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Can We See God?

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Seeing God

We claim that we cannot see the Divine but it is not because It some invisible man hiding behind the clouds in the sky. Perhaps we can see God because we haven't looked.

God is Omnipresent. This simply means "everywhere present." If we are to believe this about the Creator than how is that we can claim to not be able to see God. The Divine essence lives in everything.

Slowly, many are awakening to the understanding that we are all One. All things are created by the One source of Love and Light. To coin a phrase that has been around for a while "there is not spot where God is not."

Watch a baby being born, a child play, a little girl laugh, a little boy cry; you have seen God. Look into the eyes of your neighbor, the homeless person on the street, your minister or the elderly person struggling down the road; you have seen God. Observe nature at it's fullest, a flower blooming, a tree budding, the sap dripping from the maple, and the snow melt into the rushing river; you have seen good. Open your eyes and see your cat curl near the fireplace to rest, you puppy play with it's favorite toy, a doe nudge her fawn to it's feet or a Bear protect it's cub; you have seen God.

We have become so grounded. So focused on life from the perspective of the ego that we have Edged God Out. Caught in the material world we do not look beyond. We have become all about self and have lost all perspective of the truth; that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and as such are each a creation of the One Source of all, the One Creator.

If we are to believe that God created us in It's likeness than we must also believe that all are created equal. Give a new slant on how we treat each other doesn't it? Perhaps this is why our elder brother and way shower Jesus suggest that we love one another as we love ourselves. Could it be possible that he was also suggesting we are all sons and daughters of the Creator; brothers and sisters, meant to love each other and understand our unity? Harlot or Rabbi, it did not matter to Jesus, he treated everyone the same consideration. It does not mean we always agree, but we still honor the Christ Consciousness that lives within each person.

As we move ever closet to an understanding of the sharing of God DNA that we all possess we awaken to the wisdom that God is and we are. When this is fully comprehended by the many there will be no more "us and them". It will be impossible not to look into the face of another, an animal, or walk in the forest and not know that veil is lifted.

If you have not seen God, open your eyes, and look.


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Rev. Christine Sandor (Copans) Rev. Christine Sandor (Copans)

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