Difference Between A Benign and Malignant Cancer

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Many people do not understand the meaning of benign and malignant when it comes to tumors. Benign is a tumor that will grow in size but will not spread to surrounding tissue. A malignant tumor will spread to surround tissue and must be treated or remove

Many people do not know or understand the medical terms benign and malignant.  Many people confuse the terms benign and malignant and some think when it comes to tumors they are the same.  Benign and malignant tumors are nothing alike.  A Malignant is cancerous and benign is not cancerous but in time can turn into cancer.

When a person has a tumor, it can be malignant or benign.  If you have a benign tumor, it is not cancerous but can grow but it will not spread to other parts of the body or surrounding tissue.

If you have a tumor that is benign, it you must watch it closely to see if it has changed color, size or shape.  If it has see your doctor immediately.  Benign tumors will grow and can be very painful.

Benign tumors are usually not something to cause great concern.  They are not cancerous but they can change and become cancerous.  Benign tumors depending on where they are located can grow and damage other organs or nerves in the area. 

Tumors that are malignant are usually treated by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  Sometimes a combination of the tree is used.

Benign tumors will usually grow slowly.  Benign tumors do not usually spread but they will grow and some do become malignant in time.  Malignant tumors are fast growing and will spread.  “Metastases” is when the malignant cells spread to other parts of the body.

Some moles bill often be called pre-cancerous because they are between benign and malignant.  These moles must be watched for any changes.

There are three main characteristics of malignant/benign cancer.  They are that malignant cancers are usually fast growing and they put out feelers that move into surrounding tissue.  Benign cancers are usually slow growing and they do not put out feelers.  Malignant cancers invade surrounding tissue.  Benign cancers do not spread to surrounding tissue.  Malignant cancer cells will go back to simple cells and loose their main function.  Benign cancer cells do not change.

There are some people that think there is both benign and malignant cancer and other people do not agree with this because the meaning of the word “cancer” is something that spreads.  A tumor that is cancerous will send out feelers and spread to the surrounding tissue and the cells will get into the blood stream and spread to other organs.  The cancerous cells can settle in the kidneys, lungs and anywhere else they decide to and start to grow.