The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

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We tested 14 of 2019’s best wireless gaming mice. Based on our research, the Razer Mamba Wireless offers everything gamers need: high DPI, a fast 1ms response rate, multiple customization options, and over 2 days of battery life. 

Many of today’s wireless gaming mice are just as responsive as their wired counterparts. Of course, you have to pay more for that wire-free functionality—up to $50 to $100 more—but many gamers agree the price is worth it. 

With a wireless gaming mouse, a cord never gets in your way, and you can take it wherever you want to play—from your desk to the couch, or even your friend’s house. If you ever miss the old-school way, many of these come with a cord you can plug in. 

What to Look for in a Wireless Gaming Mouse

Perhaps more than any other gaming accessory, good design is critical for a wireless gaming mouse. We’re not talking about good looks (although those are nice). We’re talking about ergonomics.

The design of your mouse determines how good your hand and arm will feel throughout gameplay. This is important even if you play for just a few hours, but it’s absolutely critical for marathon gamers. You need a lightweight mouse with a design that fits your palm, fingertips, and claw grip like a glove. It might be worth heading to a retailer in person to test out mice on your hand. If you buy online (which we recommend for the best deals), just take a quick look at the return policies, and see if you can get a feel for the device through the packaging. 

Speaking of hand ergonomics, your handedness matters, too. Not all gaming mice are designed to be ambidextrous. As we live in a right-handed world, the majority of them are designed for right-handed gamers. If you’re left-handed, make sure your mouse is ambidextrous. (Lefties, we didn’t forget about you. Both the Logitech G903 Lightspeed and the Razer Lancehead are ambidextrous.)

Best Wireless Gaming Mice: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse: Razer Mamba Wireless

the best wireless gaming mouse

The Mamba wireless mouse by Razer offers a 5G optical sensor with 16,000 DPI, a hyper fast 450 IPS, and a 1ms response rate. Oh, and it boasts a stunning 50 hours of battery life on a single charge. The Razer Mamba features a low-key design that appeals to anyone’s taste, with neon green highlights. As for ergonomics, redesigned side grips make for a more comfortable gaming experience. It includes 7 programmable buttons, and you can even save up to 5 profiles, including button settings and macros, to the cloud.  

Price: $89.99 on Amazon. Save with these Razer promo codes.

How We Chose the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

How’d we pick the Razer Mamba as the best wireless gaming mouse? We compared it against the other top options, on all the features that matter.

Performance and Response Time

Response time is essential for gamers—in your gaming monitor, your gaming mouse, and other players on your team. Fortunately, advances in technology have finally put wireless mice on part with wired mice. To avoid any lag time, you need a wireless mouse with 1ms response rate (2ms at the most) and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

Polling rate is another measurement of the mouse’s response time. Measured in hertz, this can range from 125 to 1,000Hz. You want something on the higher end. 

Nearly all of our top picks have 1,000Hz polling rates and 1ms response rates. The one callout here is our budget pick—the E-Blue Mazer II—with its significantly slower 250Hz polling rate. 

DPI Switcher

Ideally, your gaming monitor has a resolution that allows you to make out threats hidden in the darkest corners of your screen, as well as one that’s bright and rich enough in color palette to make the game feel immersive and fun to play. But, there will be times you want to switch up the DPI settings as needed to check out the details.  DPI stands for dots per inch, and gives you an idea of how sensitive the mouse is—in other words, how far the cursor will move in response to your movements. Mice with higher DPI settings can react to smaller movements.

Look for wireless mice that offer multiple DPI settings and adjustability right there on the mouse. The higher the DPI, the better; this gives you the optimal sensitivity. It’s important to have variable settings too, though, so you can adjust according to the needs of the game. 

Both of the Razer mice are the clear winners here, with 16,000 DPI. The two Logitech models—the G903 and G305—come next, with 12,000 DPI. Our budget pick, the E-Blue Mazer II, brings up the rear, with its 2,500 DPI. However, its four DPI settings—from 500 to 2,500—aren’t bad, especially considering it only costs $20.

Battery Life

Depending on the model, your wireless mouse might include a rechargeable battery, which you can recharge using a USB like you would your smartphone. Or, it might require you to replace the physical batteries. Consider which option you prefer. Rechargeable options are safer, since you never have to worry about the battery cutting out during gameplay. 

Also, while super-long battery lives are a nice perk, they’re not essential unless you're a marathon gamer. A shorter battery life often translates to a lower cost.

At 50 hours, the Razer Mamba’s battery life is jaw-droppingly long. It’s a big part of why we chose it as our top pick. However, the others on our list, all have decent battery lives as well. Both the Mazer II and the Logitech G305 run on AA batteries (the G305 only needs 1, allowing for a more lightweight mouse). Either of those will last you a few hundred hours of gameplay before needing to be replaced.

The Razer Lancehead offers a full 24 hours on a single charge, as does the Logitech G903. If you keep the LEDs off, you can extend the Logitech’s battery life an additional 8 hours, up to 32 hours.


Yes, the weight of your mouse matters. You might not mind pushing a heavy mouse around for an hour, but after a few hours (or several), it’s going to affect your gaming performance. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if you get a forearm cramp. 

Our top pick, the Razer Mamba, is the lightest of the bunch, at only 96g. The others are all relatively light: 99g for the Logitech G305, 106g for the Razer Lancehead, and 107g for the Logitech G903. At a significantly heavier 140g, the E-Blue Mazer II reveals why, yet again, it’s our budget pick.

Programmable Buttons

For many gamers, responsiveness is the most important feature of a gaming mouse. However, if you’re a fan of MOBA games like League of Legends, you can level up your game by programming individual weapons to buttons on your mouse. 

At 11 programmable buttons, the Logitech G903 wins here. If buttons are important to you, that may make the higher price of the Logitech G903 worth it. However, for most gamers, the 6 to 9 buttons offered by the other wireless mice on our list should be more than enough. 

Runner-Up: Logitech G903 Lightspeed

the best wireless gaming mouse

Logitech mice are a common sight on “best gaming mice” lists around the web, but we think the G903 is their best wireless option to date. It boasts a 1ms response rate, a generous DPI range (200 to 12,000), and speeds over 400 IPS. A single battery charge will last you 24 to 32 hours (depending on whether the LEDs are on), and its ambidextrous design makes it a favorite among righties and lefties alike. Plus, you can charge it while you play with the Powerplay Mouse Pad (which will cost you about $50 more). The Logitech G903 offers much of what the Razer does, but its higher price edged it out of our top slot. Unless you need the 11 programmable buttons, and you want to upgrade to the charging pad, the value’s not quite there with this mouse.

Price: $107.80 on Amazon. Save with these Logitech promo codes.

Best Value Wireless Gaming Mouse: Logitech G305 Lightspeed

the best wireless gaming mouse

The Logitech G305 is another wireless gaming mouse from the Lightspeed series. It too has an optical sensor, 12,000 DPI, and 1ms response time. Rather than being rechargeable like the G903, this one works for up to 250 hours on a single AA battery. While it’s half the price of the G903 (and 11g lighter, at 99g), it doesn’t quite match up on performance, mostly due to the design. It resembles your standard desktop mouse, which doesn’t provide the optimal grip for all gamers. However, it is available in white or black, and includes 6 programmable buttons. 

Price: $49.23 on Amazon. Save with these Logitech promo codes.

E-Blue Mazer II

the best wireless gaming mouse

Not only is the E-Blue Mazer II cheap, it’s got a spectacular design, with angular features, blue LED highlights, and even LEDs on the rubberized scroll wheel. This wireless gaming mouse is an astonishingly low $20.99 on Amazon, so what’s the catch? Well, it has a significantly slower 250 Hz polling rate, only 2,500 DPI, and weighs 140g (thanks to 2 AA batteries). However, it does have 6 programmable buttons and maintains a strong 2.4Ghz signal up to 30 feet away. The E-Blue Mazer II is an excellent choice for casual, right-handed gamers who want a solid wireless gaming mouse. 

Price: $20.99 on Amazon. Save with these E-Blue promo codes. 

Best Ambidextrous Wireless Gaming Mouse: Razer Lancehead

the best wireless gaming mouse

The Razer Lancehead has an ambidextrous design that gives lefties everything they need out of a wireless gaming mouse. It has a sleek design with neon and LED highlights. The 5G laser sensor is Razer’s best sensor to-date, and the 1,000Hz polling rate, 16,000 DPI switcher, and 9 programmable buttons promise ultimate performance. Plus, like the Razer Mamba, you can save different user settings on the device or in the cloud.

Price: $139.99 on Amazon. Save with these Razer promo codes.