Fibromyalgia Excessive Sweating

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Many people with Fibromyalgia suffer from unexplained excessive sweating. Although the root cause remains a mystery, autonomic nerve dysfunction may play an important role. The article explores triggers to fibromyalgia excessive sweating and explores ways

Fibromyalgia excessive sweating is another of those strange symptoms that seem to come from nowhere, for no apparent reason. It's a bit scary the first time you wake up because your pillow is soaked. The most frustrating about profuse sweating due to fibromyalgia is that nothing really helps.

Dressing in loose, all-cotton garments will result in sweat-logged, loose, all-cotton garments. Probably, the most puzzling is the after shower soaks. All fresh and sweet smelling, suddenly your face flushes and sweat literally drips from eyelashes to chin. It wouldn't surprise us if our body melted into a puddle.

What is the root cause of fibromyalgia excessive sweating?

Like all the mysteries related to fibro, there are no definitive answers. It has been suggested that we have autonomic nerve dysfunction. The autonomic nerve system, in combination with certain hormones known as neurotransmitters, is responsible for qualities of daily living.

The neurotransmitters are conduits that transmit information between the brain and body. Our autonomic nervous system lives in a confused state, because neurotransmitters run amuck and can't communicate concerning temperature regulation.   

Are there triggers to fibromyalgia excessive sweating?

Many people with fibro syndrome are oversensitive to one or more contributing triggers to fibromyalgia excessive sweating such as: heat, changes in weather, stress, sunshine, exercise, prescription medicines like Cymbalta and Lyrica.  

Here are common complaints:

  • Nighttime – entire body suffers night sweats causing us to wake-up with pillow saturated.
  • Getting dressed – the movements necessary to put on clothes can bring on profuse sweat.
  • Mild exercise – can cause us to sweat buckets.
  • After shower – scalp, hair and face gets sopping wet.
  • Putting on make-up – sweat runs like rivers from face to neck.
  • Wearing undergarments – bra gets sopping wet and rivulets of sweat pool underneath breasts.
  • Drying Hair – Don't!
  • Overexertion – heavy sweating drenches hair, face and neck; ears and face redden.
  • Eating – after eating sweats occur.

How can we Manage Fibromyalgia Excessive Sweating?

Of prime importance is hydration. Be mindful that during the sweating process we lose electrolytes. Also, sipping on cold water throughout the day can give the illusion of coolness.

Baby powder underneath breasts and on stomach area helps soak up sweat and stops bra from sticking to your body.

Reduce make-up to a minimum. Direct a personal fan toward your face while applying make-up. When sweat beads form, blot with paper towel.

Forego hair dryers after shampoo. Consider an air-dry friendly hair style.

Place a cold washcloth on back of neck, especially after eating, if you feel nauseous.

Sleep under ceiling fan, with light covers. Use all cotton sheets and night clothing.

Do not use antiperspirants on your total body. Inadvertently, you can create toxic levels of aluminum in your body.

If profuse sweating is a side effect of your medicines, talk to your doctor about different medications.

Bottom Line

"Ladies" aren't supposed to sweat, they should discreetly perspire. However, those of us with fibromyalgia syndrome know better!.

Ultimately, excessive sweating is just another one of many things we can't change about the syndrome and must learn to manage.

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