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When buying or selling a used car doing your homework is extremely important. These online car search sites make it easy to find exactly what you need. can help you get cash offers online and sell your car in 2 days. Auto Trader has millions of c began in 1998 and is owned by Gannet Co, Inc, which also owns, and PickupTrucks.Com. They provide comprehensive vehicle pricing information, dealer reviews, photo galleries, videos, side by side vehicle comparisons and a large selection or new and used cars and trucks. Features offers great features for those that are looking for a new car, to sell their current car and for those looking for the best car repair prices.

Selling your car on is easy with the following three hassle free options:

  • Dealer Appraisals: This option offers cash offers at the dealers and will sell your car on average in 3-4 days. You can contact up to three dealers at once online, get appraisals done in person and there are no costs or commitments.
  • Dealer Quick Offer: Cash offers online, 1-2 days average to sell your car, the ability to compare up to 3 offers online, avoid price haggling and you can receive offers from anywhere. There are no costs or commitments.
  • Ads: This option allows you to list and sell your car yourself. The average sale time is 2-3 months, and you can negotiate for the best price and reach 13 million car shoppers per month.

When you sell your car on, you can get selling tips and used car values to help you get the best price for your used car.

Buying a car on is just as easy. Their website offers great features to help you find a new or used vehicle. All you need to do is enter in if you want a new, used or pre-owned certified vehicle. From there, just enter in the make and model of the vehicle you are looking for.

At, you are able to find reviews about all vehicles and locate a dealer near you. Their research section is excellent. You can search for car and truck reviews by price, model, make, body style and miles per gallons. also has a finance section that will help you calculate the cost of buying a new or used car and you can also get advice about cars and truck buying. If you are looking for car and truck repairs, also has a section that can help you find the nearest service center, get a service estimate, recall notices and get expert tips on service and repairs.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader was founded in 1997 and is today a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. The Auto Trader Group also owns Kelly Blue Book. They are an online marketplace for car and truck shoppers and sellers. They list millions of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles on their website from dealers and private sellers.

Auto Trader Features

Auto Trader list millions of cars and trucks for sale that you can easily search for. You can search by location or distance from your location, condition of the vehicle, price, style, year, make, model and trim, fuel economy, features and specifications. Auto Trader makes it easy to find a car or truck for sale in your location or anywhere.

If you want to sell your car or truck, Auto Trader has a great section that can get your vehicle sold. You can add your car’s descriptions, details, photos and your price. They also have a great help section that will give car sellers tips like how to prepare to sell, advertising your car for sale, finding a buyer and closing the deal.

Auto Trader also include on their website research pages where you can explore specific models, explore new car models, compare models, used car research and much more. Auto Trader will help you find a local dealer and calculate and find the best car loans.

Auto Trader Prices

Auto Trader offers several pricing plans for listing your car or truck for sale. Their best offer is the Run Till it Sells offer, which has the following features:

  • 18 online photos
  • Featured Listing
  • Privacy email

Their pricing plans are:

  • Premier: This plan is Run Till it Sells and includes a featured spotlight for a cost of $100.
  • Deluxe has all of the features as Run Till it Sells without the featured spotlight and costs $75.
  • Enhanced includes an 8 week listing plus 9 online photos and costs $50.
  • Standard ads will run for 4 weeks with 3 online photos for a cost of $25.

Auto Trader Coupons


Founded in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, CarsDirect is one of the nations leading online car buying services. If you are interested in buying a new or used vehicle, CarsDirect has the services you need. They have been named one of the 50 Best Website in the world by Time Magazine, and a "Top 100 Classic Website" by PC Magazine, and a "Top Site for Buying or Selling Anything" by PC World.

CarsDirect Features

CarsDirect can help you find the right car, get a loan or a trade-in. With CarsDirect, customers can do the following:

  • Shop
  • Find the best local deals and special incentives
  • Read buying guides and rankings
  • Look at model overviews and reviews
  • Vehicle comparisons
  • Use their great car configuration tool and choose your desired options and colors
  • Buy a car

With their Build a Car tool, you will be able to configure the options you want in a car and then they will connect you to the internet department at one of their trusted dealerships. You will be able to use the price you get from CarsDirect as the target price in your discussions with the dealer.

In addition to finding the right car or truck on CarsDirect, they can also help customers get the best financing, loans and car insurance.  If you have poor credit, CarsDirect can help you get financing.

CarsDirect is partnered with Black Book, which will give you reliable use car value reports. If you would like to trade-on your current vehicle, their trade-in tool will help you get a current value for your car or truck.

CarsDirect also lists some great current deals and discount on used cars and keep you up to date on the latest car deals.


CarGurus is unique in that they offer price transparency, no more guessing and wondering about car prices. They will help you find the price car and truck prices in your location and all prices are completely unbiased.

CarGurus Features

CarGurus can analyze millions of car listings a night to find the best local deals for you by using their mathematical algorithms. All you have to do is enter in your zip code and they will find you the car or truck you looking and provide reviews and prices.

They use the Instant Market Value (IMV) of a vehicle, which is the fair retail price of any car or truck. CarGurus offers the following tools:

  • Price Calculator: This tool with find you a fair price.
  • Research and Reviews will get you the real vehicle facts from real people.
  • Customers can also ask questions and get answers from their car gurus.

On CarGurus, you can do the following:

  • Find new cars
  • Find used cars
  • Get accurate car values
  • Sell your car on their website which will be seen by 15 million shoppers per month
  • Research new and used cars
  • Read their forum, ask questions and get answers from their car gurus


CarMax began in 1993 when they opened their first store in Virginia and have since grown to more than 140 stores across the country. Since they opened, they have appraised more than 20 million cars and sold over 5 million vehicles.

CarMax Features

CarMax was built upon the idea that there just had to be a better way to buy a car. They offer a hassle free experience, up-font and low prices without all of the haggling, a great selection of cars and trucks and a no pressure customer service. Customers also have the option of selling them your used vehicle without having to buy one.

With CarMax, you can do the following:

  • Find a car using their search engine that can be filtered by make, model and several miles per gallon options, car features and type.
  • Sell your car. Customers can bring in their car and get a written offer and sell it to CarMax if you agree with the price.
  • Research everything you need to know before you purchase a car. They include reviews, ratings and safety ratings.
  • Payment calculators will help you know before you buy your next vehicle what you can afford and what you will be paying.
  • Financing at CarMax is also easy and hassle free.
  • Customers can also schedule an appraisal online.

Online Car Search Sites Conclusion

These online car search sites all offer the same features to help customers research, buy or sell a car or truck. On, customers can get a dealer quick offer or list their used cars for sale. Auto Trader also owns Kelly Blue Book and lists millions of cars for sale on their car search site.

CarsDirect can help you get financing even if you have poor credit and CarGurus has an excellent car forum where you can ask questions of their car gurus. CarMax has many local stores where you can go to and sell your car without any obligation to buy one.