ContactsDirect vs Contact Lens King vs Lens Direct: Pricing, Shipping & Services Compared

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ContactsDirect has their AnnualSupply program that saves you some money on contact lenses if you buy 48 lenses all at once. They also have discounts on eye exams. Contact Lens King has free 2nd day shipping on some products and some emphasis on Internet s

You don’t have to always go to a physical store to get contacts anymore. There are now additional ways to do it online. Here are a few examples.


One of the main aspects of ContactsDirect that’s noteworthy is how they take a number of insurance companies. You can use vision benefits to ordering contacts right through the site. This isn’t all insurance carriers, but it is many of them.


  • AnnualSupply Discounts-If you buy two 24 pack boxes of something like Acuvue, you can save $40 per box.
  • Schedule Eye Exam with Discount-You can schedule an eye exam right through the site by going to the customer service page through the link at the bottom of the site. If you click on the “eye exam” link on this new page, you’ll get instructions for getting a discount, including a link for finding a provider near you. This basically involves printing out an ID card to show to the provider. The eye exam will only cost $50 this way.
  • Variety of Contact Brands-They have BioTrue, PureVision, SoftLens, Acuvue, Air Optix and others.


Contact Lens King

Contact Lens King offers free shipping on all orders and sometimes they will even give you free 2nd Day shipping if you order products that qualify. The service is fairly easy to navigate, and it has strong security for keeping your financial data safe.


  • Easy Reorder-You can hit the big “Re-order” link right at the top left to get new ones right away from the main site.
  • A+ BBB Rating-You can check this seal right at the bottom left. It’s through the Las Vegas chapter of the organization. The main reason for the high rating is due to their only being 2 complaints in the last 3 years, with both of them being closed.
  • Free 2-Day Shipping-This doesn’t apply to all orders, but many, such as the Acuvue Oasys 6 Pack, will get to you in 2 days for free if you buy them. You do have to order the lenses by 2 PM EST, and they have to be in stock at the time you order.


Lens Direct

Lens Direct also has a number of Internet security services including GeoTrust and McAfee. They also have the A+ Rating from BBB, ratings through Stella, and Google Trusted Status.


  • Auto Refill Program with Discounts-You can click on the link for this program right from the main site. You get free shipping and 5% discount for doing it. It’s fairly straightforward to get going with the program. When you’re buying contacts, all you have to do is check the box that says “AutoRefill.” Then, you’ll get the discount and free shipping.
  • Google Trusted Status-It doesn’t look like there are any reviews from customers through the Google Program yet, but it does mean that you get $1,000 of protection through the company and help from Google if you have a disagreement with Lens Direct.
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49-If you spend $50 or more, you’ll get the contact lenses shipped out to you for free, every time.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee-The site guarantees the lowest price, since this is what they generally do anyway through something called Unilateral Pricing Policy which is a regulation from contact lens manufacturers. You can contact the site if you find a price cheaper elsewhere, and they will match the price for you.

Head to Head

Pricing and Shipping

ContactsDirect has the Acuvue Oasys 24 pack that goes for $110 if you use the AnnualSupply program. This does mean you have to buy two boxes so it would be $220 total, but that would cover you for the year. It’s around $130 for the pack otherwise. Shipping is free for standard 5-7 business days. If you want faster than that, it’s $12 for 3-day, and $20 for Overnight shipping.

Acuvue Oays is available for $34 for a 6 pack through Contact Lens King. This would make it cost $136 for 24. This is comparable with ContactsDirect if you only want a 24 pack from them and not two. The product blocks 99 percent of UVA rays and 96 percent of UVB.Contact Lens King offers free 2nd-dayshipping for some items, such as Acuvue Oasys 6 Pack.  Shipping on all orders is free if you just do the standard version.

Lens Direct offers Acuvue Oasys for $110. They also offer a lowest price guaranteed program. They offer free shipping on orders over $49, and they even offer free overnight shipping on certain products, although this doesn’t include multi-focal, toric, or lenses that are colored, so you have to go with slower shipping on those.

Overall, Contact Lens King has the best options for shipping since it’s always free, and they even sometimes offer free 2nd-dayshipping.  Lens Direct seems to have the cheapest prices on products like the Oasys lenses since they don’t require you to buy two 24 packs in order to get the $110 price.


Some examples of support services you can get through ContactsDirect includes phone support.  You can call them at 1-844-5Lenses, and they’re available until 8 PM EST during weekdays, and 6 PM EST during the weekends. Phone appears to be the only way that you can contact ContactsDirect. They don’t have other support services. Their other services include largely helping you find eye exams and providing you with contacts year round, including going through your insurance if you have a kind that is compatible.

Contact Lens King has excellent shipping services such as their 2nd-day shipping option on some orders. They also offer easy re-ordering for contact lenses, and  an easy way to locate different types of lenses such as the weekly or monthly disposables. You can find conventional lenses, Toric lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses, or even colored contact lenses with ease by just looking down the left side of the site.

Lens Direct has the auto refill program that’s a service that helps you cut down on the hassle or ordering contact lenses. It even gives you a 5% discount.