Deer Cane: Does It Really Attract Deer?

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Readers will get the scoop on the effectiveness on using the product "Deer Cane". Readers will be informed on the uselessness of the product, and will be advised not to waste their money using commercial deer attractants. The reader will also be given alt

With hunting becoming more and more popular, people are looking for more ways to get an edge on the sport. One such way people have began to attract deer is through the use of commercial deer attractants. Products such as "C'mere Deer" and "Deer Cane" are said to have such strong effects on deer. They are advertised to bring the deer in and keep them coming back. But does it really work? Is it really worth spending the money on a bag of powder to bring deer to your stand? I had these same questions, and curious in my nature, I went about testing it.

     First thing first, I started out doing some research. I read customer reviews, and product ratings, and found the "best attractant" out on the market, and went and bought a bag of "Deer Cane". Now, mind you, I had a food plot set up in my woods for a good month and a half at this time, and had already documented a great deal of deer coming to my stand. I even had a few nice bucks that were coming in, so I hoped that this "Deer Cane" would maybe tie them down and keep them at my food plot.

     I had been using corn and salt for the first few weeks at my food plot. I also had a trail camera set up to capture what was coming to my corn pile, and how much the deer were eating it. The corn, fifty pounds, usually lasted four or five days. After the corn was eaten, the deer still came and pawed at the ground to get the salt, which I usually sprinkled over the corn. After buying the "Deer Cane" I went up to my food plot, and did exactly what the bag told me to do. I mixed half of it with water, and poured it over a cleared area of dirt. I then poured the remaining half of powder straight onto the ground, which the bag instructs you to do. Over the next two weeks I observed the pictures off of my trail camera, and even went to check my food plot in person to see the results. How'd the deer like the "Deer Cane"? Well to be honest, I'm not sure they even touched it. The dirt where I poured the mixture was untouched. The pile of powder I poured wasn't changed one bit. The deer were still at my pile, eating the corn and trying to get the salt, but they wouldn't touch the "Deer Cane". So, figuring the deer were just too enthralled by the corn and salt, I discontinued use of my two main attractants, thinking maybe then the deer would pay attention to the "Deer Cane". What was the result of this? Well, my research ended in the first week. The deer stopped coming to my food plot. They wouldn't touch the pile of powder or the cleared area with the mixture on it. My advice to any hunter out there, is to stick with natural attractants such as corn, salt, apples, and acorns. Deer love these, and most of them can be obtained easily and cheaply. Leave comments below on past experiences with any form of deer attractant. Good luck hunting!