Beautiful Castles in Missouri

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Beautiful castles located in the state of Missouri. Most of these castles are open to the public and some are available for weddings and all are great tourist attractions in Missouri.

These are the beautiful castles located in Missouri. All these castles are great tourist attractions in Missouri and most are open to the public for tours. Some of the castles in Missouri are also available for weddings, banquets, parties and special occasions and who wouldn't like to get married in a castle?

About half the castles in Missouri were built using public funds and the other half were built by millionaires to display their wealth and follow their whims and dreams. All of these castles are fun to visit and are great places to spend a day and in a few cases to spend the night as well.

Bothwell Lodge Castle in Sedalia, Missouri

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Located right off highway 65 in Sedalia, Missouri along Bothwell State Park Road in Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site is the Bothwell Lodge Castle. Built on a cliff from 1897 to 1928 by millionaire John Bothwell the Bothwell Lodge Castle today is run as a tourist attraction by the state of Missouri. This huge wonderful home is open to the public for tours and offers visitors great views of the surrounding countryside.

Jackson County Jail Castle

Image Source by Maureen Lunn

The Jackson County Jail Castle was built as a prison in 1897 and is located at 2001 Pine Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage

Image Source by TheWhitePelican

Located right in the town square in Carthage, Missouri is the magnificent castle-like Jasper County Courthouse building. Built from 1894-1895 the Jasper County Courthouse has turrets, arches and towers and was built to resemble a castle in the Romanesque Revival architectural style. The castle-like courthouse is a popular tourist attraction in Missouri that is open to the public and guided tours are available.

Kansas City Museum Castle or Corinthian Hall Castle

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The castle-like Kansas City Museum is located at 3218 Gladstone Boulevard in the northeast part of Kansas City. Also known as Corinthian Hall this 25,000 square foot mansion was built by millionaire lumber baron Robert A. Long in Beaux-Arts architectural style in 1908 and was the Long families home until 1939 when they donated Corinthian Hall to the Kansas City Museum Association. Today this magnificent building is open to the public as a museum and is well worth a visit. There are plenty of hotels nearby.

University of Kansas Natural History Museum at Dyche Hall

Image Source by InaMaka

The University of Kansas Natural History Museum at Dyche Hall is built in castle-like fashion and located on the campus of of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Missouri.

Pythian Castle in Springfield

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Located at 1451 East Pythian Street in Springfield, Missouri is the huge Pythian Castle. Built in 1913 as an orphanage and old age home by the Knights of Pythian today the Pythian Castle is open to the public daily for tours and also available for weddings, parties and special events. Though the castle is not a hotel there are plenty of hotels in the Springfield area. The Pythian Castle however is supposedly haunted and periodically overnight ghost hunts are offered for the brave of heart.

Ha Ha Tonka Castle in Camdenton

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Located in Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton, Missouri is the stone ruins of an old castle mansion built by a millionaire businessman. From the castle ruins atop a 250 foot high bluff visitors can get great views of the nearby Lake of the Ozarks.

Epperson House Castle in Kansas City

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Located at 5200 Cherry Street on the campus of the University of Missouri - Kansas City is the Epperson House Castle. Epperson Castle was built in 1923 by millionaire banker Uriah Epperson and donated to the university in 1942. Reportedly Epperson Castle is one of the top five haunted houses in the United States.

Roberts House Castle or the Castle Tea Room in Lawrence

Image Source by Bhall87

Located at 1307 Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas is the Roberts House Castle also known as the Castle Tea Room. The castle was built from 1893-1894 by General John N. Roberts and today is available for weddings, banquets and catered events and is also open to the public periodically for public events like afternoon teas to raise funds to help keep the Castle Tea Room solvent.

Sauer Castle in Kansas City

Image Source by Amoore

Sauer Castle is a National Register of Historic Places site that is in disrepair located at 935 Shawnee Road in Kansas City, Missouri. Supposedly Sauer Castle is haunted today. Would be good to see someone renovate this place and turn it into a hotel or a tourist attraction or a wedding facility.

Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum Castle in Wichita

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Located at 504 North Main Street in downtown Wichita, Kansas is the castle-like Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. The castle-like building was built in the 1890's and originally was home to City Hall of Wichita but was made into a museum and today is open to the public.

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