Breaking Down the Gravity Bong

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Gravity Bongs came out in the late 90's as a Party Trick for stoners. Learn about the dangers of using a gravity bong with marijuana, and how to properly use the gravity bong.

In this year 2009, with many US citizens on the edge of their seats waiting to hear that their state has suddenly decided to vote for the legalization of hemp and cannabis, there are TONS of people seeking out information that has hardly been so easily available before.

Proper guides to smoking, cooking, brewing and consuming cannabis are coming out of the wood work, as are different ways to use Hemp to make products such as clothes, shoes, soaps and miracle creams.

As a prolific hemp and cannabis writer, I find it necessary to make sure everyone gets that educational hunger feed in every realm possible.

This Factoid is dedicated to the "Gravity Bong"

To some this stoner tool is well known, and to others it is a foreign object only welded by the daring.

Created sometime during the late 90's, the Gravity Bong was created as a means of amplifying the dose and power of the cannabis being consumed. It came about near the same time as "knife hits" or "shot gunning", and many of these "party tricks" are similar to methods you might use for alcohol consumption. (Ever hear of a Beer Bong?)

With that being said, it should be understood that just as you can drink too much, you can also harm your lungs with to much smoke. Using a gravity bong takes some caution as it is a method of expanding your lungs with more smoke that you would naturally draw in on your own. Make sure you have an experienced friend around to help you use it properly and use some of these precautions:

*Never take a huge hit on your first time. Have your friend show you how to do it, then fill it half way for you, so that you can get used to what you are doing. For a first time gravity bong user, a hit from one can often be way too much, and you won't enjoy the trip if you vomit all over yourself.

*Never use foil as a bowl piece. Many smokers decide to get thrifty and use a piece of foil to hold their herbage, and as smart as you might think this is, you are going to blow the proper high. Tin foil is not anti-flammable, and does not have any fumes that you really want floating around in your body. Just as you should never put it in the microwave, you should NEVER use it to smoke your cannabis. It is much easier to use a metal bowl piece from another smoking apparatus, or even a piece of metal plumbing pipe.

*Never use a gravity bong by yourself. Not only is there a chance that you could do it wrong and pass out, but it's just not something to do by yourself. It's much better when you have a friend near by with a cup of juice in case you get a burnt hit.

*Never operate heavy machinery after using a gravity bong

*Always make sure to go to the bathroom before you attempt to use a Gravity Bong. You really don't want to go through the embarrassment of stress incontinence from coughing to hard. Hey, it happens.

Now that we have gone over some precautions and a little history, let's talk about what a Gravity Bong is.

On average, you will find that a gravity bong is either a gallon milk jug or a 2 liter soda bottle with the bottom cut out or a bowl piece placed in the top of the cap, which is left mainly intact.

How do you use a Gravity Bong?

Step #1: Fill your kitchen sink with water until it is nearly completely full.

Step #2: Take a Gallon Milk jug and cut just the bottom off of it, making sure their is a large chamber available, and the handle is still usable. Cut a whole in the top of the cap, and place a metal bowl apparatus in the top and screw it down. Generally, a tight fit means no glue is needed.

Step #3: Place your cannabis in the bowl apparatus.

Step #4: Take the lid with bowl of the top of the milk jug, and then push the milk jug down into the water until the water is nearly up to the top of the milk jug, but with enough room to leave some air near the top.

Step #5: Replace the lid with bowl on top of the milk jug and screw it down. Then place your flame over the top of the bowl.

Step #6: Gently pull up on the milk jug and allow the flame to be drawn into the bowl as the air chamber fills with smoke.

Step #7: Remove the cap and bowl, and then place your mouth around the opening of the milk jug.

Step #8: Inhale while gentle pushing down on the milk jug, using the water to force the smoke into your lungs.

Step #9: Look at your friend and reach for a glass of water or juice before coughing intensely for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step #10: Wait at least 7 to 8 minutes before par taking again. You need to make sure your lungs to don't get pushed beyond their limits.

What are the effects of using a Gravity Bong?

The Gravity Bong got its name from two major reasons. 1. It utilizes the gravity of water to fill your lungs with lots of cannabis smoke, and 2. It hits you like the gravity of the world.

A trip experience from a gravity bong can often be a euphoric feeling when used the right way, and is a fun way to pass the time when it's "stoners night in" with your friends. However, that doesn't mean that it can't also be a bad trip.

There are always certain things to be aware of when exposing yourself to any means of "heightened highs", whether cannabis related or other.

Some things you might experience:

*False Sense of Perception. After all the coughing has subsided and you can finally breath right again, you might notice that your sense of how far away things are might be a bit challenged. This is a very strong reason to remember not to go driving around after smoking.

*Slight Hallucinations. Cannabis has long been known to have mild psychedelic properties, and when pushed so rapidly into your system by the gravity bong, you might notice your visual experience to be heightened. Now, being that this is only cannabis, and nothing is laced (I hope), you shouldn't notice more than brighter colors and amplified animations of the things around you.

Sorry, no pink elephants here!

*Intense and Uncontrollable coughing. Now, although a gravity bong pro might be able to inhale a full gallon of smoke with no tears, most of us are no where near that level, even if we have indulged a few times, which means that it is likely to be hard on the lungs! Even when you are careful, it is easy to over due it just a little, especially if you are a cigarette smoker too.

Uncontrollable coughing is often the cause of vomiting and later on we will go through ways to help avoid losing your lunch.

*Confusion. With so much going on at one time, and your senses bouncing of the walls with no gravity to hold them down, it is understandable that you are a bit confused at a time like this. It is best to find a comfy place to chill when this confusion takes place.

*Sudden uncontrollable laughter. Come on, it's cannabis. Can you not expect to burst out laughing in hysterics after an amplified dosage?

*Extreme Fatigue. Now, we all know that cannabis is not an upper by any means. One of the down falls of heavy cannabis use is fatigue, especially when amplified in doses that come from Gravity Bongs. It's like smoking 5 blunts and then trying to stay awake after it all. With a gravity bong, most users find a latent period takes over. Some vegetate on a comfy couch for 3 to 4 hours, while others give in to sleep for up to 6 hours. I have never heard of a person going into a 'cannabis coma' from gravity bong usage.

There are not a ton of different side effect to using a gravity bong than you would get from any other bong, except that they effects are amplified from such a large amount of smoke being forced into your lungs. Most of the effects will last a bit longer than usual, but don't leave you with any adverse side effects.

Although a person who is used to much less might find themselves anxious and paranoid from the effects of a gravity bong, it is nothing to get all worked up about. It is just another view into the inventive world of cannabis users and their tools to the trade.

If you are thinking about using a Gravity Bong for the first time, or you feel the need to give it another go, use some of these tips to help have a smoother transition into your soon to be gravity free environment for a little while.

Tip #1: Never use a gravity bong alone.

Tip #2: Prepare an area close by that you can vegetate in for a while. May it be a living room couch and TV or downstairs den and video games. Make sure you can find it easily from your kitchen, and than you have beverages and snacks near by, so that you don't have to stumble around in your confusion.

Tip #3: It is considered a bad idea to use a Gravity Bong when it a bad mental state. When you're emotions are negative, they can be amplified in your mind, and lead to a bad experience. So make sure you're in a good frame of mind and ready to enjoy yourself!

Tip #4: Have some water, or preferably some juice available near your gravity bong, and a place to spit. When you start to couch, place your arms over your head until your coughing slows down, and then take a small sip of your beverage. If you find the coughing to be to much, don't wait, stick your head between your legs and let it subside. These tips will help you avoid throwing up.

Tip #5: try to avoid using a gravity bong after eating. It is best to use one and then eat. You will be hungry soon after, and there is no reason to over eat.

Tip #6: Don't over do it. No matter how many times you have used or not used a gravity bong, it is always better to take precaution and take less of a hit. You can always offer half to your friend, who will probably be glad they don't have to take a whole hit themselves. :)

There are many times when a person might think they have gotten cannabis laced with some other drug, and sadly, it is possible for such a thing to happen. In most cases of gravity bong usage, this is not the case, nor is it likely to have an allergic reaction to the cannabis used. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you feel your health could be at risk from foreign substances, it is good to ask yourself what kind of a position you have placed yourself in.

Do you know where the cannabis came from? Who got it, and if they would know how to tell if the cannabis was laced.

Did you see the cannabis before it went into the bong? Did you smell it or taste it, or had the person you got it from smoked some themselves with no adverse side effects.

There are many available texts online to show you what a possible drug overdose would look like, and it is only in your best interest to know what they are. There are plenty of cruel people in this world who might put something in your cannabis, just as they might put a roofie in your drink, and ruin it for everyone.

This is why it is always a good rule of thumb to stay away from drug addicts or anyone who you don't know or trust to make sure not to give you laced cannabis.

2018 Updated Marijuana Laws

Since this article was written, many things have changed concerning the legalization of marijuana. Starting in 2012, the states of Colorado and Washington led the way by legalizing marijuana. The following states have fully legalized marijuana:

  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington DC

And many other states have legalized medical marijuana. As time goes by, more states are expected to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. There are certainly laws, like the amount a person can buy, the amount a person can grow only for personal use, and any buyer of marijuana must be 21. The current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions though has a mission to end this legal marijuana, and it is still against federal law.


roger quinn
Posted on Apr 11, 2015
roger quinn
Posted on Apr 11, 2015