Deluxe vs Bradford Exchange vs Checks Superstore: Business and Personalized Check Services Compared

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Deluxe has the best selection of business checks and eChecks. You can also choose your business checks to be compatible with current software like Quicken. Bradford Exchange offers mainly personal checks that have been designed by their artist and are ver


Deluxe is one of the country's leading suppliers of checks. Their company is divided into three segments:

  • Deluxe for Business serves small businesses
  • Direct Checks produces and delivers checks to consumers
  • Deluxe Financial Services serves banks and credit unions

Deluxe Check Services

Deluxe provides many types of banking services for your business. Their products can make your business banking easier with high security checks, endorsement stamps and business forms. Their services are:

  • Business Checks - Manual checks, high security checks, laser checks, Quickbook checks, continuous checks and business check starter kits.
  • Banking Products - Check envelopes, deposit slips, endorsement stamps, security deposit bags and security pens.
  • Business Forms include invoice and account statements, sales forms, work orders, tax forms, contracts and more.
  • Office - Files, folders, name and address stamps, labor law posters, pens and labels.

Deluxe eChecks

Deluxe eChecks are paperless checks that are powered by VerifyValid. Unlike other types of online payment or paperless checks, Deluxe eChecks will work for everyone. They have the following advantages:

  • You can pay from anywhere with just a few keystrokes on a computer or smart phone.
  • With just a few keystrokes, you can create any number of eChecks and send them in seconds.
  • eChecks have their own proprietary technology and are easily verified which helps prevent fraud.
  • eChecks are cheaper than paper checks. You can save as much as $1.00 per check using Deluxe eChecks.

Deluxe eChecks are easy to use. Payees do not have to enroll or sign up to be able to receive an eCheck. All you need to send someone an eCheck is their email address. When a person receives an eCheck, they will go to the VerifyValid website and print out their check.

The cost for 100 eChecks is $55.

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Deluxe Business Check Pricing

Deluxe business checks come in different prices depending on the type of checks you choose. You can narrow the results by picking from the following parameters for your business checks:

  • Security level
  • Software compatibility
  • Purpose
  • Format
  • Carbonless copy

The prices for their 3-on-a page Deluxe High Security business checks compatible with Quicken are:

  • Laser top check cost $87.99 for 50 checks
  • 3 page laser check - $65.99 for 51 checks
  • 3 page laser check - $92.99 for 150 checks

Manual Checks

Deluxe has several different styles of manual checks to choose from. The prices for a few packages are:

  • 3-on-a page business size checks, side-tear voucher cost $46.19 for 300 checks.
  • The Traveller, business size portable checks cost $22.19 for 50 checks.
  • Compact size duplicate checks cost $25.79 for 150 checks.

Deluxe Personalized Products

Deluxe also sells personalized and promotional products such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens and bags and totes.

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Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is an affiliated company of The Bradford Exchange, which has been in business since 1973. The Bradford Exchange is a recognized authority in fine art collectables. Their artistic personal checks are designed by top artists and usually cheaper than the checks you can buy through your bank.

Bradford Exchange uses a leading check printing company to ensure high quality and security standards of their personalized checks.

Bradford Exchange Personal Checks

Bradford Exchange has hundreds of designs to choose from for your personalized checks. A few of their design categories include:

Bradford Exchange Pricing

With each personal check order from Bradford Exchange, you will also get the following:

  • Free deposit slips and check register
  • SECURESHIP trackable and secure shipping
  • EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program

You have to sign up and pay $2.45 for the EZShield check fraud protection program. This program protects you from forged signatures, forged endorsements and altered checks.

You can either buy duplicate checks or single checks. All checks are top-tear type checks. You will get 1 box free when you buy 1 box and there are 100 checks per box. The costs of their duplicate checks are:


Single Checks - 120 per box

Duplicate checks - 100 per box


1 box



2 boxes



3 boxes



4 boxes



Bradford Exchange currently listed prices are considerable less than what they post as their normal prices. For example, they have listed but crossed out a price of $56.85 for 3 boxes of their duplicate checks.

You can also buy design coordinated products with your checks like checkbook cover, address labels, deposit tickets and wallets.

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Bradford Exchange Business Checks

Bradford Exchange lists business checks on their website, but when you click on business checks, it will take you to a different company. The business checks are provided by Member Checks. They offer 3-on-a page, portable, home desk, computer checks and deposit tickets.

Checks Superstore

Checks Superstore offers personal checks, photo checks, computer checks and business checks. They are an accredited member of the Atlanta, Georgia Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Checks Superstore Personal Checks

Checks Superstore has a large choice of personal checks ranging from animals to zodiac. You can pick from a main design category and further refine the choices by subcategories. A few of their personal check designs include:

  • Art
  • Botanical
  • Cartoons
  • Causes
  • Disney
  • Flags
  • Historical
  • Military
  • Religious and Spiritual
  • Seasons and Holidays
  • Sports
  • Time and Technology
  • Weird

The cost of Checks Superstore personal checks are as follows:

  • Mini box (63 singles) cost $6.99
  • Mini box (51 duplicates) cost $7.99

Singles - 126 checks per box

Duplicates - 102 checks per box


1 Box



2 boxes



3 boxes



4 boxes



Checks Superstore also offers EZShield fraud protection from unauthorized use of up to $25,000. The cost of this protection is $1.95 per box of checks.

Checks Superstore Custom Photo Checks

With Checks Superstore custom photo checks, you can use your own image on your checks. You can upload as many as 24 photos that will be the design on your checks. The photos that show on your checks will be faded compared to the original as per banking laws.

Checks Superstore custom photo checks per box prices are as follows:

  • Mini box (63 singles) cost $9.99
  • Mini box (51 duplicates) cost $11.99


Singles - 126 checks per box

Duplicates - 102 checks per box


1 Box



2 boxes



3 boxes



4 boxes



Checks Superstore Products

At Checks Superstore, you can also buy matching products such as labels, checkbooks, vinyl covers, personal deposit slips, checkbook register and return address and deposit stamps.

Checks Superstore Business Checks

Checks Superstore offers computer checks and business checks. You can get business checks in the following formats:

  • Top, middle or bottom voucher checks
  • 3 per page business
  • 3 per page wallet
  • Blank computer stock
  • Computer deposit slips
  • Premium value packs

You can buy business checks in quantities ranging from 150 checks to 4,800 checks with the price started at $9.95 for 150 checks for their 3 per page business checks without vouchers.

  • 300 checks - $19.95
  • 600 checks - $29.95
  • 1200 checks - $46.95
  • 2400 checks - $72.95
  • 3600 checks - $82.95
  • 4800 checks cost $111.95

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Check Services Conclusion

Only Checks Superstore sells both personal and business checks at the same store. They have a good selection of colorful personal checks and you can also upload your photos for custom photo checks. They also have a good selection of business checks.

Bradford Exchange has a huge selection of personal checks that their artist design and they currently show the lowest prices for personal checks with their buy 1 and get 1 box free offer.

Deluxe has the largest selection of business checks and checking services. You can order your business checks in different formats and compatible with many current software packages like Money or Quicken. They also have eChecks, which are easy to use electronic checks that you can make and send with a few keystrokes from a computer or smart phone.