Body Language: How to Know if Someone Finds You Attractive in Five Minuites

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How to tell in five minutes or less if someone fancies you, learn the body language and the signs of someone that is flirting and or interested in you.

Whether you're single and looking for romance, or simply want to know if your partner still finds you attractive, there are clues they will send out to you via body language you can observe which will give you the answer. Non verbal communication is the silent method of language which can reveal to you if someone fancies you in as little as five minutes.

Preening gestures

When a man or woman finds someone attractive they adopt certain behaviors known as preening. Preening is a way of making sure they are looking their best, and so will be seen in the best light possible by their potential paramour. They tend to take place as soon as an individual spots someone they admire.

Men who are in the presence of someone they find sexy may straighten their tie, smooth the wrinkles from their shirt, comb their moustache or check their appearance via their reflection in a mirror or window.

Women display preening gestures by checking their hair and makeup, adjusting their clothing and licking their lips to make them shine.

Taking in the view

People who see someone they like the look of will automatically widen their eyes, while their pupil size increases. It's thought that this is to enable them to drink in the entire view before them. At the same time, individuals are likely to raise their eyebrows, for the same purpose. Interestingly, it's also thought that we find other people who have large eyes attractive, so this form of body language can work both ways.


Mirroring refers to when a person automatically reflects the gestures someone they like is making. Any interaction between two people or more can result in mirroring, so the first five minutes of an initial meeting are as good a time as any to witness this unconscious behavior.

If you are standing with someone and they move in a similar way to you, mirroring your actions, the chances are that they secretly fancy you. Once again, this form of body language can work the other way around too. You can attract another person by purposefully mirroring their actions; only don't make doing so too obvious!


While men and women may use their hair during preening gestures, women in particular, also use their hair in order to flirt with the opposite sex. As hair is regarded as feminine, actions which point out its beauty are an attempt to attract a mate. Women may play with their hair, twisting and curling it between their fingers, or flick their hair back as they speak or listen.


Men also find actions which point out a woman's lips appealing. Therefore when a woman likes a man she is likely to stroke, lick, and touch her lips without realising that she's doing it.


While men can't alter their physique as soon as they see a woman they find attractive, they will automatically attempt to create the illusion of being as big and strong as possible. Muscle flexing, puffing out of the chest and holding shoulders back and outwards aren't unusual gestures for a man who likes a woman to make.

Body language can give away many secrets of attraction in five minutes or less. Most of the time, individuals don't realise that their body can speak far louder than words when it comes to romance, and in such a short space of time.


When a woman is interested in the guy she is sitting with, she will laugh at his jokes or funny comments, laughing possibly more than she would normally laugh. This is another sign she is interested in someone.


Touching is another sign of flirting and showing that she is interested in the person she is sitting across from. Usually while talking, she will just make a gesture of touching his hand or wrist all while talking.

A woman will not show all of these flirting signs, but just a couple of them, can show you that she is flirting with you and or interested in you.


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