The 20 Crystals You Need This Winter, and Where to Buy Them Online

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Got the winter blahs? Feeling under the weather? Crystals can help — but which ones are best? Come on in and take a look around at our top 20 most powerful winter crystals.

Feeling a little down now that winter's arrived? It's definitely not unusual to get cranky, mopey, lazy, or even depressed by the long periods of dreariness. And while there are plenty of health products available to help, what's recommended for those of us who don't like medications, light box therapy, or St. John's Wort? 

It may be surprising to some, but there's a growing movement that says crystals can help — yep, crystals, those hard, colorful things they get out of the earth — and are, in fact, beneficial for all sorts of maladies, including anxiety and depression. 

Additionally, with nature's winter dormancy, many of earth's creatures enjoy a period of hibernation. The shorter days and longer nights can make humans feel a similar need to get silent, go within, and introspectively access the quietest places of ourselves to recharge and replenish our hearts and minds — and a meditation session complete with winter's best crystals can help us fulfill a sort of 'spiritual hibernation' which lets us hear what others need, then go within long enough to listen to our own heart.

Which crystals can do this best? We've gone in for the top crystals for anxiety, best crystals for depression, and top shelf crystals for a wide assortment of afflictions recommended by the pros to help us go within for effective winter meditation and alleviate the winter blues and blahs — and we found a whole collection. 

Our research left us with these favorites in the following best-of categories:

  • Best crystal for healthy skin: Snowflake Obsidian
  • Best crystal to warm you up: Moldavite and Fire Opal
  • Best crystal to fight fatigue caused by winter flu/illness: Carnelian and Red Jasper
  • Best purifying crystal: Amethyst
  • Best crystal for eliminating negativity: Chrysoprase
  • Best crystal to manage stress, ease insomnia, alleviate depression/anxiety: Howlite
  • Best crystal for the heart/inviting love: Rose Quartz

Let's dive in to each crystal now, along with some of the online crystal shops where you can get them online. 


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Etsy/DarkForestWorkshop

With its warming and solar energy, Amber helps stifle negativity, clear the mind, and balance the emotions. Keep it near when you're feeling challenged, especially in relationships, and need a shot of positive vibes. This crystal orb is 1.5 inches, perfect for carrying in your handbag or using as a worry stone.

Bringing you the loveliest of crystals for sale in his collection of "Nature Inspired Novelties from the Bohemian Frontier", Aaron Christofferson of Etsy's DarkForestWorkshop maintains a full 5 stars after 180 customer ratings.

Find it at Etsy's DarkForestWorkshop for $19.61, and be sure to check foEtsy promo codes before you shop.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Urban Outfitters

Another of our favorite crystals for winter, Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, helps aid the nervous system, balances the chakras, and cures insomnia and nightmares. Some even recommend making an elixir with it to drink before bedtime. Keep it near for better intuition, greater creativity, and a sense of calmness and to promote good mental health.

In winter, simply bury it in the snow briefly to clean and recharge it.

Find this Amethyst Egg at Urban Outfitters for $65.00, or you can pay in 4 interest-free installments of $16.25 with Afterpay. You can also get $10 off your purchase with these Urban Outfitters promo codes.  

There's also a cute Blessings Bundle available from BTCHCRFT, which includes a Palo Santo Stick (for clearing away any bad vibes), a Selenite Wand Crystal (for cleansing your aura and recharging your gemstones), and your choice of Amythest, Citrine, or Clear Quartz. 

best crystals for winter


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Energy Muse

A form of anhydrite, or calcium sulfate-created crystal, Angelite is popular for its soft, creamy blue hue. Known as an aid to improving one's spiritual awareness and understanding, Angelite also works to help users relieve tension, release stress, and manage anger with forgiveness and healing.

Angelite is also said to help users get in touch with their angels and animal guides, soothe the Throat Chakra, and calm anxiety in overactive children. 

Find it at Energy Muse for $6.95. Plus, you can get up to 20% off your purchase with these Energy Muse promo codes.

Black Tourmaline

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Crystal Healing

Known as another of the more healing crystals, carrying  Black Tourmaline in your pocket over the winter can help strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body, and help the lungs fight bronchitis,  emphysema, Pleurisy, and pneumonia. 

It can also remove negative  energies, purify and transform dense, heavy energy into something  lighter, aid grounding and protect against electromagnetic smog, noise,  and any form of psychic attack. Meditating with Black Tourmaline can  help you include visions or insights to help guide your daily life.

Find Black Tourmaline clusters at Healing Crystals for $22.70. You can also get 12% off any item with one of these Healing Crystals promo codes.

Blue Lace Agate 

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Crystal Vaults

Encouraging a relaxed state while opening the mind to higher thoughts, blue lace agate is transformative and matches the cool winter sky. Also known to  clear the Throat Chakra, this crystal helps our personal truths to be  expressed and the energy from the lower chakras to flow easily upward  and be released. 

Keep these nearby (or, as suggested by Crystal Vaults, place them in the north part of the room where you spend the most time) when you need to increase faith, focus,  or patience, become more trustworthy, speak more clearly, let go of  guilt or destructive behavior patterns, seek forgiveness, or behave more responsibly. These are 16 mm, 12 grams in weight, sold in sets of 6 as shown.

Find this blue lace agate set at Crystal Vaults for $25.00, a first-stop when shopping for the best crystals.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to

When it comes to crystal healing, Carnelian is in a league of its own. It's said to be able to alleviate sorrows, help manifest desires, and bring good luck. Its rich deep reds and orangey-browns are linked to individuality, creativity, protection, and courage, as well as a history of healing sores, colds, pollen allergies, neuralgia, rheumatism, gallstones, and kidney stones/problems.

These pyramids are considered a sort of filter for atmospheric toxicity, cleansing negative energy and neutralizing the impact of electromagnetic waves on the body.

Find this Carnelian Engraved Orgone Pyramid at The Crystal Healing Shop for $11.99. Subscribe to their newsletter for 20% off any order, and check our Crystal Healing Shop promo codes for more savings.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Anthropologie

Sourced from Australia, this Chevron amethyst crystal weighs 5.25 oz. and stands 2.75" high with 1" diameter.

Customarily used to support stability and sobriety, Chevron amethyst is also called Banded amethyst. It has all the healing properties of amethyst plus a little extra in that it stimulates the third eye chakra and can enhance intuition, repel negativity, and cleanse the aura. 

Find this Chevronica crystal at Anthropologie for $89.00, or get interest-free financing as low as $22.25/month with Afterpay. You can also get up to 30% off your purchase with one of these Anthropologie promo codes.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Energy Muse

According to Energy Muse, Chrysoprase is a gem among healing stones as it eliminates negativity, activates the heart chakra, boosts self-expression and helps to reconnect us with our inner power and deepest levels of courage. Carrying it with you will do all of these, as well as bringing abundance, success, optimism, and joy into the picture.

This piece measures 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inches.

Find this Chrysophase stone at Energy Muse for $7.95. Plus, you can get up to 20% off your purchase with these Energy Muse promo codes.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Kacha Stones

These champagne gold crystals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the largest fully formed natural Citrine crystals available, ethically hand-mined and powerfully activating to the naval and solar plexus chakras.

Stay close to these when you want to embrace your creativity, heighten mental focus, access your intuitive self and grow closer to higher forces of intelligence.

Find it at Kacha Stones for £24.95. Although it's a UK company, Kacha Stones offers shipping worldwide; prices here. Enjoy free shipping with one of our Kacha Stones promo codes here.

Desert Rose

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Nature's Treasures

A form of Selenite, Desert Rose is a variety of gypsum which forms into clusters resembling rose petals. The clusters, imported from the Middle East, are water soluble and must be carefully handled. Believed to bring good fortune, deepen connections with the divine truth, and clear negativity, this delicate stone can get you in touch with your angel guides, help you stop a bad habit, and boost strength over the coldest months of the year.

Measures in at appx 1 x 1 in diameter.

Find this Desert Rose bundle at Nature's Treasures for $3.99, and get 10% off with these Nature's Treasures promo codes. Note: if you're into Selenite, you can enter a drawing to win a Selenite lamp, valued at $75.00, at this store.

Fire Opal

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Columbia Gem House

A vividly colored transparent stone, these bright gems aren't treated for color — they're exactly how they came from the earth. The Fire Opal's reds, oranges, and yellows are caused by the presence of iron in the opal, generally found in the volcanic rock formations of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Fire Opal can help provide complete warmth in the bitterness of winter. It can also help boost your confidence, heal from bad experiences and release bad memories. Let it clear the negativity from your environment and assist you in healing from abuse.

Find it at Columbia Gem House for $11.25. These are 2.25 - 3.5mm Round Red/Orange Mexican Fire Opal Melee. Columbia Gem House crystals are fair trade and responsibly sourced.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to

Named after Henry How, the 19th century mineralogist who discovered it, Howlite is a soft, white gemstone with veins of  black and grey which easily takes on color if dyed. If darkened with  blue, for example, it may make a remarkable faux Turquoise or Lapis  Lazuli, but at a much lower price than the pricey gemstones.

Another calming, soothing stone, Howlite helps manage stress, eases overactive  minds and insomnia, and increases mental awareness. It additionally absorbs anger and negative energy to help alleviate depression and anxiety when kept in the pocket, and  simultaneously helps users recognize how their behavior impacts others.

Find it at Healing Crystals for $4.95/set — sets vary with size and number of pieces. You can also get 12% off any item with one of these Healing Crystals promo codes.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to

According to Wikipedia, Moldavite was formed via meteorite impact in southern Germany 15 million years ago, and is the only such tektite of gemstone quality. Known among crystal healing practitioners as highly transformative, Moldavite is a remarkable stone. Some recommend holding it in your left hand for a few minutes until you begin to experience a tingling sensation in your body and an upward rush of energy which will leave you feeling warm and invigorated.

Spiritually, it is said to help activate the dream states, neutralize the hold of hynosis, integrates the energies of the mind and heart to work together, and aid interaction with the cosmos. It is suggested that those new to Moldavite use it sparingly at first - but it will most definitely warm you up if you're cold or have the winter chills, though — making it a perfect winter crystal for your collection.

Find this Moldavite specimen at MineralContinuum at Etsy for $68.85. Browse our Etsy promo codes if you need to find a better deal than that. Be careful where you purchase your Moldavite from - this shop has lots of 5-star customer reviews, but others don't - and there's said to be a great deal of fake Moldavite out there.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Crystal Gemstone Shop

One of winter's best crystals is the moonstone, which, according to the Crystal Gemstone Shop, is a very warm gemstone which can create a lot of uplifting energy. Place it strategically nearby so you can soak up the positive energy and generate plenty of self-love and introspection!

Find it for $29.12 on the Crystal Gemstone Shop. The orb pictured is what you'll receive, which is 56 mm, 8.4 oz. in size. While shopping, check out our Crystal Gemshop promo codes for your best possible prices.

Red Jasper

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to

Red Jasper is said to be great for the winter blahs, especially with its ability to fight fatigue caused by the flu or other illness. Working primarily within the lower chakras, these stones help ground users to the earth. They also speed up users' energy, (or stimulate their chi, or Life Force), so hold onto them when you're in need of such a pick-me-up and not when you're trying to sleep.

Known as the 'Stone of Endurance', Red Jasper enhances physical strength with stamina, determination, and energy. Creating a long-lasting, stable energy, this richly colored stone helps overcome health problems, set new and more challenging goals, deal with unpleasant tasks, and summon up the courage to face mistakes and make amends.

Find the Red Jasper stone at Energy Muse for $4.95. Plus, you can get up to 20% off your purchase with these Energy Muse promo codes.

Red Malachite

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Sage Goddess

According to Sage Goddess, Red Malachite is "divinely attuned to the winter season and winter magic," bringing a fiery energy, peace and boundary protection, and the courage of a true hero. 

Hold these stones near if you need a reminder to be grateful, a little stronger motivation, or a better sense of balance. If you haven't worked with these stones before, Sage Goddess provides a card describing their properties and recommended uses, as well as a tasteful organza gift bag for safe keeping and white sage leaf for energy-clearing prior to use.

Find this Natural Red Malachite at Sage Goddess for $7.00 (or $5.95 for holistic healers). Subscribe to their email list to save 10% and get a free gemstone with your first order. Or, get 16% off your purchase with one of these Sage Goddess promo codes.

Rose Quartz

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to The HoodWitch

Rose quartz heals the heart, helps us to share our feelings with others, aids self-acceptance, and teaches us how to nurture ourselves and others. Aids us in forgiving and accepting ourselves and others.

These gentle stones carry a feminine energy which helps open the heart chakras to unconditional love.

Find this Raw Rose Quartz at The HoodWitch for $6.00,  and check out these Hoodwitch promo codes for more discounts. 

Up-and-coming brand BTCHCRFT also sells a Rose Quartz body oil, which is infused with dried rose buds and rose quartz crystals.


best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Mystic Wish

Providing a shield against radiation, stress, electromagnetic waves, and more, Shungite is a rare carbon mineral comprised of fullerenes originally sourced from a deposit near Shunga village of Karelia, Russia - where it gets its name. A popular part of Russia's healing spas, Shungite is regarded as highly immune system-boosting. When immersed in water for several hours, Shungite makes the water virus, bacteria, free radical, and pesticide-absorbent. 

Spiritually, Shungite is grounding and linked to anchoring earth energies of ancient times, as well as capable of enhancing the gift of prophecy and supporting metaphysical endeavors of various types.

Find it at Shungite Life for $5.10

Snowflake Obsidian

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to Healing Crystals

Snowflake Obsidian has volcanic origins and is thus able to draw emotions to the surface of their wearer, allowing them to consider thought patterns which may be harmful. Also effective at releasing negativity, maintaining focus and balance, and healing old karmic matters, this stone promotes a calm and centered state useful for meditation. 

Physically, Snowflake Obsidian is said to support smooth skin and a healthy skeletal and vascular system, making it helpful to keep around during the dry, frosty winter months.

Find it at: Healing Crystals for $5.50 for a set of tumbled Snowflake Obsidian stones. You can also get 12% off any item with one of these Healing Crystals promo codes.

Tangerine Quartz

best crystals for winter

Image Credit to

From the Santinho Mine of Minas Gerais, Brazil comes the world's Tangerine Quartz, the color of which occurs due to the presence of both water and Hematite at the time of its formation.

Spiritually grounding, these stones heal the sacral chakra, boosting creativity, and also provide a soothing, calming energy. Physically, they can cleanse the blood, and detoxify the livery and kidneys, while emotionally helping to release anger, resentment, sorrows, and any lingering pains of yesteryear we're still holding onto.

Find it at Healing Crystals for $10.15. Other sizes and styles are available, but this one most closely matched the picture. You can also get 12% off any item with one of these Healing Crystals promo codes.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor. If you are experiencing depression or other health-related issues, consult your physician for advice ASAP.

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