Fila vs Reebok

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Reebok: What Makes It Better? Reebok stands unique amidst a virtual world of online shopping. No two experiences on the website are the same between users thanks to the 'customize' tab. Users choose colors for the main, top, sole, and back portions of t

What Sites & Products are Similar to Fila?

Nike and Reebok are chief competitors of Fila offering a similar product in each of the previously mentioned categories that Fila does. However, having owned 6 pairs of Nike and 4 pairs of Reebok, sneakers, although I liked each company's offerings, my Fila sneakers lasted longer and maintained structural integrity better. I liked the Nike Air technology, for comfort purposes during long runs and basketball games, full court.

I liked the Reebok cross training sneakers for their ability to withstand the shock from moving side to side a lot during playing football or basketball as well. However, Fila sneakers offer comparable comfort and shock absorption even without touting such aforementioned technology and at lower prices on average. I also noticed that all of my Fila clothing faded less quickly from multiple washings and did not tear as easily as Nike or Reebok products. In addition I found the Fila website easiest to navigate without screen freezing. 

Key Competitors of Fila

Reebok faces strong competition from Nike, the world's biggest shoe company at nearly 37% of the US market. Reebok takes second place at 20.5%, while Fila rounds out third with only 5.1%.

While Nike, like Reebok, allows users to customize shoes, the experience is coined the 'team locker room' rather than Reebok's term the 'closet.' Nike has an edge by extending the design tool to apparel such as jerseys and accessories such as wristbands. While Reebok embraces the unique customer experience, the design department there is limited to shoes.

Nike also has various attached websites reachable off, such as Nike+. Nike+ is a run program that tracks individual users' goals. Users can track their runs over time, set goals, and see progress reports. Besides shopping it is also training. Reebok may want to extend its site to other user elements that aid the products available for purchase online.

Reebok's website has less steps to reach the main page than does Fila. When selecting the Fila website off a search engine, users are immediately prompted to select their own country, while Reebok does this selection automatically for users. While both websites incorporate 'sale' buttons to direct users to current discounts, Reebok features a large sale sign at the top of the screen which requires users to toggle down the page to see the actual merchandise. The view is clearer on the Fila sale page, which shows less emphasis on marketing tactics than Reebok. Then again, Reebok does have a substantial leap over Fila in the sales field.


Chalked full of stylish sports and lifestyle products for men, women, and children, the Reebok website combines innovative concepts with an esthetically pleasing web design. Another checkmark for the global athletic brand, whose logo graces print and television advertisements daily.

Soft launched in April 2008 in France and the UK, the website is now accessible for ordering in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The online shopping experience operates beside more than 220 retail stores run by Reebok. Not to be scoffed at for a small shoe company originally owned by Joseph Foster in UK in 1895.

State of the art graphics adorn many of the website pages. Cubes of moving high quality photos highlight Reebok's home page, where users then choose to move to the "Shop" or "Customize" options. Details are rich as for instance users can guide a magnifying glass over a pictured shoe to provide a closer view of the sole or side view. Changes are seen instantly as users select different colors for different areas of the shoe. The display view can be changed as well to allow one to see the shoe from each angle before purchasing the item.

Before purchase, Reebok requires users create an online account through the website. The account has the information on order history, shipping and billing. Users can also check order status. Another advantage of the account, which Reebok terms as your 'closet,' relates to the dynamic 'customize' feature of the site, as users are encouraged to save the shoe designs the create online within their account and stores the design for the user for when they log in any time under the heading "My Designs." Personal designs can be made public (the shoe is viewable by any website users) or private (only viewable by its creator). Fun elements of the 'public' option include seeing how many users view your shoe or choose to 'like' it on Facebook.

Whether choosing to create a designed shoe under the 'customize' tab or instead moving to the 'shop' category to peruse items ready for purchase, users choose under headings of men, women, kids, and 'what's hot' (bestsellers). Sizes are then selected, with price easily visible along side of color photos of the items.

Many sport-related items are available beyond shoes, including apparel, accessories, and equipment for men, women, girls, and boys. Gear for sports such as football, baseball and hockey are readily available for order online by creating an online 

account, adding item to cart and approving the order. It's that straightforward! For delivery, estimated delivery date is given once order online is placed and is given to customer within a shipping confirmation email.

Other features of the website include a store locator, frequently asked questions section, recall information, and newsletter signup.


Fila, which first opened up its doors in 1911 in Northern Italy is now a high end, top quality, sporting goods company with a global presence. Fila manufactures and distributes top quality sneakers, boots, gym bags, jump suits, sweat suits, hooded sweatshirts, and Yoga wear. Fila sells products all over the world to: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fila offers full product lines in the aforementioned products for many categories like:

Some excellent examples include some of the new arrivals which can be viewed on Fila's website.

These various specific products are for soccer players and enthusiasts like the Fila forza series a sleek and stylish looking cleat product line that is yet very functional for the serious soccer player, at affordable prices. Also well known for their basketball sneakers, outerwear, and accessories, Fila offers a variety of classic and new arrival sneakers.

I have personally owned 8 different pairs of Fila sneakers, a couple of Fila hats and visers in addition to Fila sweat suits. I can personally vouch for the wide variety of style and top level of quality Fila offers its customers. I owned my nylon Fila jersey for 9 years and it still looks great. The only reason I do not have it still is I lost it.

The Bottom Line

What Do Customers Say About Reebok? (Consumer Feedback)

Around the Web, feedback is positive for Reebok's concept of designing one's own shoes. The unique customer experience is embraced.

One complaint posted online explains that the customer did not receive the same shoe designed on the website. The color of the logo on the tongue and back of the shoe was not identical to the shoe designed online. The complainant was unhappy that the delivered shoe was not the original design created on-site.

Reebok is determined to bounce back from negative publicity in September of 2011, when the US Federal Trade Commission ordered the company to pay out $25 million in customer refunds. The issue concerned “deceptively advertising” that a line of running shoes would tone the buttock muscles of people wearing the shoes. Reebok continues to stand strong as a company and provides a great way to engage users in the quality products.

What Do Customers Say About Fila? (Consumer Feedback)

Some quotes from customers about Fila products include: well made, long lasting and inexpensive sneaker for the Fila men's Disruptor II with many five star ratings on Other customers sang the praises of the Fila Forza III ID Leather Soccer Shoes, which included: well made, comfortable, stylish, and yes I would recommend this to a friend on

As a personal long term customer of Fila I can tell you that Fila offers a greater value for the money than: Nike, Reebok, New Balance, or K-Swiss. I loved my Fila running, basketball and cross training sneakers. Other customers have made similar comments to my own. One such customer will only buy Fila sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts and Fila boots.