10 Inspirational Pinners to Follow When Creating Your First Capsule Wardrobe, Plus 2 Wardrobe Planning Apps to Get You Started

Updated November 22, 2019
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One of the most unrealistic movie scenes of all time was Cher's full-blown closet organization system in Clueless.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Or... was it?

Maybe in 1995 — but in 2019, closet organization apps are all the rage, as are the influencers and bloggers that started the trend in the first place.

These apps are all based on capsule wardrobes: a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

What does that mean for you? A curated selection of basic clothing items that fit you well and you can pair with trendy items (like that leopard print coat you know you want). Lucky for you, it isn't 1995 so there's a whole plethora of resources on the Internet to help you figure out your perfect capsule wardrobe.
capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

And where else to go for inspiration than where you go for every other type of inspiration in your life: Pinterest.

Here are the top 10 pinners to follow for inspiration when creating your first capsule wardrobe, plus some rad apps to get you planning away.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterestCourtney Carver

Courtney started blogging in 2010 on her blog Be More With Less after looking for ways to simplify her life after being diagnosed with MS. She is one of the modern pioneers of the capsule wardrobe method with her own minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333.

Project 333 has a set of rules that'll help you simplify your wardrobe: a capsule wardrobe of only 33 items that you rotate every 3 months. These 33 items do not include a wedding ring or other sentimental jewelry, underwear, sleepwear, in-home loungewear, and workout clothing (but you're only allowed to wear it to workout). Once you choose the 33 items, you box up the rest of your clothes and put them out of sight.

Courtney has a ton of resources on her website for Project 333, like how to clean out your closet or how to make space. She also offers a capsule wardrobe course to help beginners get started.

Her Pinterest has a ton of resources for newbies, like her own simple closet, resources from the Project 333 community, and minimalism. Check out her capsule wardrobe board here.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Maria Sadler

Meet Maria, she's a stylish fashion blogger that runs the site Looking Stylish who loves to help women feel their best through her thorough methodology of style and color analysis. She helps women create capsule wardrobes with her online service, which has been used by hundreds of women over the past six years.

Maria also has a personal styling membership for women over 50 called Stylish@50. It focuses on clothes that won't make you feel frumpy, how to find the best beauty products, exercise ideas, and more to have a balanced life over 50. Your membership will come with monthly challenges, informative content, personalized capsule wardrobes, advice, and more.

If you're not interested in a membership, Maria has a ton of free resources on her blog and on her Pinterest page. Maria has a specific board, How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe, for women of all ages to design a closet that's easy and stylish.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Use Less

Meet Signe, a small town, Danish girl who is a former fashion designer and now currently runs her blog and YouTube channel, Use Less. She quit her full-time position a few years ago to work more on a freelance basis and to focus more on her true passion: sustainable fashion and lifestyle. She recently launched her very own secondhand webshop, Linger, and runs a sustainable jewelry line called Scandinavian bound.

Signe strives for progress, not perfection when it comes to sustainability. With everything in the world coming at a price, she wants to help people shop smarter, especially if it helps lower consumption. Her blog is full of enticing topics like building your dream wardrobe from scratch, decluttering your wardrobe in five steps, and her go-to sustainable fashion brands.

In addition to capsule wardrobes, Signe writes about secondhand shopping and beauty. To see more of her Scandinavian-chic wardrobe (and learn how to build your own), check out her Pinterest boards “My capsule wardrobe,” “My outfits,” and “Scandi chic.”

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Urban Girl's Closet

Meet Shelbi, she's a minimalist (in progress) living in the San Francisco Bay Area who started her minimalist lifestyle while trying to feel less overwhelmed with a newborn baby. Living in an urban area means that she has less space – and a smaller closet. She started her blog to help others build a small wardrobe for those working with a small closet.

In addition to capsule wardrobe tips, Shelbi also blogs about ethical, sustainable, and fair trade brands. Some of her recent helpful posts are on neutral professional capsule wardrobe pieces, seasonal capsule wardrobes, and interviews with other capsule wardrobe lovers like Signe!

Shelbi's Pinterest is a great resource for those looking for capsule wardrobe tips, ethical clothing, and minimalism inspiration.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Jess VanderHoek

Jess runs the blog Wardrobe Philosophy, where she helps people downsize their closets and be more intentional with their wardrobe choices. Unfortunately, her blog is currently under redesign, but this Vancouver-based stylist will definitely come back better than ever with even more blog posts about capsule wardrobes.

Jess' Pinterest offers a ton of resources for those looking to start capsule wardrobes. She has boards on outfit inspiration for every season, wardrobe philosophy, and capsule wardrobe outfit inspiration.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest


OwnMuse is a blog made up of a team of expert editors, online shoppers, and graphic designers that delivers a personalized edit of your retail interests online sent straight to your inbox. The team is taking the hard part out of creating your wardrobe, along with finding essential beauty products that work for you.

The OwnMuse blog also has an awesome list of the creme de la creme of style influencers, like Stephanie Trendocher and Laurence Fortin-Côté. All of the inspiration on the website is a great resource for finding your own style inspiration.

The OwnMuse Pinterest is full of inspiration on how to look stylish and feel good. The boards will help you shop with direction, and you can find ideas on boards like Wardrobe Organization, How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe, and Ethical Sustainable Fashion.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Caroline Wolf

Caroline is a London-based personal stylist for business women and runs a personal styling and online capsule wardrobe service, Capsule Wardrobe Collection.

Caroline's blog also has detailed information on the different types of capsule wardrobes, like a business capsule, core capsule, and seasonal additions. The blog also provides recommendations on beauty and offers personal coaching to help anyone build their perfect wardrobe.

The Capsule Wardrobe Collection Pinterest offers hundreds of ideas for professional women looking for outfit inspiration based on color, style, and occasion.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Leah Grey

Leah Grey is the founder of Grey Ministries and an author of several books. She's now a closet-writer, turned blogger who writes about love, faith, and mental health.

On her Pinterest, she often pins a lot of content from her blog, like assistance with addiction and recovery, anxiety and depression, and self-love and confidence.

While she doesn't write often about her capsule wardrobe, her capsule wardrobe Pinterest board has a lot of extensive inspiration for women looking to start capsule wardrobes.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

The Capsule Project

Meet Rosie, she's introducing a new take on minimalism: vibrant minimalism. Rosie is trying to solve the problem of a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear through her blog The Capsule Project. It takes a toll on our lives and that added stress is not good for us.

Rosie tried the capsule wardrobe method herself and found that the fewer items she owned, the more options she had. Also, she found that she already had hidden capsules in her wardrobe for different occasions, like work, play, and everything in between.

Rosie's Pinterest has over a million monthly viewers and she has boards on outfit inspiration, color story, and home styling. Her capsule wardrobe Pinterest board has over 1,000 pins to help you learn more about capsule wardrobes.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Everyday Savvy

Melissa is a busy mom from Detroit who specializes in mini capsule wardrobes. These are not meant to replace everything in your closet but can help you pick out your best look for day to day. Melissa also blogs about food, travel (she used to live in Germany!), and crafting.

A lot of Melissa's articles focus on what to buy from traditional, inexpensive retailers, like JCPenny, Target, and Ann Taylor. She also writes about cute outfits for kids and teens to help out moms on a budget.

The star of the show is definitely Melissa's Pinterest, which has over 3 million monthly views. She has boards on kids' outfit inspiration, decluttering, and freezer meal ideas. Her capsule wardrobe ideas board has over 1,000 pins to give you inspiration for your own capsule.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest

Wardrobe Planning Apps

For those of us not wanting to create an entire capsule wardrobe on our own or need a little help with day-to-day outfit planning, these wardrobe planning apps will be a lifesaver to your daily routine.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest


Cladwell is the world's largest personal styling app to help you love what you wear and wear what you love. All you have to do is input the pieces in your wardrobe into your virtual closet and you'll receive clothing recommendations based on the holes in your wardrobe, daily outfit ideas, and personalized insights into your style and what you wear and love.

Cladwell also works to help you remove the clutter from your daily life by showing you how often you actually wear your clothing. The goal is to wear 100% of your clothing to have a happy closet.

capsule wardrobe inspiration pinterest


Building a well-balanced wardrobe isn't easy, it takes dedicated time and thought. Stylebook is designed to help you curate your wardrobe so you can look effortlessly chic every day. Stylebook believes a little organization can go a lot way by mixing and matching your pieces, comparing new pieces that you will integrate, planning outfits, and saving style inspiration in one place.

Stylebook helps you see the pieces you wear the most and will help you find pieces using their shopping feature. Using Stylebook will help you bring your closet to life.