voucher is valid for the remainder of the season and can be used within that window. If your voucher has expired, contact Tee-Links at 1-201-758-7400. Tee-Links also offers a 7 day full refund on all unredeemed vouchers.

Tee-Links Coupons

Tee-Links Golf Pro Shop

Tee-Links also has their golf pro shop where they sell everything a golfer needs. They sell golf clothing, golf bags, golf shoes, carts, golf clubs and much more.

Tee-Links Customer Testimonials

You can find testimonials from customers who have used Tee-Links including the following comments:

  • Thank you Tee Links for setting us up with golf and accommodations in Myrtle Beach!! I traveled to Myrtle Beach South Carolina over Memorial Day weekend with 3 friends and we had a blast. The Grand Strand has over 60 golf courses, plenty of beach accesses, nightlife, and activities for family fun time. In the Heart of Myrtle Beach we stayed at the La Quinta on North Kings Highway. I enjoyed the continental breakfast, free wifi, pool and fitness center…”
  • Claude Pope at Tee-Links set up an amazing trip for a group of six for a weekend golf trip to Myrtle Beach. He provided us with a variety of extremely detailed options of courses to play, places to stay, and prices for each option, which was very helpful in determining which option was best for our group. We ended up playing Tiger's Eye and the Legend's Courses, Moorland and Heathland…”

Tee-Time Reservation Websites Conclusion

All three tee-time reservation companies offer great tee-times. Golf 18 Network and GolfNow partner with many golf courses, giving you plenty of choices. Golf 18 Network has a good refund policy and is simple to use. GolfNow not only has many golf courses in the United States to choose from, but in other countries such as England and Wales.

Tee-Links does not have as many locations or golf courses to choose from. They are more of a stay and play type of company, which is great for golfers planning extended trips to one of their partnered locations.