Camelbak Vs Eco Vessel Vs Hydro Flask: Insulated Water Bottles Compared

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At first glance, it may not seem like there are major differences between the products of these three companies-- and maybe there aren't, but the devil is in the details. Some insulated water bottles contain three walled insulation, while two walled insul



What's stored in a Camel's back? You're thinking water, of course. While that's not technically correct, it is a clever name for a company that makes hydration systems. The Camelbak company makes a variety of water delivery systems for people into extreme sports or who just need handy insulated water bottles to take with them when they are on the go.

Some of the cateogories of water bottle products made by the Camelbak company are:


An insulated water bottle features a double wall to maintain the temperature inside for longer periods of time. An insulated water bottle will keep your water or sports drink cool much better than a single walled hard plastic water bottle. Camelbak offers the following types of insulated water bottles.

  • Eddy™ Insulated .6L
  • Eddy™ Stainless Insulated
  • Groove® Insulated .6L
  • Podium® Big Chill 25oz
  • Podium® Chill 21oz   

Eddy™ Insulated .6L

Another benefit of double walled insulation is that it produces less condensation. Camelbak uses 100% BPA-Free plastic in the construction of their water bottles. They are very durable, yet light weight and features a flip-top bite valve. Available in four different colors. List price from Camelbak: $20.

Eddy™ Stainless Insulated

The stainless version of this model features vacuum-sealed construction and leaves no metallic aftertaste. The loop handle makes carrying the bottle very convenient. It looks great and is dishwasher safe as well. Available in reglular and blue stainless. List price from Camelbak: $30.

Groove® Insulated .6L

Drink on the go without slowing down. This version of Camelbak water bottle features the same durable BPA-Free plastic. It is a virtually spill-proof bottle. Three colors are available for the Camelbak list price of $25.00.

Podium® Big Chill 25oz

It's called Big for a reason. This vessel can hold 25 ounces of whatever you need. Great for camping or long hikes in the woods. Available in three colors. Like the other models in the line, the Podium is made with Eastman Tritan™ co-polyester, so it is BPA-free and safe for the dishwasher as well. List price from Camelbak:  $14.00.

Podium® Chill 21oz    

Features a Jet Valve™ to keep spilling and dribbles to an absolute minimum. Up to five different colors are available. List price from Camelbak: $12.00.

The Camelbak Podium® Chill with Jet Valve™

Customer Reviews

There are mixed reviews of Camelbak insulated water bottles in the Amazon customer review section. A customer going by the name of Mcnini had this to say about the Camelbak Eddy .6L:

Bought the 0.6L Insulated Bottle, I cleaned it frequently using the instructions given on Camelbak's website... after about 6 months the plastic part of the bite valve broke off (a part that is normally non-removable). I saw there was another soft plastic tube inside of it, and I was horrified to find a considerable amount of black mildew!!! Until Camelbak changes their design so that ALL parts of the thing can be properly cleaned, I won't be buying another one of their products.

However, Madiha had a different experience:

This is a beautiful product.Got tons of compliments on the color. I take it to work and it is able to hold enough water to get through the day. This is a high quality product which will last for a while. Well worth the price!

Where to Buy

You can find Camelbak insulated water bottles from the following retail outlets.

Eco Vessel


Eco Vessel is a company based in Boulder, Colorado. They make durable insulated water bottles, among other prodcuts, for those who love the outdoors. According to the Ecco Vessle website: "All of our products are BPA and phthalate free, recyclable and environmentally friendly.  Treat yourself and your family to our stylish, eco-friendly water bottle or food storage products." 

Some key features of their bottles are:


Eco Vessel offers the following models of insulated water bottles:

BigFoot Triple Insulated Screw Top 45 oz

Eco Vessel offers their own gigantic version of insulated water bottle. The BigFoot holds almost three pints of liquid. It's triple insulated, featuring TriMax® technology which can keep liquids cold for up to 36 hours and can keep hot liquids hot for up to eight hours. List price from Eco Vessel: $35.95.

Boulder Triple Insulated Screw Top 17oz

Likewise, the Boulder Triple also feature Trimax® triple insulation technology, which keeps the hot hot and the cold cold for longer periods of time. Good for carrying, not just water, but soup as well. Makes it a good camping companion. List price from Eco Vessel: $24.95.

Boulder Triple Insulated Screw Top 25 oz

If you want to bring even more coffee, tea or soup on your camping or hiking trip, try the Boulder. Available in a 25 ounce version as well. List price from Eco Vessel: $26.95.

Summit Insulated Steel Straw Top  17 oz

The flip spout on this model is easy to open and the removable drinking spout is easy to clean. The straw makes it good for people on the go. List price from Eco Vessel: $24.95.

Summit Insulated Steel Straw Top  25 oz

The 25 ounce version of the Summit just means more capacity. Also includes the following features:

List price from Eco Vessel: $26.95.

Frost For Kids Insulated Straw Top 13 oz

Kids need to stay hydrated too and they love straws. The Frost model for kids can hold 13 ounces of their favorite beverage to warm them up in the winter and help them stay cool in the summer. This bottle is not recommended for children under eight years old. List price from Eco Vessel: $22.95.

Customer Reviews

Here are two reviews of the Summit Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip Straw from Amazon's Customer Review section:

Gypsygirl said:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Eco-Vessel. I can leave it in my car in 100+ degree weather with ice in it and 8 hours later there is still ice in it. It is truly insulating and will keep your drinks cold or hot for days. You can't go wrong with this bottle. Super easy to clean, too.

From Desertmama:

I love this water bottle! I purchased it about 3 months ago and use it all the time. It keeps my water ice cold, even after several hours in a hot car. I have noticed some surface scratches but since I use it daily I expected some normal wear and tear.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Eco Vessel insulated water bottles from the following retail outlets:

Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask is a company with kind of a hippie vibe to it offering colors like Green Zen and Psychedelic Pink. They primarily make containers for keeping snacks and soup hot or cold while hiking and camping, but these bottles can certainly hold water.


Hydro Flask offers a few different models and sizes in insulated water bottles:

12 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Flask

While you could certainly fill it with water, it's perfect for hot soup and cereal. Features double walled vacuum insulation. List price from Hydro Flask: $21.99.

12 oz Standard Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Standard 12 ounce bottle comes in eight different colors including Green Zen, Everset Blue and Lychee Red. List price from Hydro Flask: $19.99.

17 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Food Flask

This squat cylindrical flask is another good one for storing hot or cold food or liquids like water. Will do so for up to three hours, hot or cold. List price from Hydro Flask: $25.99.

18 oz Narrow Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

For narrower mouth options, this stainless steel flask will do the trick. Comes in several different colors including Pinkedelic. List price from Hydro Flask: $23.99.

18 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Hydro Flask with Hydro Flip

This is a cool bottle featuring a Hydro Flip™ lid. Great for all your hydration needs including hot tea or coffee. List price from Hydro Flask: $23.99.

18 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Features a 2.2 inch wide mouth on a narrower body. 18/8 stainless steel. List price from Hydro Flask: $23.99.

21 oz Standard Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Will keep contents cool for up to 24 hours and can keep your hot stuff warm for up to 12 hours. List price from Hydro Flask: $25.99.

21 oz Tactical Line Stainless Steel Hydro Flask

Comes in some cool colors like Coyote Brown, Desert Tan and Foliage Green. Part of the Tactical line of bottles designed to blend into your environment. List price from Hydro Flask: $25.99.

40 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

With a 2.9 inch wide mouth, this stainless steel bottle is not messing around. Great for hiking. List price from Hydro Flask: $34.99.

64 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Growler

If 40 ounces doesn't quite do it for you though, there this gallon jug of a vessel. Like all Hydroflask insulated bottles, this comes with a Lifetime Warranty. List price from Hydro Flask: $49.99.

Customer Reviews

Amazon customer, Daniel Brewster, had this to say his Hydro Flask experience:

I purchased a bunch of hydroflasks as promotional items for my business...I kept one for myself and one morning decided to put some coffee in it before a day of skiing...Got back to the car at the end of the day and burnt the hell out of my mouth when I took a gulp....Amazing product...just watch yourself.

Where to Buy

Hydro Flask products are available in a variety of independently owned retail outlets as well as on-line through Amazon. See their website to brick and mortar location near you.