Easy Wind Chime Ideas

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Simple ideas about making wind chimes. Wind chimes add a charming finishing touch to outdoor areas. You may not be able to buy one that suits your style, so why not create your own?

Wind chimes add a charming finishing touch to outdoor areas. You may not be able to buy one that suits your style, so why not create your own? It's a fun and simple task, that can produce fantastic results, using items found in nature on in your home.

The Framework

Frames can be as simple as a stick, with the chimes and decorations hanging in a row, or the chime can be circular, square or indeed any shape you can form. Old lampshade fixtures, the circular sections that attach shades to the light bulb fitting, provide a readymade circular frame. Wire coat hangers, cut and bent into shape with pliers, make frames to hang chimes from. Chimes and ornaments can be hung using wire, thin chain, fishing line or string.


Traditional wind chimes are often made up of metal or bamboo pipes that knock against a centre piece and each other. Recreate this at home by drilling holes into the tops of sections of copper pipe, and hanging them from a frame. Second hand or cheaper chimes are easily bought, and ,by re-using as much or as little of the original chime as you like, be redesigned for a unique look.

 By Photo by and (c)2007 Jina Lee (Own work)

Decorative Items

Look around for old ornaments and decorative bits and bobs. Small galvanised decorative buckets and watering cans are perfect, drill or punch small holes in their bases to hang strings from. Bells from Christmas ornaments, or old cowbells add noise and unusual shapes. If the idea of a cowbell's clang is off putting, and they're not to everyone's taste, glued felt to it's inside to muffle it. Decorate strings with beads and oddments of material, and use larger glass beads as clappers to create a bohemian effect.

Photo by Don LaVange

Found Items

Mother nature inspires, and she can also provide. Drifwood and shells can create a rustic style. Stones and roots can be cleaned and used for decoration. Go on a foraging expedition to the beach or forest and bring back usable pieces for a chime. Combine driftwood and shells for a rustic look, using twine will accentuate the natural muted colours and it be used to hide or decorate metal frames. Look for stones with holes in, interestingly shaped wood or beach washed glass and experiment with string, creating baskets from string to hold them, or wrapping the string around the a few times.


By Photo by and (c)2007 Jina Lee (Own work)

Household Items

Re-use everyday household items to create a unique wind chime. Hang small bottles and jars as centre pieces. These often have useful lips at their tops to help with hanging them, wind string or wire tightly just below any section that sticks out. Try filling them with decorative beads, coloured water, or put tea lights in jars. Use old bits of silverware, forks, spoons and knives to create metal chimes, hammer them into interesting shapes first. Drill holes in handles, or use glue covered by winding string or ribbon around it to attach them.

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