Fashion and Accessories of the 1950s

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If you are looking for fashion ideas that are inspired from the 1950s, there are several popular looks to choose from. Whether you want to achieve the look of a 1950s housewife or a rebel, these looks are easy to recreate. Fashion accessories dominated

Fashion accessories dominated the world of fashion in the 1950s. A 1950s woman wasn’t considered well-dressed unless she accessorized from head to toe. Every outfit was planned down to the last detail. Many of the 1950s fashion accessories are still popular and worn today, except perhaps the cat eyed glasses.


The 1950s were a decade of glamour, fashion and fashion accessories. Cat spectacles were glasses with frames that were pointed and arched upward on the outside of the lens, resembling a cat. They were usually black studded with rhinestone jewels. You would also find horn-rimmed glasses with rhinestone studs.   You never left the house without a hat, stockings and gloves. Gloves could be short or long and came in many colors. The early 1950s shoes were high with rounded or peep toes and often sturdy Cuban heels.  In the late 1950s shoes had pointed toes and thin stiletto heels.   Costume jewelry was an important part of 1950s fashion accessories. Everyone wore coordinated sets, with matching pieces. The sets were made up a ring, necklace, bracelet and earrings. A set of pearls were also a necessity. Collars and cuffs were often trimmed with fur. Stoles were also made of fur as well as lace or silk and worn on all dressy occasions. Clutch handbags and beaded purses were also a necessity. Lucite purses came in many styles and were very popular. Teens in the 1950s would be found in poodle skirts and crinolines or thin pencil skirts. Blouses came with peter pan collars, a bright chiffon scarf tied around their neck. On their feet would be found ballet style flats, strapped sandals, loafers and saddle shoes with anklets. Hair would be cut short or pulled back into a pony tail with an encircling scarf. Beehives and bouffant hair styles appeared in the late 1950s. Charm bracelets dangled from their wrists and animal pins adorned their collars.

Full Skirts

During the 1950s, poodle skirts were all the rage.  These skirts usually came down to the knees, and had layers of crinoline underneath them to create a full shape.  While poodle skirts came in different colors, pink was especially common.  You can recreate this look with or without the poodle on the skirt.  Look for full, knee-length skirts in pastel shades, and pair it with a fitted sweater or a fitted collared shirt and cardigan sweater.  If you are looking for shoes to wear with your skirt, try pairing a poodle skirt with saddle shoes and any other full skirt with small kitten heels.


The dresses in the 1950s were feminine and flattering.  They had a cinched waist and a full, knee-length skirt.  These dresses often had collars and shoulders that were slightly wider to create the look of a smaller waist.  To recreate this look, choose a dress in a pastel shade, with a full skirt that comes down to the knees.  You can pair this dress with kitten heels, wrist length gloves and a strand of pearls to create the delicate, feminine look of the 1950s.


For men, there were a few different looks that were common in the 1950s.  One was the working man who dressed in simple, single-breasted suits in shades of grey and charcoal.  This look could be completed with a fedora hat and black oxford shoes.  Another popular look in the 1950s was more rebellious and consisted of cuffed jeans with a black or white t-shirt.  This look is easy to recreate and can be completed with slicked back hair and a black leather jacket.