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DHGate Vs Amazon - Is It Worth Trying?

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DHGate is an on-line shopping site that looks and seems to function like Amazon. This article reflects upon an experience of the author with this shopping site.

DHGate: this is an on-line shopping site that looks and seems to function very much like Amazon. With the only difference that the former is based in China and lets you buy closer to the supply chain.

I found that attractive looking shopping site DHGate.com and decided to to give it a try as it seemed to be a good idea to purchase closer to the very root of the supply chain. It even seems that in some cases you may end up purchasing from the producer or the Chinese based outlet of the latter.

In summary: Excellent looks – good content – questionable end results:

I liked the user interface of DHGate.com. I find it better structured, more user-friendly and more intuitive than that of Amazon or E-bay.

As my first (and eventually the last purchase) I bought a package of identical T-shirts (10 of them), carefully choosing items without any branded and trademarked labels- because those are likely to be fake, considering the price. It cost me approximately $100 that makes $10 per t-shirt (inclusive shipping to EU).

After I had transferred money to the web site DHGate.com, I got two letters from the seller explaining to me that he had made a mistake in his sales proposal. The Chinese seller claimed that the price is not for 10 t-shirts but only for 1 instead. The seller threatened that his family is going to die of hunger, should I ask for refund and cancel the transaction. He also proposed a ” a little souvenir from China” as a bonus should I stick to the deal of $100 per 1 t-shirt.

$100 for 1 t-shirt directly from China – the very root of the supply chain - this was a kind of bargain I was not prepared for.

From the tone of the letters that the salesperson sent me it looked that the real existence of the product is unlikely.

After some very serious letters to DHGate.com and also after I had issued a credit-card payment refund procedure at my bank DHGate.com returned me money. As means of precaution I changed my credit card.

A week after I got a phone call to my cellular from Hong Kong. The lady who phoned me spoke a couple of phrases in decent English and seemed to know my company name and wanted to talk to the director. The lady refused to tell me the reason for her call. After I refused to reveal whether I am the director of the company and asked her 4 times, why she is calling from Hong Kong (as I have no possible connections there), she just hanged off. I suspect this phone call was connected to my previous unsuccessful purchase. However, I will never know for sure.

My resume is that if I where you I would stay with the classical web purchase giants and avoid funny Chinese alternatives as there are sellers that do not live up to normal contractual standards. In my case it was not worth trying but I appreciate the experience it gave me. So DHGate vs classical sites - I say no.


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