Customizable Seating for Any (and We Mean Any) Room: A Review of Burrow

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Need to purchase a sofa? Skip the stores — brands like Burrow are making it easy to shop for a couch online from the comfort of your own... well... whatever it is you're sitting on now.

Buying a couch is a lengthy process.

That's the current narrative of sofa shopping as it's been put forth to us by our parents, and by their parents before them.

But direct-to-consumer online furniture brands are changing the way furniture shopping used to be by offering customizable, high-quality couches shipped directly to your door in just a few easy-to-move boxes. You can shop entirely online, and in less than a week's time, you'll have a brand new sofa — and you don't even have to leave your house (although, of course, we hope you would).

One such brand is Burrow.

burrow review

Of course, a trendy new sofa can liven up any living room, family room, even a studio apartment. But can it have the same impact in our casual office space?

That's what we wanted to find out.

Customizing our Burrow sofa

For the purposes of this review, the lovely folks at Burrow were kind enough to send over one of their sofas for our Santa Monica office. The selection process was easy, and you get quite a few customization options to match your personality or the vibe of the room you'll be using your couch in.

burrow review

Burrow offers sofa options for whether you'd like to seat 1-4 people, and also has options for including an ottoman or chaise to any of your sofa configurations. Each sofa is available in one of 5 colors (we'll get into the material a little later on), and you'll have the choice between light wood, dark wood, and matte black legs. You'll also get the important decision between low arms or high arms — important factors for nap-ability (which we'll also touch on later).

For our sofa, we went with the following configurations:

  • Sofa (3-seater)
  • Crushed gravel fabric
  • Dark wood legs
  • Low arms
  • No chaise or ottoman

burrow review

We also thought we'd check out Burrow's new collection of pillows and throws while we were at it. We ordered the Industrial set, which came with 3 pillows and a throw (seen in photo above). We'll dive into the pillows and throws more a bit later as well.

A Couch-in-a-Box: Burrow sofa delivery

Our Burrow sofa was delivered about a week after we placed our order with the Burrow team. The pieces were delivered by a lovely (and very strong looking) delivery man. All in all, our sofa came to us in four boxes — three brown and one yellow.

burrow review

I'll admit, I think the delivery man may have spooked me a little when it came to having to move the boxes. Sure, someone who lifts packages for a living can move these boxes like they're empty, but are they really that light? You'll be pleased to know that yes, in fact, they were very easy to move, even for the smallest member of our team here.

If your body type is more Ariana Grande than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, just call up a friend to help you carry the boxes, and putting the sofa together should be a breeze! Which brings us to...

Assembling our Burrow sofa

After arranging our four boxes in order, the Knoji team started in on assembling the pieces.

burrow review

I get it — furniture assembly totally freaks some people out. The wordless diagrams & confusing photos are often misleading, and somehow you always end up with just one leftover piece. But with Burrow, it was all very simple.

Here's a video of us setting up the couch. Were it not for one screw/drill hole that didn't quite line up, we would have gotten this cone in less than 10 minutes flat.  

You can see Burrow's own video of the assembly process and download their assembly instructions here.

Burrow sofa comfort

In the month since we've received our Burrow sofa, there are a few of us in the office whom I can safely say have spent more time on the couch than at their desks.

Part of this may be due to how comfortable the Burrow sofa is. The fabric is soft and has really only gotten softer after more use. The cushions are also stuffed just right, and we haven't seen any sagging or indents where we all normally sit.

As far as space goes, our sofa can comfortably seat 3 people, or any of the following seating arrangements (all of which we've attempted successfully):

  • 3 people and 1 two-month-old puppy
  • 2 human people and 1 dachshund
  • 1 person taking up the whole couch with their legs out, and 1 person sitting forward
  • 1 couch-hogger laying on his/her back or stomach
  • 1 procrastinator taking a break to browse Instagram (read as: 1 person laying sideways)

burrow review

  • 2 people and one big bag of jalapeño kettle chips

Nap-ability of our Burrow sofa

We mentioned this earlier and needed to touch on it here. Of course, being awake on a sofa is great (and better than sitting at your desk all day). But sleeping on a sofa? Even better.

We've had a few nappers on our Burrow couch, and they've all rated it a 5/5 on the nap-ability scale.

Something that I think really boosted this factor is that we opted for the low arms on our sofa. It makes all the difference when trying to nap with a comfortable neck.

While I can't comment on the nap-ability of the high-armed sofas or chairs, I will say that the pillows Burrow recently started offering make for very good napping companions. They're just the right density (which we'll touch on later) and provide a comfy yet firm spot to rest your noggin.

A material world: Burrow fabric review

Burrow prides themselves on creating the majority of their furniture and furniture components in the U.S. The same thing goes for their fabrics. Burrow's fabrics are listed as being free from harmful chemicals and are naturally stain-resistant as well.

Their fabrics are made of Olefin, aka polypropylene, which is "virtually un-stainable," according to the company.

While we haven't spilled anything on our Burrow sofa yet *knocks on wood* I did once lay upon the sofa with a particularly old pair of Converse on and was immediately reprimanded by the rest of the office. Thankfully for me, no stains.

On their website, Burrow talks a lot about how much they've tested their fabrics. They've spent most of their time testing the stain resistance (more on that later), and the durability of their fabrics.

According to Burrow:

"The current fabric testing used in the industry is called the “double rub” test. This is where the fabric is pulled taut and loaded onto a machine. Small discs of worsted wool or wire mesh are continually rubbed against the fabric. The fabric is inspected every few thousand “double rubs” for wear and tear, and the test ends when two yarns break or when there is a noticeable change in appearance."

burrow review

They also used a lab to test out wear and tear from animal scratches, and found that their fabrics can sustain over 200 scratches from a large animal in the exact same spot without showing wear and tear, and over 2,000 scratches from a small animal in the exact same spot without showing wear and tear.

Of course, we only have the one couch to test — and we've only had it for a month. So, I did some digging online, and found a few Reddit customer reviews of Burrow's fabric. I decided to give my own review of the reviews, for fun:

“My hangnail snagged the fabric on the first night. Felt pretty cheap and the stitching looked a little suspect.”

Ok, sir. I have more than a few hangnails (I'm gorgeous, I know) and I can safely say that I have not snagged a hangnail one time on our Burrow sofa.

Also, some Reddit users were reporting a chemical-like smell when unboxing their furniture, but it “usually went away shortly.”

I honestly did not notice a smell when unboxing or putting together out Burrow sofa. May have been the fact that our office is a large open room, but still, no smell.

Burrow fabric swatches

You are able to request fabric swatches from Burrow, which might truly be the only way to get a feel for the fabrics in person. You'll have to scroll to the bottom of their homepage, and click on swatches.

burrow review

Burrow also has multiple showrooms along the East Coast, if you're more of a "see it in person" kind of shopper.

Caring for Burrow fabric

According to Burrow's blog, their fabrics can be cleaned "with almost any household cleaner—even pure bleach will not damage the fabric."

Burrow's fabrics aren't dyed — the thread is colored when it's being made. Which means you can even use bleach to clean your Burrow furniture, and the color won't be affected.

Durability of our Burrow sofa

As you can see in many of the photos, our Burrow sofa sits right below a whiteboard in our office, which we recently decided to start utilizing to track our remote teams, goals, and overall progress as a company.

Instead of opting to temporarily move the couch, a coworker and I ended up standing on the frame of the sofa to write.

While we wouldn't recommend this entirely, we can say that the couch held us up for about 30 minutes of writing on the whiteboard. So 5/5 for durability here.

One dog's review of Burrow

Thankfully, for the purpose of this review, there's no shortage of pets at the Knoji office. We had one of our most popular office pets, Pablo, test out our Burrow sofa.

burrow review

Pablo has taken numerous naps on the couch and prefers either the left-most cushion or whatever cushion you're currently already sitting on. We asked Pablo to share his own thoughts on the couch.

Pablo's Burrow review (translated):

Us: What do you think of our new Burrow sofa?

  • Pablo. Bark bark, bork bark woof. (I love it! It's a much comfier place to lay down than the hard office floor.)

Us: Is the sofa comfortable for naps?

  • Pablo: Arf bark woof woof, bork bork. (It is! I especially love the fleece throw and lumbar pillow to curl up next to!)

Us: Anything else you'd like to add?

  • Pablo: Woof bark!? (Do you have any treats!?)

Burrow's pillows & throws

Burrow offers four curated sets of pillows and throws, which are a recent addition to their product line. You can choose from the following collections:

  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic

Each collection has 4-5 pillow options and a recommended throw. You can buy pieces from the collection individually, or purchase a set — which is what we did — that includes 2 square pillows, a lumbar pillow (short and wide), and a throw.

Burrow also offers a basic collection called the Essentials, which features bold pillow colors and neutral throws.

As mentioned earlier, we went with the Industrial set for our set up. We received 2 square pillow covers and square pillow inserts, 1 lumbar pillow cover and insert, and a throw.

Pillow pros:

  • One of our pillow covers is made from vegan leather, but has the same look and feel of real leather.
  • The pillow inserts are extremely comfy! They're filled with a polyester microfiber wadding, but they almost have the feel of a down pillow. The perfect density as well.
  • Lastly, the different pillow covers give each pillow a little bit of a different feel, so everyone can find a pillow they like!

Pillow cons:

  • Honestly, there haven't been many cons with the pillows that we got. I even asked around the office!

Throw pros:

  • The blanket is incredibly soft.
  • Looks great with our sofa.

Throw cons:

  • Very linty! If you're wearing any type of dark material, expect to walk away with big clumps of fuzz attached to your legs, back, arms — anywhere the blanket has touched. Lint City, population you.  

A month into our Burrow couch

We've had our Burrow sofa for about a month now, and we're still loving it!

burrow review

Side note: these wrinkles in the fabric will go away! 

She gets used at least once per day, and gets a lot of love from us — yet she's still just as perky and new as when we first put her together. We'll be loving this couch for months to come!

Burrow promo codes and offers

Before you shop, make sure to use our exclusive Burrow promo code for 5% off your order. And right now, you can get a free pillow or throw with any seating order when you enter the promo code HOLIDAYGIFT at checkout. 


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