Facts About Poetry and Its True Uses

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Facts on how to use poetry properly.

For generations people see poetry, think about poetry and look at poetry as one thing: Just a bunch of words in a vertical position.

Today, we shall point out the facts of poetry's true uses.

1. Poetry is a medium to vent out your emotions

Whether it be happy, sad, this piece of literature is used only to convey the one thing we all like. Emotions. To define it in our hears and to remind us that these pieces of literature are meant as reminders of our expression towards others. 

2. Poetry is not to be used for public humiliation

Never shall you give out your poetry to someone you fancy or love. Poetry is a private matter and should be kept private. If you want to lose your chances at a date, pass a note with poetry in it and be as cheesy as you can. The only exceptions to poetry being private are when you are rapping, providing rap lyrics or when you are sending your entry to a poetry contest online. Refrain from using poetry to get the woman's heart.

3. Poetry is used to make your rap better

Just cause the lyricist gives you a piece of poetry about money, women, and guns doesn't mean you'd like to sing about it. There are more meaningful themes you can use in your rap, given you'll use your poetry as basis for your rap songs. Find other themes to spark your creativity, besides anime, sex, drugs or money, find other themes that can challenge and inspire the mainstream society.

4. Poetry helps to improve your vocabulary

This is a fact (based on experience) for you would often like to find new words to mix with your poetry. Since this piece of literature invokes your creativity, you'll soon start to look for new words to add to your vocabulary. Here's a rule of thumb: find new words that aren't complex, but are similar in meaning. In rapping however, give out little complex words as the main demographic for rap is for every average joe and jane.

5. Poetry is a way of making profit

Yes, as bad and hypocritical as I would sound, you can make money of poetry. By publishing posts and making a book of poetry, you can earn money as long as you have the right poems for the target demographic, you'll be able to fare well in the world of poetry.

The one thing I can say for now is do as much as you want with your poetry and improve it to it's full potential so you can vividly express how you feel in that poem. Keep it simplistic yet with a bit of sophistication, you'll be able to channel your emotions and energy properly with this form of literature.


Anna Daley
Posted on Apr 29, 2015
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