The 8 Best Automatic Trash Cans for Germophobes, Based on Amazon Customer Reviews

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Automatic trash cans mean less mess and no germs with minimum effort. We scoured Amazon for the best touch-free garbage cans on the market.

Dealing with trash is (surprise) an inherently dirty business. From manually opening the top to lidless designs that let odors flow freely, there is a myriad of ways that your standard trash can is a germophobe's worst nightmare.

Luckily, automatic trash cans can help solve these problems. With unique motion-sensing technology, your hands won't ever have to touch the garbage. Secure lids and advanced odor features keep the leftover lasagna-old bananas-pickle brine-wilted spinach garbáge Eau de parfum safely out of mind. Kitchen appliances can be a hotbed of germs, so let your garbage bin give you some peace of mind. 

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

This trash can from iTouchless works like a magic trick; you simply move your hand and the lid will open automatically, meaning you never have to come in contact with any smelly garbage. Its extensive battery life can last up to 1.5 years. The addition of a natural odor filter means you won't have to worry about trash odors.

Rating: 4.0/5 stars from 5,964 Amazon reviews. Here's what people had to say:

I bought this to use as a diaper bin and it's been a true blessing. Even with it filled to capacity we only smell the nastiness for the brief moment the lid is open. Otherwise you'd never know the horrors that awaited inside lol! It's been running strong on the same batteries since I bought it. Bags are easy to replace and the removable bag ring is fantastic. With the top back on the bag is secure and completely concealed. I'm not sure how much the charcoal filter helps, but my main concern was odor when the can is closed, and for that purpose it works perfectly! As an added bonus the unit looks fantastic! - DJ

I'm very happy with this product. It is clean and easy to use. It has been working as designed. The bags are easy to install. My 11 year old handles the disposal from this can to the outside trash bin. He has no problem removing the trash and replacing with a new bag. Because of the closing door odors are kept out. My wife sometimes leaves the door open if she plans on doing a lot of cooking prep work and wants to throw away items without delay. For the first few months this was fine as the deodorizer worked fabulously. It is now time to replace it as the odor is more evident now while the door is left open. Otherwise no problem. - BGuevara

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Garbage Can: $69.99, but you can save with iTouchless promo codes

simplehuman 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Trash Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

Perfect for the pickiest of germophobes, this trash can by simplehuman hits the mark with a sensitive motion sensor, fingerprint proof coating, and sturdy liner rim. Extra strong liners ensure that icky trash juice won't dare to leak out. And at a tiny 52 db, the bin is whisper-quiet.

This simplehuman waste bin scored  4.1/5 stars on average from 326 different reviewers. Here's what the Amazon customers said:

"This is the Ferrari of trash cans. Setting up my rose gold trash can was a breeze. Just pop the battery in and put in the liner that's included and you're good to go. Liner was a sample pack of 5 and they're liners are really good and tough. I just use Glad trash bags with this can and it works just fine. Sensor works beautifully, with a wave of the hand trash can opens and it stays open until you leave." - Chao Chao

"First off, I love this trash can! When I bought it I felt a little guilty for the amount I spent on it, but it has been worth every penny. I've had it a little over a month now and have it as my main trash can in the kitchen. It has no fingerprints on it yet (even from my 3 1/2 year old). The bags dispense frome the trash can when you change the bag. It's so convenient and saves on cupboard space. Also, it has holes in the bottom of the can to ensure no suction when pulling the bag out. It came with the simple human bags, which I have never tried before and they are also wonderful! Fit the can just right. You don't see the bag sticking out from under the lid. And the bags are very sturdy. They even have a rage on them to let you know when you're low on bags!

The only con I can say about the can is that if you Wally too close to the can the lid will open. I've noticed it's not so much in front of the can as if you walk super close and your arm or shadow happens to go over top of the can. Once I figured that out it has been easy to avoid. In short, I love this trash can and you will too if you get one!" -Tiffany Brodeur

simplehuman 12 Gallon Stainless Steel Semi-Round Sensor Can: $149.97, but you can get frees shipping with simplehuman promo codes.

SensorCan Battery-Free Automatic Kitchen Trash Can with Power Adaptor

best automatic trash cans amazon

No touch and no batteries needed make this garbage bin very special indeed. The infrared sensor means that a simple wave will do the trick, and the 13-gallon size will hold a week's worth of trash.  The coolest feature of all? The Reflx Technology will never close shut on your hand, so you can always stay germ-free. 

Ninety-nine customers gave this bin an average score of 4.0/5. Here are some of the top reviews:

"Great, silent automatic trashcan allows you to take out the trash without touching the dirty surface of the lid. This one specifically allows you to enjoy these perks without dealing with changing and buying the batteries each couple of weeks. Save some money and time!" - Jess V

"I love this trash can, not only for being stainless steel, but because it functions on battery OR electricity. I have it standing beside my refrigerator and plugged it in (cord was included with the trash can) behind the fridge itself. It opens and closes when I need it to, it's easy to lift a full bag of trash out and super easy to put a new bag in. I've had a lot of compliments on my new fancy trash can and a couple of folks have asked me for the link so they can get one too! You can't go wrong with this can; you will love it." - Tara Lanier

SensorCan Battery-Free Automatic Kitchen Trash Can with Power Adapter: $73.29

Costzon Set of 2 Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Trash Cans

best automatic trash cans amazon

They say that good things come in twos, and this Costzon garbage bin set is no exception. You can keep your kitchen smelling fresh as a daisy with its sensitive automatic motion sensor. The sensor is advanced enough that the small trash can (with a handy removable container) won't be triggered by a counter above it. 

With an average of 4.0/5 stars from 78 reviews, the customer feedback is, by and large, positive:

"We don't have a place to put trash cans in a cupboard, but these worked great to go under a countertop without being triggered by the counter above it. It opens completely under the counter. It is not so sensitive that it annoyingly opens just by passing by. I put the smaller one under a towel rack in the bathroom, and it only opens when your hand is in front of the sensor, not when a towel is hung above it. Love them both!" - Joan Smith

"My wife and I love to cook , but alot of time we dont have time to take out the trash immediately. We are big seafood eater and if anyone knows about seafood you know it will make your whole house smell if its left in the trash can for way too long. This has an automatic lid which helps when we are cooking and our hands are dirty. It is also very nicely constructed to fit in a small area. I use the smaller one in the bathroom next to the toilet. I believe it makes it look cleaner than just having an open trashcan laying there with trash falling over. THe sensor picks up the wave of your hand almost immediately. The size of the trashcan is good enough to not have to take it out every 5 minutes." - Tony Vu

Costzon Set of 2 Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Stainless Steel: $58.99

BestOffice 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Garbage Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

If you're looking for speed, you're in luck. This garbage bin can silently open 0.3 seconds after sensing motion and closes 5 seconds later. The water-resistant stainless steel won't rust or be smudged by little fingerprints. You can also use the open button to hold open the lid for up to 90 seconds. 

This BestOffice number scored 4.2/5 stars from 903 customers on Amazon. Here's what the reviewers said:

"One of life's greatest troubles is having to touch the lid of a bin. Many of us spend hours trimming our nails, weeks cleaning our hands, only to have it scuppered by having to put our delicate baby-soft hands on a filthy bin lid. Some of us devise systems to avoid doing so involving long rulers and ropes and pulleys, but such systems aren't practical or very stylish for that matter.

Enter the 13-Gallon Touch Free Trash Can Bedroom Outdoor. The 13-Gallon Touch Free Trash Can Bedroom Outdoor does away with the need for complex mathematical leverage systems with a simple proximity sensor. I wish I would have thought of it before installing my old system of ropes and pulleys, but instead the inventor of the 13-Gallon Touch Free Trash Can Bedroom Outdoor did, and now they're the one enjoying their well-earned billions while I'm just the sucker using and appreciating their product." - Christopher Derrett

"Garbage cans are so expensive! I was concerned about the quality of this product due to the price but was pleasantly surprised. It seems sturdy and well-made, the sensor works well, I like the shape (my old round garbage can seemed to hold onto garbage bags for dear life), and I like the manual option as well as an off switch (due to little kids finding the sensor fascinating). I would buy it again." - Andrea Dansie

BestOffice 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Garbage Can: $44.99, but you can get 25% off your purchase with BestOffice promo codes.

NINESTARS Automatic Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

We give a gold star to Nine Stars' garbage can. Delay sensing technology preserves battery life and prevents any unnecessary opening from pets, children, or walking by. It's both water-resistant and fingerprint resistant to keep the bin extra clean. Ring liners keep trash bags from public view for a neat appearance, and the batteries will last up to 6 months.

This Nine Stars bin got an average of 3.6/5 stars from a whopping 4,434 customers. Here's what they had to say:

"I saw this product while visiting a friend out of town. It surprised me the first time I tried to throw something away because I was looking for a foot pedal. Suddenly, the sensor registered my hand and it opened on its own! It startled me, as I'm sure it would almost everyone who hasn't seen one like it. Then I saw that their kids loved it and were ager to clean up and take out the trash. I just had to have it! So, I ordered it on my phone and it was waiting for me when I got home. Everyone who see's it thinks that its the coolest thing around. Well made and works every time." - Doug Duerksen

"I have only been using this a few days but so far so good. Looks stylish and easy to use. Perfect size for standard domestic bin bag. Automatic lid is good but could open a little quicker! Overall I am very happy with it and have no complaints. Takes big batteries which seems a lot. Previous bins I have had only require AA batteries. These onesare huge. But maybe thats an American thing as I am from the UK. Would recommend if after a stylish automatic bin with good size capacity." - Caz

NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can, 13 Gal: $59.99, but you can get up to 50% select items with Nine Stars promo codes

EKO Mirage 13.2 Gallon Motion Sensor Trash Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

Keep your hands squeaky clean with this Eko Mirage garbage bin. The intelligent sensor mechanism is known for being gentle and quiet when it closes. The easy-to-remove inner rim that holds the bag in place and facilitates easy removal and replacement.

Amazon reviewers gave this trash can an average of 3.5/5 stars from 15 different reviews. Here's what reviewers said: 

"I love this trash can, it looks and works exactly as described. After literally purchasing & returning 3 similar sensor trash bins, this was by far my favorite. It is perfectly sized for a midsized kitchen. Unlike some of the reviews, the lid does not open when you walk by it. I have it placed at the end of my kitchen island which is less than 2 feet across from the refrigerator and it never opens unless I wave my hand above it. If you're looking for something heavy duty, this may not be your choice. It is lighter than some of the others I tried, but that wasn't an issue for me. I've had it a week and the batteries haven't worn out with up to 10x+ daily use. Very happy with my purchase!" - Melissa Miske

"My husband and I bought this trash can after visiting a friend who had one. We loved that you only have to run your hand across the sensor and it opened no more touching the trash can with dirty hands. Also, it traps in the smells. We absolutely love this trash can, we have had it for 2 months now and are looking to buy another for my parents who love ours. Highly recommend." - Michele Moriarty

EKO Mirage 13.2 Gallon Rectangular Motion Sensor Trash Can, Stainless Steel: $94.00

iTouchless Automatic Touchless Sensor Trash Can

best automatic trash cans amazon

Another sleek number from iTouchless, this garbage pin is perfect for a germophobe. Not only does the ultra-sensitive motion spring keep your hands from getting dirty, but the included odor filter and lemon-scented fragrance cartridge also eliminate any nasty odors. Add in a fingerprint-proof finish and reflex technology, and this little 4-gallon guy is a winner. 

Over 135 customers rated this iTouchless trash can as an average 4.0/5 stars. Here's what they thought:

"This trash can is just the right size for our bathroom. My purpose in buying it was to have a covered trash can that reduce odor. This can does that. As a bonus, I like the way the bag is held into place such that it never falls down into the can and is not visible from the outside of the can." -Charles Bartlett

"Great for when you have messy hands and don't want to or don't have the coordination to step on a pedal to open the can. It's about the same size as the round ones for bathrooms but somehow looks smaller. I like that I can wave my hand (or foot) above the sensor and the lid opens and stays open for a few seconds vs. having to continually step on a lever or see into an open bin. I haven't found (or really looked very hard) bags that fit this design but the regular grocery bags fit fine if you don't mind seeing some of the bag folded over the edge of the bin." - Sue Ellen

iTouchless Automatic Touchless Sensor Trash Can – includes Odor Filter and Fragrance: $54.99, but you can score up to 60% off with iTouchless promo codes.