Chakra Healing: Curing The Common Cold

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Is it possible? To cure the common cold through such simple yet unexplainable methods? Read on and I'll show you how...

To make this simpler for those of you whom need less explanations, I will supply the how to write away and leave a few short explanations in the end for how it works.


Sit in a comfortable position, preferably outside near tall tree's, with your legs crossed and fingers linked. Visualize your ethereal 'roots' coming out of your feet and easily send them into the warm, loving, awaiting earth. It's warm, inviting and safe. Center/Align yourself with the heart of Gaia (the earth), the good of all beings and in accordance with freewill.


Your main meridian is located from the tip of your pubic bone and goes in a straight line up to your bottom lip. Use your dominant hand to 'unzip' that meridian, exposing your lower chakras.


The heart chakra controls your circulatory system, immune system, lungs and emotional center. 90% of Reiki and Energy Healers say that the majority of illnesses are caused by energetic and/or emotional blocks or imbalances. Picture a bright emerald green crystal orb floating behind your chest on your spine. No matter how it appears to you, whether it's dark green, black, lime green or a normal emerald green, uses your fingers and visually spin it in a clockwise direction. Ask the chakra to release all unbalanced energies. Ask mother earth to bring you the courage to deal with any and all traumas that are holding you back, to help keep your immune system strong to keep you untouchable by viruses or bacteria and also to keep your lungs healthy, body and mind strong and balanced.

Take a short moment to note any images in your mind. Write them down if you don't feel you can remember them later. Don't judge them or try to understand them, simply take note of them and remember them for later.

After any images have come, picture your lungs, heart, blood vessels, veins, shoulders, circulatory system and upper back glowing in a righteous emerald green (just picture the color of the emerald city in the Wizard of Oz). Feel the warmth and love of Gaia, your mother and your own self love. Enjoy it while it lasts!


The Solar Plexus, your own personal Sun is in control of your digestive system and also links to your immune system along with your heart chakra. They work in tandem. Giving extra care to this chakra is important because what you put into your body, as well as what comes out of it, very much has to do with when, how or if you get sick. Also with how long it will take you to recover.

Picture a majestic bright yellow crystal orb spinning gracefully just above your navel. What ever color(s) it starts out to be, spin it clockwise and use your psychic wash rag to make it a pristine mango yellow again. Ask the chakra to release all unbalanced energies to the earth, so she may take them a turn them back into balanced energy to go where it is needed. Then ask the trees or mother Gaia to bring you plenty of balanced energy to fill your Solar Plexus with the strength to defend you from unseen offenders in your air, food, water and environment.

Your Solar Plexus is also your center for strength, ask your heart chakra to send it's courage to connect with your solar strength when you need it. Such as times when you need to choose healthier food but really would like something really bad for you. Ask mother Gaia to bring you confidence, wisdom, guidance and the ability to know what your body needs to eat and to be free from the attachment of choosing to consume not so great things.

Picture your liver, small and large intestines, gal bladder, pancreas and stomach starting to glow with a golden yellow hue. This is the charged energy from your Solar Plexus. Thank it, appreciate it, love it and know that this all comes from you, with a little bit of aid from asked for sources.

Take note of any images given to you that might help you get on with the task of helping your Solar Plexus heal your system.


Crystalline blue and lying where your Adam's (or Eve's) apple sits, also known as your "Uvula" (the lump that moves up and down in your throat when you swallow). This chakra presides over your ears, nose, throat, teeth, neck and thyroid gland. These are all VERY IMPORTANT parts of your body, especially when dealing with true viruses (which are where the "cold bug" originates from). You can look up the physical health symptoms that come about simply from an over or under active thyroid alone, which to know surprise, also affects all other systems in your body. The same works with the chakras, as they are your ethereal organs.

Release all unbalanced energy, send it away, and then ask for new balanced energy to join with your throat chakra. Clean it up and make sure it is spinning in a clockwise direction. It is important when you release the unbalanced energy that you ask to release any and all unneeded or unproductive anger from you, as this is where it is held. Not ALL anger is bad or negative and can be useful in your life, so don't ask to just plain get rid of all your anger, simply ask to release the tough stuff that is holding you back or that is unnecessary.

At this time you might see many visual images with your eyes closed. You might also get a bit of clairaudience of some quiet 'shouting' (don't be alarmed) or some thoughts might surface that are upsetting because they were times when you were angered or very upset. Try your best not to get caught up in them, scared by them or attached them. Know that this means your chakra is releasing them. LET THEM GO. Watch as they turn to energy and drift away into the day/night.

Once this energy has left you, you'll likely feel immediate relief, but if you do not, know that it has worked and you will likely feel the physical and mental relief later when you're not in the middle of something.

Picture your throat, eyes, ears, thyroid gland, neck, skin and teeth glowing a brilliant sky blue. It should feel cool and comfortable, like gentle running waters streaming all over those body parts. It feels good, like a summer dip in a cool pool. Enjoy it while it lasts. =)


                             HEART AND LUNG MERIDIANS

It is very important before and during your illness, that your lungs are cared for and able to expel any bacteria, viruses, negativity or foreign matter. Both when we are grieving, hiding emotional blockages and when we get viruses, we build up energy blockages in our lungs, the heart chakra and our lung meridian. First, trace your lung meridian backwards (starting from the end point) and while you do that, envision that you are blasting through any really bad blocks and allowing the release of unbalanced energy or emotional blockages. THIS CAN BE A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE if you have a lot of grief or past emotional traumas. Do not be afraid of it, let it go.

If anything distracted you or took your attention momentarily after releasing the blocks from your lung meridian, then come back to your task now and trace the meridian forward now, closing it up. While you are doing this, envision that you are bringing new balanced energy to the whole meridian, so that the energy that comes in and leaves through it, can do so easily and efficiently.

Do this same thing with your Heart Meridian.


This meridian is connected to nearly all others and it consistently found by energy medicine practitioners to be the underlying cause of most other common illnesses (as well as many 'uncommon' ailments). Open the meridian up by tracing it backwards with your hand, releasing all unbalanced energies, blockages or unnecessary emotions. Then trace the meridian closed again, filling it with love, balance and health.


These four zones are connected to your neurolymphatic system. When you tap them, it helps your body release toxins, tension and dis ease. You can do two thing with them. First , tap them each moderately forcefully, around 5 times each going one way and then back to the other. These might be very tender zones if you have not done this before, so be aware of that, but know that the more you do this, the less tender they will become.

Do this until you feel a good tingly feeling in each of the areas. You may also select to run them with your fingers in a clockwise direction.


Water, when it is pure and organic, is the proverbial fountain of youth for humans. It contains vital nutrients, holds magical powers and even with visual energy medicine, is very beneficial to your healing.

Once you have completed the other steps, you will most likely already feel some of the benefits. On a reverse scale, you might feel slightly worse than you started out, but know that this is because your bodies healing systems have now been activated and are working to heal you. This works much in the same way a fever does. Our body sends out signals for us to relax, take care of ourselves and fight of invaders, which causes us to feel like crap for a while so that we can get better. After wards, most feel very renewed.

Picture that a small cloud of the most beautiful pearl white has come to reside over you, it is friendly and should not be a dark cloud or seem scary. Ask it to open up and bath you in celestial waters that can help rejuvenate and heal your body. Then visualize warm waters releasing from the cloud like a gentle waterfall and splashing down over your head first, then the rest of your body.

It hits you with a refreshing burst, but then slowly and comfortably cleanses the rest of your body on the way down. Feel the tingly, happy feeling it creates on the way down and then feel it sink down through your feet, into your roots and into the earth, taking all your unbalanced, infected, unnecessary energies and blockages with it.


It is especially important to keep yourself well nourished when you are sick. This is important all the time, but especially when you are sick. Most of the time we get sick and then don't feel like eating, when we need to keep something coming in, to help fuel our T-cells so that they may fight off the infection and not become over reactive and start attacking our body.

Take the time to research some fruits, vegetables, herbs and other items that can help boost your immune system, it's a worthy study. To get you started, look into peppers, vitamin D3 and dandelions, all of which have very beneficial properties for healing and maintaining optimal health.

Do these steps daily until you feel better and continue them for a day or two after. They really should be put into practice on a daily basis any how, along with other practices, but if anything, this should give your body the boost it needs to cure that cold.


There are many things about this that can't be explained in simple terms and I certainly don't have enough space for all of it in one factoid. Though I would like to at least leave a parting explanation in as clear of terms as I am able to present, for those whom are trying to come to terms with the amazing healing abilities of these steps. Especially since most of them work whether you believe in them or not.

As I state above, the majority of illnesses are caused by stress, emotional trauma, energy blockages and subconscious messages. Even if you look at most modern medicine explanations, the true "cold" is caused by the virus, the rest is largely unexplained. This gives logic to why there are no true cures to the common cold.

With these underlying facts, it makes sense that they are looking for the cures in the wrong places. While modern medicine is absolutely wonderful for subduing symptoms or in dealing with emergency situations, it just doesn't have what it takes to heal the whole.

With this in mind, once you understand what Chakras, Meridians and Energy points are, it becomes much easier to understand how they correspond to the rest of your body and you can learn to exercise these points to keep you unbelievably healthy.

Take the time to research all of this information, put it into practice and learn for yourself.

NOTE: Results may very for every person. If you have extremely bad blockages or are to stubborn or doubtful to acknowledge that it works, then these steps will take much longer to benefit you and will likely not be as powerful as they could be. Believe it works, acknowledge it and then know that you have the amazing ability to heal yourself and keep yourself healthy (what a money saver on the medical bills!)


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Terri Black
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