8 Best Free AR Apps for Interior Design Projects

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Home projects are easier and cheaper than ever thanks to a number of free AR apps for interior design.

Interior design enjoyed a major upgrade once augmented reality came to our smartphones. Redecorating a room, your whole house, or just picking out a new couch is easier than ever. 

Thanks to AR apps, a smartphone can be our drafting tool, measuring stick, paint swatch, and much more. We can see a room transform before our eyes—through the lens of our smartphone camera, of course.

Best Free AR Home Design Apps

If you’re ready to kick off a DIY project for your home, you’ll need at least one AR home design app on your side. To help you get started, we reviewed the free AR home design apps for Apple and Android phones.

From our research, we've determined the following to be the best in each category:

  • Best for sharing your ideas with the world: DecorMatters or Neybers
  • Best for finding paint colors: Paint Tester
  • Best for seeking inspiration from an online community: Houzz
  • Best pro tool for interior designers: Magicplan

Now, without further ado, check out our favorite free AR interior design apps.


Many interior designers start their projects with Houzz, an online marketplace and peer community for home renovation projects. 

Now, with View in My Room 3D, users can enjoy AR technology in the same Houzz app they’ve always used. Users can browse from a catalog of half a million images to place furniture and decor items in their home. You can even place multiple items at once. When you’re ready to shop, simply tap to view product details and add them to your shopping list. 

Best of all, the images don’t stick out as awkward computer graphics alongside the rest of your actual furniture. The Houzz app’s AR technology takes into account the ambient lighting in your room and reflects the texture of the furniture for photorealistic detail. 

Price: Download for free on App Store or Google Play. Find Houzz discounts here.


  • 3D product catalog for 500,000+ products
  • Integrated wish list and in-app purchasing experience
  • Texture and ambient lighting
  • Ability to place multiple items


  • Not all products have 3D models
  • App can be a lot to navigate, as it includes the entire Houzz functionality within a single app

Bottom line: The Houzz app is a perfect fit for anyone who’s already familiar with using the Houzz website for interior design. Otherwise this app, although jam-packed with features, can be a lot for newbies to learn. 

IKEA Place

When Apple first announced ARKit, the IKEA Place app was heavily involved in their marketing. As such, it’s been credited as one of the original AR interior design apps. 

The IKEA Place app boasts some of the best AR functionality out there, which makes sense given that IKEA has provided some sort of AR-enabled product catalog ever since 2013.

In the IKEA Place app, you can view over 2,200 IKEA furniture items in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in the house. Furniture appears photorealistic, taking into account ambient lighting and texture. The app promises exact measurement down to the millimeter, so you can be sure that what you’re buying will actually fit in your home. You can also purchase online through the app, or share your ideas to social media for feedback from friends.

Price: Download for free on App Store or Google Play. Find IKEA promo codes here.


  • 3D product catalog for 2,200 IKEA products
  • Social media sharing
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Integrated in-app purchasing experience
  • Searchable inventory


  • Only IKEA products

Bottom line: As an IKEA branded app, this app is best for users who plan on using IKEA furniture exclusively to redecorate their home, as you can’t apply the technology to other products.

Decor Matters: Design & Shop

The DecorMatters AR app is unique in that you can design your project against a background in your own home, or by using a template. The templates help people plan ahead for homes they’re moving into, while allowing interior designers to prepare off-site designs for clients. 

DecorMatters has partnered with popular furniture retailers like Crate & Barrel, Target, Z Gallerie, and West Elm, so users aren’t limited to shopping from one brand. After you’re done placing your furniture, you can purchase them easily in-store or online through the app. 

If you want feedback or expert help, you can reach out to anyone in the DecorMatters community, which includes professional design consultants. You can also share your designs with social media, and join design contests to win prizes.

Price: Download for free on App Store


  • 3D product catalog with millions of products
  • Social media sharing
  • AR ruler for measuring confirmation
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Integrated in-app purchasing experience


  • Not yet available on Android phones, but coming soon

Bottom line: The flexibility offered by the DecorMatters app is ideal for interior design pros who are designing for multiple rooms or projects, as well as people who are shopping furniture before moving into a new home. With one of the largest product catalogs of the apps on our list, you’ll have your choice of options!


The Neybers app claims to be one of the most popular interior design AR apps. Users can select from a product catalog that includes multiple furniture brands (like Artek, Kartell, and Cappellini) and millions of products. To date, users have created over 2 million designs in the app.

In addition to letting users create their own projects, they can also select from a variety of pre-designed templates for inspiration, which they can then customize to make it their own. 

Thanks to Neybers’ partnership with a large number of brands, users can change the floor, lighting, furniture, and window treatments. They can also apply photo filters and publish their finished designs for sharing in the broader Neybers community as well as on social media.

Price: Download for free on App Store or Google Play


  • 3D product catalog featuring multiple brands
  • Social media sharing
  • Includes completed room templates
  • Photo filters and special effects for social media


  • Limited number of brands
  • Unintuitive purchasing experience

Bottom line: Neybers is ideal for designing and tweaking to your heart’s delight, practicing your interior design skills and sharing them with the online community. However, Neybers only partners with a select number of brands, so if you don’t plan on purchasing from any of them, another app will be a better fit. 


Sayduck has partnered with 150 brands, including Alessi and Kristalia, so homeowners and designers won’t be limited at all in their furniture selection. 

The AR interior design app includes a 3D product catalog of over 5,000 products. The 3D viewer displays furniture and decor items photorealistically, accounting for ambient lighting in the room. Users can easily drag and rotate the products around in their house, and create collections of their favorite items. 

Using the Sayduck app is intuitive, with an option to favorite an item, place it in your room, or click to purchase it directly from the retailer.

Price: Download for free on App Store or Google Play


  • 3D product catalog of 5,000+ products from 150 brands
  • Photorealistic product viewer
  • Integrated in-app purchasing experience


  • Low number of customer reviews
  • No ability to place multiple items

Bottom line: Sayduck is a straightforward interior design app that makes it easy for you to display furniture items in your home, but it lacks the full room creation functionality of other apps. If you want to try out just one product, this app is great, but if you’re looking to design an entire room, we recommend one of the other apps on our list.


The Housecraft app bills itself as an “AR toybox for your home,” and they’re not kidding. The app can playful or serious—whichever you need it to be. You can place multiple items and save a room once it’s completed, or you can just have fun randomly placing a ton of chairs on your front lawn.

The app includes standard furniture items as well as less common home decor items like plants. 

Currently, the app doesn't work with any partners, so it works more like a vision board. You can resize items and customize their colors and fabrics to create your ideal furniture. Then, once you know what would look fantastic in your house, you’ll have to use another app or store to find out where you can purchase it. 

Price: Download for free on App Store


  • Fully customizable, resizable furniture and decor items
  • Vision board-type app with demo products
  • Ability to place multiple items and save rooms
  • Intuitive user experience


  • Not available on Google Play
  • No integrated in-app shopping experience

Bottom line: With its playful nature and intuitive buttons, Housecraft is a useful design tool for interior design professionals and causal AR fans alike. With its 3D models, you can visualize your ideal room, and then you can go out and shop for it.

Paint Tester

It’s really color that brings a room together. With the Paint Tester AR app, you can find just the exact right shade of paint for your room. 

You can select colors using the app’s built-in color palette, and it will automatically apply the swatch to your whole room, wall or ceiling—without bleeding onto furniture or other areas. Adjusting the shade is as simple as tapping another color.

If you brought a color swatch back from the store, this app still works. Simply take a picture of it using the app, and it applies the shade to the whole room, letting you see how it would look with ambient lighting.

Price: Download for free on App Store or Google Play


  • Hundreds of great ratings
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Ability to paint wall, ceiling, or entire room
  • Color sample matching


  • Will need to match color at store when ready to buy

Bottom line: With Paint Tester, the entire color palette is at your disposal to find the best look for your home. Then, you just have to find the paint brand that matches!


Magicplan takes interior designers beyond simply visualizing furniture in a room. You can create an entire floor plan, and with their included material and cost estimator, start figuring out your budget to build it. Then, you can order with one click from their partner brands. 

You can measure distances and surfaces in a room, and the app will automatically calculate the area for you. Or, you can take a photo and let the app auto-calculate the dimensions for you. 

The app works for iPhones, Android Phones, and iPads. 

Price: The app is free to download on App Store or Google Play, but you’ll have to purchase a subscription plan to unlock all the features.


  • Detailed 2D floor plans
  • Cost and materials estimator
  • Image export to Photos
  • Virtual tours to impress clients


  • Have to purchase subscription to unlock different features

Bottom line: If you need accurate room measurements and the ability to export floor plans, you won’t find a better app than Magicplan. This is a must-have tool for professional designers who need a quick way to provide their clients with costs.