Benefits of Horseback Riding Lessons for Children and Teens

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Some parents are under pressure by their kids who are begging for a horse.  While buying a horse for your child may be out of the question, giving them horseback riding lessons can have some real advantages and might be worth considering.

About Horseback Riding Lessons

Most riding lesson stables offer riding lessons on a weekly basis, with a lesson being an hour long.  Children may be required to be their before, and/or after to tack up their horse, or cool it down. 

Lessons can be English, or western, with safe horses, and tack, supplied by the stable.  The student is required to wear boots with a heel.  They should also wear a helmet, some stables have helmets the kids can borrow.

Riding lessons can be more for pleasure riding, or have more of a competative edge to them.  It is a good idea to inquire further if you have several stables in your area to find the right "fit" for your child.

Some stables offer group lessons, others offer semi-private, or private, lessons.  Your child will learn faster in a private lesson, but these cost more, and are best suited for the child who is wanting to be competative and may some day get their own horse.  It is often best to start a child in a group lesson for beginners.

child on appaloosa horse

Benefits of Horseback Riding Lessons

Although it may look like the rider is just sitting there, riding is actually good physical exercise. It also teachs co-ordination, and can be a sort of physical therapy.

Riding teaches poise and balace - riders are encouraged to sit up straight.

Riding makes a person more confidant, even if it is only for a short time while they are in the saddle.  By putting a child in control of a very large animal they feel more proud of themselves.  Riding can increase self-esteem in children and teens.  Kids who are going through emotional times can find being involved with animals to make those times easier.

By giving the child something to do (even if only once a week) it helps to keep them out of trouble. 

Many kids form friendships with others at the stable, thus it is a social experience where children can meet others with similar interests - in this case, horses!

Riding lessons are a great deal cheaper than buying a horse.  They provide a child with knowledge they will need if they ever do get their own horse, and also help the child to establish if they really do want a horse of their own after all.


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