Christening Card Messages: What to Write in a Christening Card

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Christening Card Messages: What to Write in a Christening Card! If you are searching for Christening card messages and wishes then you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent collection of Christening card messages and wis

Christening ceremony is of indeed a formal occasion of dedicating a baby to the Lord, our creator. In this regard, apart from coming into this event wearing your best proper attire, you should also present yourself with nice and best wishes for the baby. 

However, if you are stuck with what to write in a baby christening card, then this article is perfect for you. Enjoy reading these sample christening card messages, and choose the best saying to write in the christening card.

1. To the cutest baby boy/girl in town, congratulations on your special day today and I want to send my all best wishes for your brighter future filled only with good health and abundant happiness of course together with your lovable and caring parents.

2. Hi baby! This is to extend my warmest wishes for you. Congratulations on your christening today! May you grow up in the wisdom of the Lord and that would be my forever prayer for you.

3. Congratulation on your baby’s christening!  This is the start of your baby’s spiritual journey in life. I pray that your baby will grow following the right path.  All the best for you little angel!

4. Congratulation baby (name)! You are now a child dedicated to the Lord. I will always pray for you. I hope as you grow may you find His enlightening hand.  God bless!

5. Our warmest congratulation on your baby’s christening! We are so happy to witnesses such beautiful occasion. Along with this letter is my declaration of much blessing for your baby. God bless!

6. A baby is a gift from heaven that’s why dedicating your baby to the Lord is really significant in life. Congratulations on a very successful christening ceremony! May God’s face shine upon your baby and that your baby may grow in the wisdom of the Lord. May your baby never fail to thank the Lord for giving such a wonderful life and parents like you. Congrats on your baby!

7. Your baby is cute! Thank you for inviting us and making me as one of your baby’s principal sponsor, it’s my great honor. Now, I would like to express my warmest congratulation for the christening of your baby. May the baby grow up as a good person just like his/her parents. May the baby achieve his/her dream thus enjoys brighter future that life could bring. Congratulations!

Simply use this amazing collection of christening cards messages and convey your wishes. Choose now and write it down in a cute christening card. On the other hand, these christening messages can also be suitable to send as sms text messages or e-mail. 

Christening Card Messages Conclusion

This is a very important part of many parents and their child’s life. Showing that you are also proud of them is a great way to be a part of their life and this joyous occasion. Sending a text message or an email is just not really good enough for an occasion like this. Of course you can send a text message and an email, but that should be followed up with sending either a regular card and or an E-card.

You can find great regular cards at stores like Hallmark and they also carry a great selection of E-cards. The card you send will be something they will save forever.

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