Beautiful Natural Wonders in Maine

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Nature is what most people think of when they hear Maine and the state is loaded with great beautiful natural wonders.

Tourism is big business in Maine as millions of people a year visit the state to see the great natural wonders in Maine. There are over 6,000 lakes, 32,000 miles of rivers, 3,500 miles of coastline and over 17 million acres of forests located in the Pine Tree State of Maine. Fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, whitewater rafting, canoeing, boating, biking, kayaking, vacationing and sightseeing through and around the beautiful natural wonders in Maine is why people visit this beautiful state.

Acadia National Park 

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Acadia National Park is one of the most popular vacation spots in northeastern United States as its great beauty along the Atlantic Ocean in Maine attracts visitors from all over the northeast. Located mainly on Mount Desert Island Acadia National Park offers visitors great hiking and biking trails with fantastic dramatic ocean views. There are tons of hotels, motels, lodges, cabins, campsites and fabulous seafood restaurants located in and around Bar Harbor to accommodate tourists at Acadia National Park.

Mount Kineo 

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Mount Kineo is a beautiful natural wonder located on a peninsula in Moosehead Lake across from the town of Rockwood in west-central Maine. With dramatic cliffs rising some 700 feet right above Moosehead Lake Mount Kineo is a great tourist attraction in Maine that has attracted visitors for hundreds of years including Henry David Thoreau who visited in 1846 and became a big fan. There used to be a huge tourist hotel at Mount Kineo that is now gone but there are plenty of motels and other accommodations for tourists in the area today.

Desert of Maine 

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The Desert of Maine is a cool looking section of exposed glacial silt running through a pine forest looking almost like a fairway on a golf course that is located in Freeport the home of LL Bean in southeastern Maine. Though the Desert of Maine is a natural wonder it took a farming family's overuse of the land in the area dating back to 1797 to expose the glacial silt. Today the Desert of Maine is a tourist attraction and there are plenty of hotels and motels in the area to accommodate visitors.

Schoodic Peninsula 

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The Schoodic Peninsula is located in Winter Harbor along the Maine coast about 5 miles east of Bar Harbor. The Schoodic Peninsula has a beautiful rocky granite shoreline that contains many volcanic dikes that really add to the magic of this natural wonder. Part of the Schoodic Peninsula is in Arcadia National Park and though it is only 5 miles from Bar Harbor as the crow flies to get to the Schoodic Peninsula by car tourists have to drive all the way around Frenchman Bay which takes about an hour. Ferry service is also available but not really any quicker though a much more scenic way to travel.

Gulf Hagas 

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Gulf Hagas is a natural wonder canyon that stretches roughly 2 1/2 miles along the West Branch of the Pleasant River located in Katahdin Iron Works State Park in central Maine. The river carved out the canyon or gorge over many years and today the river drops some 500 feet through the canyon which has created some beautiful waterfalls in Gulf Hagas which is sometimes called the Grand Canyon of Maine or the Grand Canyon of the East. Hiking through Gulf Hagas is popular with tourists especially in summer and fall.

Mount Katahdin 

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At 5,268 feet in height Mount Katahdin is the highest mountain in Maine and is also the northern end of the Appalachian Trail and the southern end of the International Appalachian Trail which goes well up into Canada. Mount Katahdin is an extremely popular natural wonder tourist attraction in Maine as visitors love to hike along Knife Edge to reach the summit. Mount Katahdin is located in Baxter State Park in central Maine.

Quoddy Head 

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Quoddy Head is a natural wonder in Maine that is also the easternmost point of land in the continental United States. Quoddy Head is located in Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, Maine and has beautiful coastal cliffs offering fantastic views from the many hiking trails in the park. Visitors can stay right on the tip of Quoddy Head at Quoddy Head Station which has been converted to a hotel, cabins and a lodge from ex-Coast Guard buildings.

Maine Coast

Image Source (View of Maine Coast from Camden Hills State Park)

Almost the entire Maine Coast is filled with rocky headlands and awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists flock to Maine every year to visit the coast and and soak in the views. There is something extremely refreshing about the Maine Coast that keeps visitors coming back year after year. There are visitor accommodations all up and down the Maine Coast including some of the best seafood restaurants in the world.

Mount Bigelow 

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Mount Bigelow is one of the highest mountains in Maine with an elevation of 4,145 feet. Along the top of Mount Bigelow are a number of different peaks including West Peak at 4,145 feet, Avery Peak at 4,088 feet, The Horns at 3,855 and Cranberry Peak at 3,194. Mount Bigelow is located along the Appalachian Trail in western Maine and is an extremely popular natural wonder in Maine with hikers and campers. The mountain was named for Major Timothy Bigelow who ascended the summit in the fall of 1775 to scout out the area while marching to invade Quebec under the leadership of Benedict Arnold.

Moxie Falls 

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Moxie Falls drops 90 dramatic feet along Moxie Stream in western Maine and can be reached along Lake Moxie Road near West Forks. Though Moxie Falls is located in a remote area of Maine it is a popular tourist destination due to its great beauty and to the fact it is near the Upper Kennebec River rapids which is a very popular whitewater rafting spot. Many people will take time out from rafting to visit Moxie Falls.

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