Dissolve Artery Blockages - Carotid Artery Disease

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It is possible to prevent carotid artery disease? To be able to melt arterial plaque and reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke? You will be lowering your blood pressure and also preventing dementia, reducing the symptoms of apnea, and much more!

When I hear claims or suggestions of 'dissolve artery blockages' I am taken back to the night my father had a heart attack. I'll begin by saying that he survived; it was only a mild heart attack and that a series of fortunate events contributed to him receiving help rather quickly.

What I am reminded of was that while he was in the hospital hours later and still in pain, a still relatively new and experimental drug was given to him. It almost immediately 'melted' the clot and relieved his pain forthwith. It actually took just seconds for it to ease his intense discomfort.

An untoward side effect that was he manifested bruises from minor bumps that had occurred just minutes or hours previous. I recall seeing him the following day in the hospital, sitting up and talking and for all the world looking like someone ready to go home save for the multiple blue and purple bruises on his body.

I could see the tracings of where he had likely grabbed his left arm with the right hand the night before. The finger and hand outlines of the bruise were he grabbed his left arm in pain the night before was unmistakable!

Little nicks and cuts from the last time he shaved his face were vibrante red and almost bleeding. The medicine they gave him was a super clot-melting substance and while it effectively eased his heart pain, it did cause these notable side effects which within a day or so, greatly subsided.

Dissolving Carotid Arterial Plaque Before a Heart Attack

To my surprise, yes, there are things you can do to not only prevent a heart attack from carotid artery blockages but to actually dissolve the built-up arterial plaque that you may already have: Exercise and Diet.

  1. Heart-Healthy Exercise:

    Enough said? Just 30 minutes of walking every day or every second day is a good start to a heart-healthy exercise program. A recent finding was announced that no matter how much overweight you are, losing just 10 pounds from your current weight will reduce your chances of a heart attack by 50%. Exercise also lowers your blood pressure and reduces the risk of dementia, reduces the symptoms of apnea too.

  2. Heart-Healthy Diet:

    Some of the best homeopathic and preventative remedies you can do to dissolve arterial plaque before a heart attack occurs is to regularly take fish oil. Fish oil lowers cholesterol and even helps dissolve existing plaque build-up in your arteries and heart.

    Garlic is important in the diet and has been shown to help melt arterial plaque accumulations too. rich with antioxidants, garlic and garlic oil supplements will help keep your arteries clean and clear.

The Connection Between Oral Plaque and Heart Health

Another recent discovery is that good dental hygiene contributes to heart-health. A once yearly dental cleaning removes built-up oral plaque from teeth. This oral plaque is thought to be the same type that enters the body and accumulate in the arteries, leading to carotid arteerial build-up. A clean healthy mouth reduces arterial plaque. -Who'd have thought the two were related?

Melting arterial plaque reduces blockages reduces high blood pressure and that can lead to avoiding a stroke or heart attack.

It's time to get healthy and prevent carotid arteriual disease: it's time to lose some weight and improve your health.


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