Bus Route Apps in Paris

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An article reviewing the bus route apps for Paris.

There are quite some apps that provide bus routes in Paris. In this article we will review each and every one of those apps and their features will be compared.

Metro Paris, The New Eye

A app that functions like google maps, this app has the newest and latest map for Paris (including the RER: the additional regional express network of Paris) and its landmarks which makes it easy to use and allows users to quickly find their way through Paris. It also provides precise location of Paris's bus stops and stations on its map. Nevertheless, it has a function called a "journey planner" which function just like that of google maps, allowing users to choose their destination and starting point, and the app will automatically generate a route for you.

This app is available only for Iphone on the Iphone app store ($0.99). For Android users, there is a similar app called the Paris Metro, wihch is free and available in the Android Market but does not have the "journey planner" function.

RATP Premium: Subway and Bus in Paris Official

This app is also available for Android and Iphone and because it is free, it is quite a good app. Its grat features like Network route, bus routes, waiting times are definitely useful to a user who wants to travel around Paris! It also shows the traffic of Paris, allowing people to optimally plan their routes.

Paris Travel Guide by Triposo

A great app too, but only available for Android users. It shows Triposo's guide to Paris and contains background information about Paris's landmarks, etc. It also shows restaurants and other services and also shows the user how to get there. It also has mini guides and detailed sight sections with pictures of Paris's places and location. It is free on the Android Market.

ParisIti by AndGhost

A paid app that is only availale for Android users, this app contains walking directions and trip visualizations to Paris's subway and bus stations. Its detailed walking directions will get you on the right track if you lost your way! Its currently costs $1.76 on the Android Market.

In my opinion, the Metro Paris, the New eye, is the best app as it roughly have all the features of the other Apps like 'journey planner', 'subway and bus routes' and 'walking directions'. However, it is only available for Iphone users. For android users, my recommendation would be ParisIti by AndGhost as it is cheap and it contains features of what a user in Paris would want if he wants to travel around Paris and not get lost.


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