Beautiful Castles in Minnesota

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Beautiful castles located in Minnesota most of which are open to the public and are great places to spend the day.

These are beautiful castles in Minnesota. Most of these castles are open to the public and are great tourist attractions in Minnesota. Some of the castles are also available for weddings and special events.

While none of these castles is currently a hotel all the castles listed here are located near many hotels and motels in Minnesota. All these castles are old and have great histories and are fun places to tour and spend the day. You can see all the castles located in Minneapolis at Beautiful Castles in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Landmark Center Castle in Saint Paul

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Located right in the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota at 75 West 5th Street is the Landmark Center Castle. Built in 1902 as a Federal Court House and Post Office the Land mark Center Castle today is home to numerous art exhibitions and galleries and is open to the public and tours of this magnificent building are available daily. The Landmark Center Castle can also be rented out for weddings, special occasions and parties and is located near the best hotels in downtown Saint Paul and not far from the best hotels in Minneapolis.

Tower Hall Castle in Duluth

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Located at 1200 Kenwood Avenue on the campus of The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota is the Tower Hall Castle.

La Sueur County Courthouse and Jail

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Located at 88 South Park Ave in Le Center, Minnesota are the La Sueur County Courthouse and Jail buildings which are built in castle-like fashion. The courthouse was built in 1896-1897 and named after French explorer Pierre Charles Le Sueur.

Old Main Castle in Saint Paul

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Located at 1600 Grand Ave on the campus of Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota is the Old Main Castle. Built in 1884 the Old Main Castle is the landmark building on the Macalester College campus.

Holland Hall Castle in Northfield

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Located on the campus of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota is the Holland Hall Castle. This Norman Gothic landmark building was modeled after a monastery in France and today houses the departments of Economics, History, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work and Family Studies, and Sociology/Anthropology on the St. Olaf campus.

Saint Paul Winter Carnival Castles

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The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is held annually in Saint Paul, Minnesota and sometimes features castles carved out of ice.

Fredrika Bremer Intermediate School Castle in Minneapolis

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Located at 1214 Lowry Avenue in Minneapolis is the Fredrika Bremer Intermediate School Castle. Originally built as a public school in 1887 this castle-like building today is a condominium complex.

Highland Park Water Tower Castle in Saint Paul

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Located at 1570 Highland Parkway is the beautiful Highland ark Water Tower Castle. This water tower built to look like a castle turret was constructed in 1928 by architect Clarence W. Wigington who was the first African-American municipal architect in the United States. he Highland Park Water Tower Castle is 134 feet high and has an observation deck at the top that is periodically open to the public.

Winona County Courthouse

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Located at 171 West 3rd Street in Winona, Minnesota is the castle-like Winona County Courthouse. Built in 1888 in Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style this beautiful building has undergone extensive remodeling in 1971 and in 2000 and is open to the public today.

James J. Hill House in Saint Paul

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Located at 240 Summit Ave in Saint Paul, Minnesota is the castle-like James J. Hill House mansion. Built in 1891 in Richardsonian Romanesque style for railroad millionaire James J. Hill this huge castle-like home is today owned by the Minnesota Historical Society and is open daily for tours and is a great tourist attraction in Minnesota well worth a visit.

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