Crypton Review: Does it Work?

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Crypton is a fabric that is resistant to anything from simple spills to major messes and also including mold, bacteria, mildew and bacteria. Does it work? Crypton does appear to work as advertised. They are used in many types of industries where there cou

All About Crypton

Crypton is a special fabric that is designed to be stain, mildew, odor, and bacteria resistant. The company is located in Michigan with their factory in North Carolina. Crypton was founded in 1993 by Craig and Randy Rubin when they started Crypton in the basement of their Michigan home with the idea of creating a fabric that would stand up to all of life’s spills and messes. They wanted this fabric not only to be resistant to all types of spills and messes, but also be beautiful and touchable.

Crypton currently employees 100 people who love fabric and dream up new ideas that are assembled in North Carolina plant. Crypton has teamed up with William Wegman and has created their first line of home product collections using Crypton Super Fabric for use with your family pets.

Crypton is a green company and uses an environmentally preferable chemistry for their fabric products. Many indoor products including furniture and fabrics can emit toxic chemicals into your home’s air. Crypton use GreenGuard and is Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Crypton fabric is very popular in the medical field, restaurant industry, schools, hotels,  government offices and in the health care industry. Crypton fabrics are now being used in homes and on home furnishings. There are more than 20,000 patterns available for Crypton Fabrics. Crypton continues to partner with other manufactures that use Crypton fabric in their home products from furniture coverings to pillows. 

Crypton Fabrics

Crypton sells a couple of different fabrics.

Super Fabric

Crypton Super Fabric is their sworn enemy of mess fabric. Super Fabric is soft and easy to clean with the following features:

Crypton Super Fabric is the only fabric on the market that is deemed a non-porous surface and can be disinfected using their EPA approved Crypton Disinfectant and Deodorizer. All of the furnishing sold at the Crypton online store is covered in the Crypton Super Fabric. Crypton Super Fabric is produced in the USA.

Crypton Super Fabric demonstration / YouTube

CryptonHome Fabric

CryptonHome Fabrics is a soft and easy to clean fabric that everyone in your home can use included your family pets. CryptonHome Fabrics has the following features.

  • Stain resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Microbial resistant
  • Odor resistant
  • CryptonHome is produced in the USA

You can also request a sample of their Crypton fabrics from their website.

How Crypton Fabric Works

The reason Crypton Fabric works so well is because the fabric is a barrier to water but still allows air to pass through. This barrier is permanently integrated into each strand of fiber and will withstand many years of heavy use. Since the fabric is a barrier, any spills or dirt stay right on top and do not penetrate, so spills can be wiped right off easily. If there should be a real mess that requires soap and water to clean, that is also easily done, since the soap and water will not penetrate the fibers.

During the manufacturing process, a special formula is also applied to the fabric to make it even more stain and microbe resistant. It is this special fiber with the barrier that makes Crypton fabric so resistant to stains, molds, bacteria and odors from getting below the fibers.

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Do Crypton Fabrics Work?

Crypton fabrics do have a good reputation from users and customers on the internet about their fabric products. Pet owners love Crypton fabric products. Crypton makes products that can protect your furniture from your furry friend’s wet and muddy paws. Crypton sells a product called the Throver that is perfect for dog owners. The Throver is a 48” x 54” throw. You can also use Crypton’s Disinfectant and Deodorizer products for further protection. Their pet beds are also very popular since they are stain and odor resistant and can be disinfected. 

You can find Crypton Fabrics in many styles and patterns that are all stain resistant. A few comments on Gardenweb  about Crypton fabrics include:

  • Since my post I have purchased a couple of pieces of crypton. One is called "SmartSuede" and a lovely soft fabric. The other is a crypton "backed" polyester which has a kind of silky smooth hand. I love the suede but it's much spendier. The cheapest I've seen is abt $36 p/yd. I snipped a sample of each and they are VERY stain resistant. The hardest to get out is butter/grease which requires soap. I think there is a cleaning product too but the soap & water took everything out. I smeared in choc syrup, butter, ketchup, milk. I was very skeptical but all rinsed off with plain water except the butter, leaving no trace. I even threw the sample in the washing machine and it came through with flying colors. This is awesome stuff.”
  • The Crypton is supposed to be anti-bacterial, and moisture proof. Hospitals & McDonalds use it on their furniture. The cryptonfabric site shows them using it as dogbeds.. They have some test results on their site and it is awesome stuff. I was impressed with the 100,000 double rubs test. A furniture store was bragging about their fabric as being 7,000 double rubs.. Not even close. I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. I'll be interested to hear how the microfiber works for you.”
  • One is a suede which is very soft and wonderful, the other has a smooth silky touch. They come in both plain and print. My experiments on both samples were very encouraging, Great even. I smeared ketchup, butter, milk, & chocolate sauce on each sample and everything except the butter rinsed off with plain water. The butter required soap, but it came out with no residual stain or sign that it had been there. The stuff is amazing. has a sample kit for abt $15. I haven't sent for it but would love to feel the 'Interlude' line which sounds like chenille. I am still eager to hear from anyone who has had the factory put this on a sofa for them.”

Crypton home Fabric Cleaning Video / YouTube

Crypton Conclusion

As you can see, commercial and industry users of Crypton have known for a long time about Crypton fabrics and how well they do work. Now the use of Crypton fabrics and products are being used in homes. Everyone is starting to see how great Crypton fabric can be. You can have your old furniture recovered with Crypton fabrics or you can buy Crypton furniture directly from Crypton.  

Not only does the Crypton furniture fabric excite people, but so do the bedding, mattress covers, pillows and dog and cat beds. Yes, from reading customer comments and industry reviews, Crypton fabrics do work against stains, mold, mildew and also importantly against illnesses, especially when used with their EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizer.