Celebrating the Lenten Season the Filipino Way

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Lenten Season in the Philippines is celebrated widely because the country is dominated by Roman Catholics. The Holy Week is a time for people to practice fasting and abstinence as well as do good deeds and atone for their sins. Holy Week is a high profi

Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy week and to the Filipino Catholics this is a very special day to celebrate.  Walking along the roads near a church means heavy traffic in Metro Manila since the sidewalks become vending places for different types of palms.  Imagine how many coconut trees are felled down to supply the palms needed by the Roman Catholics during Palm Sunday.  Thousands of devotees buy palms during Palm Sunday that they bring with them during the mass to be blessed by the priest.  In the city where I live, majority of the population are Roman Catholic

The Philippines is one of the country’s which is dominated by the Roman Catholics.  Religious celebrations are a high profile in the Philippines being that it is a very religious country.  Although not all Roman Catholics abide strictly to the fasting and abstinence during the Holy Week, more are strictly following the teachings they read in the Bible.

On Thursday which is Holy Thursday many people will participate in the crucifixion.  Real men will be crucified on the cross to atone for their sins and to show their devotedness to God.  Some have been doing it for years and say they will never tire doing this since it has become an important part of their life.  There was this man who after being crucified on the cross for ten years; he was able to find his long lost father.  Some do this to ask something from God; others do it out of love for God.  According to some who have experienced a special bonding with God due to what they do, their wishes are always granted.

Most Filipinos are very religious and they often associate prayers with the blessings that they are bestowed.

During the Lenten season, many Filipinos have their own way of showing their love and devotedness to God the Creator.  They go for confession, pray fervently, practice fasting and abstinence, do good deeds and avoid bad vices as well as try to be good to others.

The religious trend in the Philippines has however changed with time and many changes had happened.  It is surprising that during the Holy Week, several people are in the beaches and other places of entertainment instead of in churches or in their homes mourning for the death of Jesus.  But in this modern world, not everybody is as religiously and devotedly Roman Catholic.  The practice of the Roman Catholics before is not anymore as strong as now.  Many young people do not follow anymore the teachings of the church.  They maybe church goers every Sunday but their religious values have been exploited by the modern world.

It is sad but time is changing and so with the trend.  Not only is technology revolving but also the religious trend. 


Felisa Daskeo
Posted on Apr 6, 2012
Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on Apr 3, 2012