Budget Cuts Lead To Rise In Fundraising Events

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Make your money count by selecting fundraising events that you will enjoy while staying within your own budget.

Make your money count where it does the most good and offers you a bonus as well. Budget cuts are affecting every sector of our lives from schools, municipalities, church activities to increased work loads due to layoffs on the employment scene. The natural avenue to seek an increase in funds is to turn to fundraising events.

A fundraiser utilizes the manpower of members of an organization to acquire much needed funds whether it is a carwash sponsored by the high school cheerleading squad or a spaghetti supper put on by the local VFW. With a little foresight, planning, and research you can use these fundraising events to your benefit.

Your Daycation

Water parks, amusement parks, racetracks, and minor league sports facilities try to do their part for local communities by teaming up with local organizations and sponsoring companies to offer activities at discount. These events usually offer you more entertainment and value for your money while helping a worthwhile cause. Google your favorite for a list of upcoming events.

Local parks, recreation areas, and wildlife refuges host corporate sponsored picnic events, nature walks, and fishing tournaments available to the general public to raise awareness and funds for preserving wildlife and natural habitats. These fundraisers are educational as well as entertaining. You may even find a committee to donate your time to in lieu of cash.

Your Personal Charity

Budget cuts force creative fundraising for non-profit charities as well. Rather than zipping off a check to a telemarketing firm, participate in or host your own favorite charity fundraiser. Everyone has a special charity they'd like to help usually because there is a personal connection. Personal budget cuts don't always allow for outright monetary donations. Sponsored bike races, walks, and runs are popular. Take part. Every family member can find a spot. Children learn the good feeling of helping others.

Support Local Events

There are the usual carwashes, bake sales, craft fairs, used book sales, even yard sales for worthy causes. Plan accordingly. Buy your cupcakes from a bake sale for Johnny's birthday in July. Rent a table for the church's yard sale and take advantage of the increased traffic to sell off some of your own stuff. Craft fairs are an excellent source of unique summer gifts or holiday gifts. Just remember where you stash them.

When you need to renew magazine subscriptions, check with your local schools to see if they sell them for a fundraiser. Selling greeting cards, wrapping paper, candles, and pies are all ways that schools are trying to meet budget needs.

Don't overlook county fairs, Four H Club fairs, band concerts, school plays, and local Farmer's Markets. Your money can make a difference. At the same time you can have inexpensive and unique entertainment and find a bargain or two just by supporting fundraising events in your own backyard.


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