9 Beautiful Observation Towers in Canada

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Beautiful observation towers located in Canada which are all great tourist attractions.

There are a number of exceptionally tall and beautiful obervation towers in Canada that offer visitors fantastic views of some of Canada's great cities and most popular tourist attractions. All of these towers are great places to visit and trips to most of the places these towers are located are incomplete without including the observation towers. Anyone who loves views will absolutley love visiting these beautiful observation towers in Canada.

CN Tower in Toronto

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The CN Tower stands 1,815 feet high in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Built from 1973-1976 by the Canadian National Railway Company the CN Tower was the tallest building or structure in the world for 31 years. With its many observation decks from the Lookout Level, the Glass Floor and the super high Sky Pod to its 3D movie theater and Himalamazon movie theater thrill ride and its great restaurants including the revolving 360 Restaurant the CN Tower is a huge tourist attraction in Toronto that is visited by over 2 million international tourists per year plus millions of more Canadians.

Image Source (Downtown Toronto from CN Tower observation deck)

Located at 301 West Front Street the CN Tower is within walking distance of most of the best hotels in Toronto and well worth a visit for the fabulous views of the city available from the observation decks.

1000 Islands Skydeck on Hill Island

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The 1000 Island Skydeck is 400 feet tall and has three observation decks including one that is glass-enclosed. The 1000 Islands Skydeck is located on Hill Island between the spans of the Thousand Islands International Bridge one mile south of Highway 401 at exit 661 from Canada and 600 yards on the right past the customs booths from Interstate 81 North from New York.

On a clear one can see as far as 40 miles from the top of the 1000 Islands Skydeck as well as viewing the 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence River which are big tourist attractions in both New York State and Ontario, Canada. There are plenty of hotels, motels and other accommodations in the 1000 Islands region.

Harbour Centre

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Harbour Centre is an office building located at 555 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that has a huge observation tower with an observation deck perched 550 feet above sea level. Glass elevators take visitors to the top of the tower in 40 seconds where spectacular 360 degree views of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains await. There is also a revolving restaurant at the top and a gift shop. The Harbour Centre Tower is located near all the best hotels in Vancouver.

Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls

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The Skylon Tower is located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada and offers visitors fantastic views of both the Horseshoe and American Falls sections of Niagara Falls. You can read more about the Skylon Tower at Observation Towers at Niagara Falls.

Calgary Tower in Alberta

Image Source by Danielle Scott

The Calgary Tower is a 625 foot high observation tower located at 101 - 9th Avenue SW in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Built from 1967-1968 by Husky Oil and Marathon Realty the Calgary Tower is popular tourist attraction in Calgary that in addition to the observation deck contains a glass floor extension allowing visitors to look straight down into the city of Calgary as well as a revolving 360 degree restaurant. Whatever hotel visitors are staying at in Calgary it is visible from the Calgary Tower.

Image Source (View of Calgary from the Calgary Tower)

Konica Minolta Tower

The Konica Minolta Tower is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and affords great views of mighty Niagara. At one time a stand-along tower the Konica Minolta Tower now includes a hotel below the tower. You can read more about the Konica Minolta Tower at Observation Towers at Niagara Falls.

Cabot Tower in Newfoundland

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Cabot Tower is a Gothic Revival tower built in 1897 on top of Signal Hill overlooking the city and harbor of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. The stone Cabot Tower was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria as well as the 400th anniversary of explorer John Cabot's voyage to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Montreal Tower at Olympic Stadium

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Above Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada is the world's tallest inclined tower the Montreal Tower. The Montreal Tower is 575 feet high and was built along with the stadium for the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Montreal Tower offers visitors fantastic views of the city and is a popular tourist attraction in Montreal.

City of Energy Tower in Quebec

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Located in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada is the 38 story tall City of Energy Tower. Located above Shawinigan Falls and the hydroelectric power station there the City of Energy Tower is an observation tower built in 1997 to attract tourists to the area. From the top of the tower visitors can see the Shawinigan 2 Hydroelectric Power Station and all the surrounding countryside including the waterfalls.Shawinigan built the City of Energy Tower as well as a number of other attractions to entice visitors to the area and many hotels and motels and other tourist accommodations have sprung up in the area as a result.

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