7 Free Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Tools for WordPress Users

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How do you know when people are engaging with and sharing your content? Social listening and analytics tools. We rounded up the best free options for WordPress users.

While building a website and creating content are certainly fulfilling on their own, the real fun comes when people actually visit, engage with, and share your content.

But how do you know if the content you’re creating is actually working? One easy way to tell is by monitoring your social media engagement. If people are visiting your site from social media, and resharing what they find there to their own social accounts, it’s a pretty good sign you’re doing something right.

Of course, you’ll only know these things if you actually monitor your social media analytics.

That’s why we put together this article. We’ve rounded up the best social media listening and analytics tools for WordPress websites. And here’s the best part: they’re all 100% free.

Read on to find the tools you need to monitor your WordPress site performance on social media.

Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools for WordPress

Here are the best social media monitoring tools and plugins for WordPress sites.

1. Google Analytics

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

Google Analytics is the best resource you have for monitoring your WordPress site traffic. Set this up for your website, and you’ll understand where your visitors are coming from, what devices they’re using, and which pages they find to be the most engaging.

For social media purposes, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the reports found in the Acquisition > Social section. Here, you’ll be able to see which social networks drive the most traffic to your website. You can also see if there’s a correlation between that traffic to conversions, or if certain networks tend to drive better conversions that others. 

We also recommend taking a look at the Landing Pages report, which reveals which pages on your WordPress site do the best job at catching the attention of social media users. In other words, which pages on your site, once shared to social media, actually turn into visits?


7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

If This, Then That (or IFTTT for short) is a trigger-based software that can help all aspects of your life, from synching your smart lights to turn on when the smart lock on your front door opens, to simpler actions like automatically sharing all new WordPress posts to Facebook once they’re published. 

IFTTT is not designed as a social media listening tool, but thanks to hundreds of third-party integrations, you can easily get it to work this way for you. For example, you can set up a trigger to email you anytime one of your branded hashtags gets mentioned on social media, so you can respond real-time to engaged followers. You can even get more personal with IFTTT, having it send you this information via SMS or your smart speaker.

Even if you don’t use IFTTT to monitor your social media performance, we highly recommend it for making your social media easier to manage. The ability to cross-post across channels is enough on its own to make this worth the free download. 

3. TweetReach

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

TweetReach by Union Metrics is a social media listening tool. The paid plans include competitive analysis, actionable insights based on your data (like the best time to tweet), and monitoring for a number of hashtags, accounts, and phrases (like your brand name).

But, we’re going to focus on one specific feature they offer completely for free: their TweetReach snapshot reports. We grabbed a quick sample of these reports to show you how they work, using Benefits Cosmetics and their branded #benefitbrows hashtag. In the screenshot above, you can see how this hashtag campaign is performing over time, which tweets featuring the hashtag received the most engagement, and how many impressions the hashtag gathered overall. 

You can also view the “top contributors” with this report, i.e. the people who shared your hashtag and have the most reach. These folks may be good candidates for your influencer marketing.

While we love these reports for hashtag monitoring, you can just as easily use them to monitor your account name or brand mentions, too. If you’re employed as a social media marketer, this social listening tool is a no-brainer. Get ready to impress your boss with professional-looking reports. (They never have to know you didn’t make them yourself!)

4. Sumo WordPress Plugin

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

The Sumo WordPress plugin is designed to boost your site conversions (who doesn’t love that?). Part and parcel with that goal is monitoring your social media performance, analyzing which pages drive more traffic and conversions, and adding social media share buttons to your site.

Sumo has so fine-tuned their button placement and design, that they claim to boost social traffic by 20% for the average WordPress site. This tool also integrates with over 65 social services, including standard options like Facebook and Pinterest, as well as less-common options like Instapaper and Yummly, which made be relevant for those of your with niche audiences.

As for analytics, you can view share count totals for your various pages in the Sumo dashboard. You can also view our top performing pages from the last 7 days. (For more historical data, you can upgrade to their paid plan).

5. GetSocial WordPress Plugin

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

If the Sumo plugin feels overwhelming with its tricked-out options for A/B testing and email marketing, the WordPress Social Share Buttons & Analytics Plugin, by GetSocial, may be a better option for you. This WordPress plugin focuses exclusively on social media—driving traffic to and from it, and increasing shares and conversions along the way.

The GetSocial plugin installs social share buttons on your WordPress site, but the lightweight technology ensures it doesn’t negatively impact your site load times or performance. In addition to the standard sharing buttons, it also includes reaction buttons, so your visitors can react to your content just like they would on Facebook or Instagram

The Analytics part of this plugin helps you monitor, in real-time, the traffic each social network is driving to your WordPress site. It also recommends your top-performing content, based on historical performance, so you can ensure you’re optimizing that content for visibility.

6. Twitter Analytics & WordPress Plugin

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

The Twitter plugin for WordPress makes integrating Twitter with your WordPress website super easy. Instead of having to have keep websites open in separate tabs, you can seamlessly embed Twitter content in your posts, add Tweet and Follow buttons to your site, and customize the way your posts appear on Twitter cards—all within your WordPress dashboard.

Those features may sound more like nice-to-haves, but this plugin is essential if you do any form of advertising on Twitter. Adding a tracking pixel doesn’t require you to dig into the code. Simply add the Twitter website tag through the plugin, and then you can manage your Twitter ad campaigns directly from your WordPress website. 

You can review analytics and conversion rates of various campaigns and audiences, so you know what to improve for the next time around. The analytics with this plugin are robust, too, allowing you to see what actions Twitter users take after they view or click on your ad. (Haven’t gotten started with Twitter Ads yet? Save with these Twitter promo codes.)

Want these same insights for your organic Twitter performance? Take a look at Twitter Analytics. This free tool gives you monthly reports on your top-performing tweets, with key insights into your follower demographics. You’ll get these same detail insights on all of your individual tweets as well, with metrics for impressions, engagements, and engagement rate.

7. Shareaholic WordPress Plugin

7 free social media monitoring analytics tools for wordpress users

The WordPress Share Buttons, Related Posts, Google Analytics plugin, by Shareaholic, is all about boosting your audience engagement on social media—and giving you insights into how well it’s going. 

This plugin includes the basics of a social media WordPress plugin, including share counters, share buttons, URL shorteners, and support for dozens of social media sites. It also delivers on the analytics side of things with a robust Content Analytics section. You can integrate directly with Google Analytics using this plugin, bringing your Google Analytics social data right into your WordPress dashboard. 

Once integrated, you’ll be able to view detailed insights such as which pages are the most popular on social media, and which networks send you the most traffic. You can even break down your social performance at an author and post tag level, so you can determine which authors and topics are bringing the most social traffic to your WordPress website.

Choosing a Social Media Monitoring Tool for Your WordPress Website

There are even more social media listening tools we love, but their free plans are so limited (or nonexistent) that we didn’t include them on our list. However, if you’re interested, you can explore them on your own and save with these promo codes:

Finally, whatever plugin you choose, whether for social media or another purpose, know that you can always save with our WordPress promo codes.


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