Dot & Bo vs IKEA vs Wayfair: Furniture Quality, Pricing, and Service Comparison

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The following furniture stores offer customers a wide selection of furniture and pricing. Dot & Bo sells furniture that they find all over the world and combines them into trendy and stylish collections. IKEA sells their famous brand of low priced nice lo

Dot & Bo

Dot & Bo handpicks furniture from around the world and curates these pieces into creative collections for their customers. Dot & Bo includes a list of series on their website that will show you many new ideas for decorating and furnishing your home. These series include documentaries, decorate and renovate ideas and many how to series. With each of these presentations, you can choose from different furnishings they offer.

Dot & Bo Furniture

Dot & Bo sells furniture for every room of your home, indoors and outdoors. You can search by furniture type, color or browse through the related collection. When you search by related collection, you will be shown products that are trending for the category you select.

In addition to furniture, Dat & Bo also sells the following products for your home:

Dot & Bo Furniture Quality

Dot & Bo furniture is for the most part well built and not overly hard to put together using just a few tools. The furniture quality from Dot & Bo varies because their products are selected around a central theme and then purchased from the company that makes that product or piece of furniture.

Customers that bought products from Dot & Bo were pleased with the quality of all of their products. Their furniture is trendy, stylish and unique which is what most customers were looking for when shopping at Dot & Bo.

Dot & Bo Pricing

Dot & Bo sells moderately priced to expensive products and furniture. Considering how expensive furniture can be, especially unique furniture, most customers were pleased with the prices at Dot & Bo. A few examples of their prices include:

  • Bluebird sofa (84"w x 35"d x 33"h), cost $1099.99
  • Chestnut kitchen table (72"w x 36"d x 30"h), cost $899.99
  • Modern office chair cost $199.99
  • Santa Rosa coffee table made of fir wood (48”l x 24”w x 18”h) costs $299.99
  • Rustic California nightstand made of reclaimed wood costs $499.99

Each product lists the regular price and the sale price plus they list what each item’s shipping costs will be. Shipping costs ranged from $150 for the Bluebird sofa to $20 for the nightstand. Most of their furniture and other products are in stock for a limited time as they are continually finding new pieces to add to their collections. 

Dot & Bo Service

Dot & Bo is a relatively new company and appears at this time to have some growing pains. The main complaint seems to be slow shipping with some orders. Customer service is very polite, but in some cases they are still slow to resolve the problems. Dot & Bo does respond to customer complaints and negative reviews on in order to help each customer solve their problem.


IKEA is a well known worldwide furniture store that believes in selling a wide range of furniture that is not only of good quality, but also affordable. IKEA was founded in 1951 by Ingvar Kamprad, which is the first two letters of IKEA. The second two letters represent the farm and village where he grew up.

The IKEA website includes step-by-step instructions for buying a new kitchen and guides and plans that can help you remodel each room in your home with new furnishings.

IKEA Furniture Quality

IKEA sells furniture for every room of your house, including cabinets for the bathroom sink. You can browse for furniture by looking through the following categories:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen and appliances
  • Children’s IKEA
  • Textiles and rugs
  • Business and offices

IKEA furniture is mainly known for affordability. They make affordable and decent furniture that you assemble. Some might associate cheap prices for cheaply made, but their furniture will not fall apart after a year of use and in many cases, certain pieces of IKEA furniture like tables and dressers can last years and years with proper use.

IKEA does not sell furniture made out of antique oak, but you will find their products are nice looking and of decent durability. Some of their furniture is made of Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), so it will not be as sturdy as higher end furniture, but with decent care, it will not break the day you buy it either.

IKEA Pricing

IKEA furniture is affordable which makes it perfect for a young couple furnishing their first home. You will not find collections or designer furniture, but you will find nice looking furniture at a good price. A few of their prices include:

  • EKTORP sofa (86”w x 35”d x 34”h), costs $599
  • STOCKHOLM dining room table (94”l x 35”w x 28”h), costs $599
  • TORKEL swivel office chair costs $59.99
  • HEMNES coffee table (46.5”l x 29.5”w x 18”h), costs $119
  • TARVA nightstand costs $39.99

IKEA calculates shipping costs according to your zip code.

IKEA Service

IKEA has an online chat that can answer all of your questions and they have an extensive customer service FAQ. The main complaint with customers is that shipping can be slow and there are usually delays with out of stock items.

Their website includes a stock availability page that allows you to check the availability of any item before you order it or before you go to their store. You can also get online manuals and assembly instructions for any of their products.


Wayfair is a cross between IKEA and Dat & Bo as they carry everything for your home from furniture to glassware. You can shop on Wayfair by the main category, top categories or shop by room.

Wayfair Furniture Quality

Wayfair carries furniture for all of the rooms in your home and they make it easy to find what you are looking for. You can shop for furniture in the following categories:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Bathroom
  • Patio
  • Entry and hall
  • Accent
  • Baby and kids
  • Office furniture

Wayfair sells many different brands of furniture giving customers a large selection of brands and styles. The furniture brands they carry include:

  • Wayfair Custom Upholstery
  • Castleton Home
  • Andover Mills
  • Kathy Ireland Home by Martin
  • Hooker Furniture
  • Hinsdale Furniture
  • Abbyson Living
  • Tommy Bahama Home
  • Broyhill
  • Zipcode Designs

At Wayfair, you will get a selection of good quality furniture, exactly as you will find at traditional furniture stores.

Due to the variability of different brands, you will find furniture quality that ranges from decent to top end designs and quality. The quality is varied because of the large selection of different furniture brands, which gives customers a fine selection of furniture to choose from.

Wayfair Pricing

At Wayfair, you will find a wide range of furniture prices. You can find furniture prices that range from cheap to expensive; it depends on the brand you choose.

Wayfair has sales pages and clearance pages with good savings on furniture prices. Prices at Wayfair range from the type of prices you can find at IKEA or Target up to prices comparable at fine furniture stores. In addition to their sales and clearance sales, they also have other helpful categories like:

  • Dining sets under $250
  • Accent chairs under $200

Wayfair Coupons:

Wayfair Service

Wayfair has an online chat for customer help plus they have a good FAQ and email support. Wayfair has excellent customer ratings including a 90% satisfaction rating on Their products are delivered on time and as described on their website.


These three furniture stores give customers a large selection of furniture prices and quality. Dot & Bo curates furniture from around the world and different sources to form unique collections. IKEA sells good furniture at affordable prices that customers assemble themselves. Wayfair has the largest selection of furniture brands and prices for customers to choose from and they offer free shipping with orders over $49.