Facts About George Strait

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George Strait is the number one most successful artist in country music history. He has been recording music over a thirty year span. Though tragedy struck when his daughter was killed, he forged on to even greater success. George Strait has shown he is c

George Strait is more lovingly known as the “King of Country”. He holds the record for number one hits for a country music singer, but it gets better. Strait has topped every other music artist in the history of recorded music, regardless of genre. His music is classic country mixed with a unique flavor. He is most well-known for lost love songs like “The Cowboy Rides Away” and “Amarillo by Morning”. He’s been known to sing more up tempo songs such as “Wrapped” and “I Just Want to Dance with you” as well.  

Recording History

Strait recorded his first song, “Unwound”, in 1981. It quickly rose in the top ten list and there was no stopping the country music superstar. It was the release of his second album that brought the first number one single, “Fool Hearted Memory”, in 1982. Strait was destined for country music greatness.

He was twenty-nine years old when he recorded that first single. Strait recently turned sixty years old and has recorded over 400 songs in his career with a total of fifty-nine number one songs. He has had quite a music career. He has not stopped recording either. In 2011, he recorded yet another album, yielding two more number one hits. Elvis Presley and The Beatles are the only music acts to beat George Strait. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006. George Strait boasts over sixty total awards for his contribution to country music.

Movie Projects

Strait has also tried his hand at acting. He played the role of a country music star that gets sidetracked when he needs a little break. He falls in love, but does not tell her who he really is. She does not trust anyone, but she lets him in anyway. The movie did not go far in the box office, but Strait performed well in it. It is a must see movie for fans. There was a sequel to the movie as well as a handful of other projects that Strait performed in.

Personal Life

George Strait was born May 18, 1952 in Pearsall, Texas. His parents divorced when he was in fourth grade. His sister moved away with his mother to be raised. George and his brother were raised by their father. He worked at the family owned ranch on weekends and during summer breaks.

When he first became interested in music, he played in a rock and roll band. He later changed his tune to country, being influenced by some of the top names of the time. He joined the army in 1971 and was stationed in Hawaii when his first born came along.

Strait married Norma Voss in 1971. They had two children together. Sadly, his daughter was killed in a car accident in 1986. She was only thirteen years old. The driver was subsequently charged with misdemeanor manslaughter for driving at a high rate of speed. Drugs and alcohol were not involved. Strait’s song, “Baby Blue”, is rumored to be for his daughter.