FansEdge vs Fanatics: Fan Gear Compared

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FansEdge has the live chat option which can make for easier returns for those who don’t like the phone. You should be able to start setting up returns this way as well making for an easier returns experience. Mobile will often like Fanatics better becau

When you’re really fanatical about a sports team, you often want to own absolutely everything you can that’s related to that team. Instead of picking about here and there to collect everything you want, it helps to go specifically to sites online that keep all of this stuff in one place. Here’s a comparison of two famous fan websites so you can get all the gear you need.


FansEdge has gear for every major sport including NFL, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, Nascar and other sports like MMA ultimate fighting or Olympics stuff. You can search for gear by a wide number of criteria including brand, collections, price, sales and other filters.


  • Free Shipping Deals-You can often get free shipping from special coupons when these offers become available. It’s worth looking for them on the main page because they often require you to put in a special code when you check out.
  • 365-Day Returns-You can return fan gear up to an entire year after buying it. If you try returning it after that time, the site will just donate it to a charity for you. This doesn’t count for customized items. You have to have all the original tags for the item too.
  • ShopRunner 2-Day Trial-You can get a free 1-year trial through ShopRunner on the site by spending $75. This also includes returns. This way you can get your gear even faster. If you have an American Express card, you can get full membership for free.
  • Verified Buyer Reviews-You can check out the “Verified Buyer” icon in anyone’s review to confirm that they actually bought the item that they are reviewing.
  • “A+” Rating from the BBB-FansEdge gets to the top rating from the Better Business Bureau from their main store in Jacksonville, Florida. This indicates that they amicably close most complaints made against them, which have included 389 over the last 3 years.
  • Norton and McAfee Secured-You can click on the Norton and McAfee seals at the bottom to ensure that the site you’re visiting is safe to use with your financial data up to the day that you visit.


Fanatics is a similar site to FansEdge in many ways, with similar security feature with Norton and McAfee, as well as a similar BBB score for handling complaints. The site does have differences in terms of features, however. It seems to have some extra customer service features, for example.


  • Free Shipping Deals-You also get free shipping through Fanatics, but these deals don’t appear to last as long.
  • 60-Day Returns-Keep your gear for up to 60 days and you can still return it.
  • Google Trusted-The Google Icon is in a box in the bottom right of the main site. If you click on it, you can get information about this program and about Fanatics’ customer service ratings.  The program means that Google ensures purchases up to $1000 and helps with customer disputes.
  • 4.6 Stars-Fanatics has good customer reviews on average from over 1000 different actual reviews online.
  • 6 Hour Average Email Response Time-According to Stella Service, you’ll get an email response in just 6-12 hours through the site. The phone support waiting time is only about 2 minutes.
  • Mobile Apps-You can get an iOS or Google app for the Fanatics store so you can buy your gear on the go. You can send the app directly to your phone to make it easier to download from the “get app” link at the top of the main site if you want. The app gives you access to your teams with just one click. There are also discounts you can only get on the app.
  • Team Updates-You can fill in your email address in the “Team Updates” textbox at the bottom right of the main site in order to get emails whenever new fan gear for your team shows up on the site. That way you can be one of the first to get brand new gear. This is important because this gear tends to sell out pretty fast on Fanatics.
  • 128-bit Encryption-Fanatics uses a 128-but encryption for getting a secure connection so no one else can steal your financial information. This does require you to enable cookies on your browser, however. According to the site, the 128-bit encryption is trillions of times more powerful than 40-bit encryption which is what some other sites use.

Head to Head


Examples of gear pricing from FansEdge includes The WinCraft US Woman’s Soccer Team Champions 2015 key strap for around $6. A blue hat with the same logo goes for $25. A Boston Red Sox 2015 jersey goes for $90. Sales items such as A Razorbacks shirt are often considerably cheaper, cutting 30% off or more from the original pricing.

The prices at Fanatics are mostly comparable to FansEdge with the $90 Majestic 2015 white Red Sox jersey, for example.


Click on the “Customer Care” menu option in the top right of the main site for FansEdge to contact the company or get information about stuff like shipping and returns. There’s also a Live chat link in green at the bottom of the main page next to where it says “Connect.” This chat isn’t always available though, it seems to mostly be active during business hours.

Fanatics also has free shipping and easy returns, but their return is only for 60 days as opposed to the one from FansEdge which lasts more than 6 times longer at 365 days. Fanatics has an “outstanding” rating for ease of returns, and a greater than 98% average for undamaged and accurate orders. The processing time is just under 2 weeks for returns.

Overall, one main difference between the sites in terms of features is the extra mobile stuff that Fanatics has. The mobile app from Fanatics lets you get exclusive deals on fan gear from your teams that aren't available elsewhere. FansEdge doesn’t appear to have this as much. What FansEdge does have, however, is a live chat option so it will appeal to people who want that kind of customer service more.